Friday, November 9, 2012

Goodwill Hunting 'Scores'

You already know that I've never met an Exotic Handmade Rug that I didn't fall in Love with... so you can only imagine the Rush I got when I saw this Beauty during one of my recent Goodwill  Hunting Junquing Adventures!   All rolled up, but even from the underside I could tell it was a Lovely Old Persian Beauty!  I didn't even bother to unroll it when the price tag was only $2.99!  Yes... under Three Bucks... so I didn't care what condition it was in, or what size it turned out to be, I was all over it and my pulse was racing with a Junquing Found Treasure Adrenalin High!  *Winks*

Honestly it was all I could do not to unroll it in the Parking Lot to see the Design and Hues... so I couldn't wait to get it Home and roll it out!!!  Yeah... I could see the Heaven's Parting and hear the Angels Singing when this is what was Revealed!!!  I absolutely LOVE IT and it totally exceeded my Expectations in every way!!!

From the Size which was much larger than I expected... to the Vivid Hues in just my Palette preference... to the Age with just the right amount of wear... and the Gorgeous intricate Design.
Color me Happy... and no, this one isn't Showroom bound... its going on the floor of this Ole' House to be added to my Personal Collection of Exotic Rugs.
However, I am reluctantly Letting Go of a couple of other Fab Goodwill Hunting 'Scores' of Beautiful Framed Art that really Appealed to me and will look good on the new Art Gallery Walls and in the new Showroom... so will be offered for Sale.  
Including this large Antique totally 'Zen' Scene in a Beautiful Ornate Gesso Frame.
It's called "The Old Water Mill" and for it's Age it is in very good condition and the Colors are still quite vivid... a very Serene piece of Art, but Alas, I have no more wall space at Home, so this moved on to my Art Wall Gallery #Z44 at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST, you can find it in my Loft Space in the Upper Level.
It appears to be a Numbered Print... but I couldn't find out much Info Online about this particular Scene... but I liked it very much.  
And then there was this Original Work of Art that I absolutely fell in Love with!!!
Yes, this was much more difficult to Let Go of even though it wasn't as Old as the other 'Score'... because it's so very Boheme' and Exotic with painstaking Attention to Detail by the Artist which I just Love.  Though if I'd decided to keep it for myself I would have wanted to reframe it in something Old and Timeworn rather than Contemporary, though this has been Professionally Framed.
But it too will be offered for Sale in my Showroom #114 at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST.
Another 'Score' that I will keep for myself is this Lovely West German Bohemian Brooch that was only $3 at Value Village.
It has a few condition Issues since three of the small Black Stones are missing... but for Three Bucks, I don't care, it still has a Lovely huge Hematite center Cabochon and all it's Seed Pearls... and you know how much I Adore the Bohemian Bling, especially the Vintage European Pieces! 
It's just my Style and makes a great closure Brooch for my Exotic Shawl Wraps or to Grace Velvet Pumpkins or perhaps, in time, a Bohemian Treasures Bag that I will Create with it in mind.

One of the reasons the West German Bohemian Brooches Appeal to me so strongly is because of the Hidden Beauty each bears on the side that cannot and will not be seen.  Hidden Beauty and layering of Beauty, that isn't necessary and will remain unseen, but which the Artist still takes the Time to Create even though it will be Concealed, shows Quality and the Character and Integrity of the Artist to me... Beauty for Beauty's sake.  The delicate Filigree work behind each Vintage West German Brooch has always Captivated and Inspired me to Create Hidden Beauty in each Creation I make... 'Just Because'.
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... and may Good Will  and Good Fortune Shine upon your Hunting Adventures as well my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I do understand the thrill of the hunt! The rush when there is a great find. I had one today. Check out my blog to see it. Congrats Girl!

  2. Dawn - Nice scores! I think you've just inspired me to give my love/hate relationship with GW another chance! LOL! ;)



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