Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Carol Hicks Bolton ~ Antiquites And Laboratoire de Design

 Source of all Gorgeous Images following are from: CAROL HICKS BOLTON Facebook Page and Where Women Create 2012 Publication 

Source: The Amazing Photography of Anny Lorys FIONA AND TWIG

If there is any one Stylist & Designer that has Consistently Influenced me over many years and I've Greatly Admired it would have to be the Iconic Carol Hicks Bolton.  In fact my oldest Clippings on my Inspiration Boards and Books have been of Carol's Work... the Rooms I'd MOST Love to Live in because it captures the very Essence of what I Love the Aesthetic of most and Replicate in this Old House would be the ones that Carol has Designed and Styled.  Everything always has a sense of History, Age, a Story and Resourcefulness about it, like a Carefully Curated Environment that Appears Effortless, but which you know is definitely NOT!  It takes Great Skill and Work to make something look this way, as if it just happened over the coarse of many, many years of being Loved and Lived in... Time Worn to Perfection and nothing wasted or contrived.
So it was with Great Excitement that I saw Carol coming to the forefront again in Print... she has sadly not had the Exposure in Books and Magazines that I always felt she should have... I certainly would have bought anything and everything that had her Creative Touch profiled and showcased!  And I rushed right out when I knew that one of my Fav Publications, "Where Women Create" had Carol Featured as one of the Iconic and most Influential Stylists & Designers amid it's pages!!!  I was also over the Moon to see that Carol and her Family had opened a new exciting Shop and Design Studio "CAROL HICKS BOLTON ANTIQUITES & LABORATOIRE DE DESIGN" !
I had been so sad when her previous Iconic Shop "Homestead" had closed since I never made it down there, though it was certainly on my 'Bucket List' for a very long time.  I completely understood that putting Family first and moving to another level and Vision precipitated the changes... but I was still saddened nonetheless since I could only have Imagined how Wonderful and what a Dream come True visiting the Shop would have been and the Memories, Inspiration and Images it would have Imparted during a Visit.  Now the New Vision is in place it has moved to the very top of my 'Bucket List' and is right up there with visiting Bora Bora!  *Winks*
And I want to Thank Blog Friends such as the very Talented Gals, Anne Lorys of FIONA AND TWIG Blog and Binky Morgan of BINKY LA FAYE Blog for always being on the cutting edge of bringing us anything Carol is Revealing here in the Land Of Blog!!!  I look forward to each and every installment of the Coverage of Carol's Amazing Work that you each Photograph and Blog about!!!  
*ALL BEAUTIFUL IMAGES WERE SOURCED FROM CAROL HICKS BOLTON's FACEBOOK LINK OR ANNE LORYS BLOG... be sure to click on their Links to take you to their Amazing Online Sources to see even more Eye Candy that will take your Breath away!!!*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian  


  1. Dawn thanks so much for sharing all these awesomely amazing artsy pics, l too love Carols' timeworn style and soo wish l could get to her new shop...but hopefully l can get a copy of the "Where Women Create" mag here in Oz which would also be fantastic.

  2. Such lovely and inspiring photos! Thank you for sharing.

    <3 Melissa

  3. Dawn, Thank you so much for sharing such natural beauty. She is fabulous and so are you, my dear:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  4. Hey friend......this is so great!!! I was just in Fredericksburg in early October....visited her cannot believe how HUGE it is and how much inventory she has. Took my breath away....I'll tell you that.

    Even brought home a few finds and they have already found their special spot in my abode.



  5. oooooo, I love every one if these photos. Such a luscious post.

  6. Oh yes! Right there with you on this one!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE her style! One of my favorite old pictures is the one of the barn that she redid and has the old world feel right down to the curtains and natural barn flooring!!! She is inspiration for the soul!!! Thanks for sharing these pictures, dummy here didn't even think to check if she had a Facebook page LOL Romeo however, says he knew. yeah, uh sure he did ;)

    Hugs and Purrs!

    "Her" and Romeo

  7. Love it!! Your style!!! xo

    -pamela ;)

  8. Yep I agree Dawn. Carol Hicks Bolton is da bomb! I've loved her stuff forever too. I can definitely see your style merging perfectly with her design aesthetic. Vanna


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