Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Artomotive Designs And More Man Cave Art ~ The Big Heap

I can hear it now... all you Guys asking about the Mantiques and Man Cave Art... was there any of that at "THE BIG HEAP" Event?  You Betcha!!!   Check out the beyond Amazing Man Cave Artomotive Art Created by Artist Jesse Suchon of ARTOMOTIVE DESIGNS!!!
 There was a Collection of his Work rotating out front of his Booth that was mezmerizing!!!  I wasn't even sure what I was lookin' at?  But I knew I LOVED IT!!!
A Style of Artomotive Taxidermy and Terminator Style Creations that were AWESOME!!!
Sculptures of Steel and Automotive Parts... Magnificent Work!!!
And the closer you got to try to figure out what exactly constituted the construction, the more Amazed you became, it was Beautiful, Industrial Art with Attitude and Elegance!
And his Furniture Creations were equally Impressive... what Guy wouldn't want a Pimped Out Recliner like this?  With an adjustable Wheel Side Table ta boot!?!  I'd NEVER get The Man outta a Recliner like that!!!  He'd want an Engine in it so that he could just tool around the House and Town in it... beats the Hell outta those hover-round chairs don't it??!!!  *LOL*
Now I couldn't find a Website for Jesse, but I did snag one of his Biz Cards and he can be reached at:
(520)414-9493 or
For Industrial Artwork, Custom Furnishings, Design and Fabrication, Photography, Painting and Commercial Sculpture... WOW, this Guy does it ALL!!!  And Superbly I might add!
See... I didn't leave you Guys out... I was thinkin' of you too whilst covering the Event!

And though I didn't get to meet, spend time with and talk to every Artist that Created Man Cave Art and offered Mantiques I did capture some Images to Delight you all with!  To the Artists of these Amazing Pieces, Forgive me for not being able to properly Credit your Fantastic Work and Booths... if you see that it's your Work Please let me know so I can Edit the Post and give Credit where due Okay?

There were Whimsical Creations like this Bike Rack...

And this Cute Fish...  Okay, I know... I just made you Guys cringe when I used the term 'Cute' to describe Man Cave Art Created out of Testosterone laden Metals and Machinery!  *LOL*  Sorry... I'll insert a Tim Allen Style 'Grunt' now just to describe it properly Okay?! 
I know The Man would Love a Patio Bench like this... rather than the 50's Style Vintage Motel Metal Patio Gliders I'm seeking out... *Winks*
Seriously though Folks... with an Awesome Entrance Sign Creation like this you HAD to know that you would find an enormous bounty of Art Styles and Inventory here at the Event...

And be sure to come back Tomorrow as I wrap up the Finale of my Coverage of "THE BIG HEAP". 
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. OMG, what fun stuff, these guys are good...and it looks so warm out...brrrrr in Iowa.

    Have decided on black for the outside of the trailer, with a section of blackboard paint for signs to be written, inside will be wallpapered with that vintage looking embossed paper, painted off-white with a brown grunge wash over the top. Linen fabric on the cushions with hippy, East Indian duvets covering the down spreads. Gypsy pillows, AMerican flags and antique furniture for display, all are less than 16 inches wide to fit through the skinny butt door...lol...can't wait for spring to start my projects, but now's the time for gathering the goods and and laying out the plans...follow yer dreams girl...time is short for us long in the tooth gals...time to 'pimp my pull'...!!!

    Have a great day!

  2. Really grateful and impressed with your coverage of The Big Heap!
    The artist that makes the car chair and tire table is Bart OBeirne, he and Jesse are partners in the business. The cool robot art is by Aaron Voigt. He should be at the next Heap in April, doing an on site robot build from stuff collected from the vendors. (inside scoop).
    I'm a big fan of your blog, see you at the next Big Heap.

  3. Thank You so much KKL for the Info on which Artist Created the Amazing Pieces in these Displays! I didn't get to speak to this particular Vendor because they were very busy with Customers and so I appreciate the added Information so that Credit is given to the Artist of each Creation... and for the Benefit of those who might want to Purchase some of their Fabulous Art! I can't wait for the next Event... be sure I'll be there! Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. How can I buy the tailgate bench? Do you have one with FORD on it?


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