Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fabulous Bohemian Bling ~ Cottage Garden II

All of the Women in our Family have the same Affliction... we can't resist Bohemian Bling!  *LOL*  The more Boheme' and Unusual, the better... more is never enough, never!  And so when I knew that my Friend Carol Migray, Owner of COTTAGE GARDENS in Glendale, had just gotten some new Inventory of Bohemian Bling from some of my Favorite Artists such as Becky Edwards and Ashley... well, I had to take a gander now didn't I!?!  How could I resist at least LOOKING, drooling, Lusting After and doing a Photo Shoot... right?!?  To Share it with you here in the Land of Blog, because I Love you Guys and I know you probably share my Bohemian Bling Affliction?!  *Smiles*  Well... don't you?  *Winks*  Of coarse you do... that's why you're here...
I know... I know... I Torture myself {and you too now} with exposure to such a stash of Amazing Creations that I'd Love to own every piece of {and I'm sure I'm not alone}... but at least I can come away Inspired, and with at least the Images of all the Gorgeous Bohemian Bling I must leave behind... for now.  *Winks*  My Christmas 'Wish List' has already begun, hasn't yours?!!! *LOL*  This Bright & Bold Bracelet Creation by Becky Edwards was my personal Favorite... by a very slight margin mind you, since everything was Breathtaking!  But I was Delighted to see that Becky is Designing with more Bold Jewel Tones now, very Boheme'...
You almost didn't know where to look next?!?  So much Eye Candy was inundating your Senses!  I was on Visual Delight Overload!!!
This Necklace by Becky Edwards was my personal Favorite of the Necklaces... but again, by a very narrow margin...
Yeah, it really wanted me... *Winks*  Alas, our Relationship must be strictly Platonic for now... *Le Sigh*
Those of you who have a Passion for Turquoise... take a gander at this!
Are there any Bird Lovers in the House?

As I'm looking into one of the Cases I'm zeroing in on another piece that is Calling to me like a Siren's Song...

Sorry Lovely Floral Bohemian Bracelet Creation by Becky, we'll just have to be Friends for now... *Insert Petulant Pout*

Carol was Modeling the Matching Necklace to that Favorite Bracelet in Image #1... how she can just Model them and offer them for Sale and not want to keep every piece just shows how much amazing Restraint she exercises... Carol, you're a better Woman than I my Friend... I could never do it... parting with them would be such Sweet Sorrow that I'd be Grieving all of the time!  *LOL*  It would be difficult to pry each out of my hand and let them go...

Especially when they look this Good on you... sorry my pix is out of focus, I think my hand was shaking with the mere thought of Bohemian Bling Withdrawal!  *LOL*

And then there was this Creation by Becky Tormenting me... because it perfectly matches a Becky Edwards Cuff Bracelet I bought from Carol just last year!!!  *Now I'm REALLY Lusting and in my head is a little voice saying 'Back away from the Necklace Dawn...'*  *LOL*
But where to turn?!?  I was SURROUNDED I tell you!!!   Becky is now Creating Bohemian Bling with Chandie Crystal Accents... I Die!!!
Oh... and if THAT wasn't enough... she's also Creating Bohemian Bling using these Gorgeous Flatware Accents too!!!  I Die again!!!
This Yellow one wanted me BAD!!!  It really did... we would have made a Great Couple! *Winks*
And then there was the White one that would have also matched the Cuff Bracelet from last year Perfectly too!!!  Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I Die a third time in succession already...
My Pulse was Quickening...
So I tried to distract myself with Gorgeous Pieces that I thought you might want... so that I could quit lookin at... Lusting over... and thinking about the Pieces that were Tempting me so strongly!!!
Hey, we might as well all go down in Flames huh?  *LOL*
I know, you probably won't like me as much anymore now that I've got you Lusting After and Dreaming about the Pieces that you can't get off your Mind and Heart now... but I didn't wanna feel like the Lone Ranger...
And maybe we can all go to Bohemian Bling Rehab Together now and try to at least keep our Affliction in check... maybe...
Okay... who am I kidding?!  Just as I think I might back out of the Door safely, Meilan and Carol have to show me THIS!!!  Yeah, I know, my Friends are Enablers too... what can I say, we're all Hopelessly Afflicted!  *LOL*
It has a PEACOCK on it for Heaven's Sakes... wearing a freakin' Crown, IDEAL... and lots of other Vintage Bohemian Bling... by now I'm starting to wonder if it would be a Sin to break out the Credit Card?!?  *LOL*
But I Resisted... you HAVE to be Proud of me... this Last fleeting Image is blurry because I think I was Sobbing... at least my Eyes seemed blurred with Tears and Withdrawal was seriously setting in as I left with not a single Purchase!!!  *Gasp!* Seriously, that's like taking a Crackhead to Skid Row and having them walk away straight and sober... truly it is!  You have no Idea how Afflicted I am!!!  Leaving the Peacock Necklace behind was Brutal... you know how Tight Peacocks and I are... 
By now I'm Petulant... like the G-Kid Force leaving a Toy Store after being told "No" about a gazillion times when they've Lusted after everything in sight and know the budget can't permit any guilty indulgences and we're just making 'The List' for those Special Occassions coming up...  After pondering that thought I've decided we won't go Window Shopping for what they want to add to their Toy Wish List for Christmas because the Withdrawal of leaving a Shop without a 'Fix' is just too Painful!  *LOL*
But... as for me... I know I'll do it to myself again... I can't help it... I just Enjoy Bohemian Bling too much NOT to go at least take a gander at it all before someone else buys MY Stuff!  *Winks*  Yes... on the Canvas of my Imagination it's ALL MINE!!!  *LOL*
Greedy, yes... Delusional, Absolutely... but if I can't have it all for Reals... well...
I'm going to Pretend and Imagine and Dream about having it ALL...
Especially this Piece... it wanted me too... I was very Popular this day... they ALL wanted me!  *Winks*
Well... except for maybe this one... this one wanted YOU!
And as I Attempted to Ease out the Door... I had to go past the Laura Van Creations as well...
And Resist yet ANOTHER Weakness of mine... Laura Van Creations are da bomb... I want it ALL too!
I "Heart" Laura Van...
And "Pure West"  {with MORE Peacock Accents! Arghhhhhh!} and... and... and... we better go... because I'm on a Bohemian Bling High like you cannot believe... and I suspect you might be too?!?  *Winks*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian




  1. Love it all!!! xo

    Love Cottage Garden! Carol is a super sweet lady!!

    -PaMeLa ;)


  2. I love the bling also . I did good till the peacock came up for show & tell and then my heart rate went up.
    I am learning to resist a few things and it's awful hard to do

  3. I think I have a recessive gene. You know that kind that can skip a generation or two and then appear with a vengeance. I have the recessive Bling gene... love Love LOVE rhinestones!!!
    Such beautiful treasure!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  4. Your posts are always so interesting and fun and this one's no
    exception:-)) all the bling especially the magpie necklace, l have a strange affinity with magpies haha!! Such fantastic creativity l can see why you'd want to buy everything.


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