Sunday, October 21, 2012

Resurrected Shovel And Arroyo Junkers Art

I was so Excited that my Blog Friend and Talented Artist Susie Davis of "SooZeQue Designs" and the Blog ARROYO JUNKERS AND OTHER RESURRECTIONS was going to be doing a Show at the Desert Botanical Gardens this Friday thru Sunday. 
 Friday the Show and Fall Plant Sale was Open to Garden Members so we got our Exclusive Preview of it all earlier than the General Public and that's always an added Bonus of being a Garden Supporter. 
Because I knew she was Local I've been wanting to meet and connect with her in person and have been dying to see her Gorgeous Art in the flesh for some time now. 
 So I wasn't missing this Show for anything... I had it Calendared, Hi-Lited... and rousted the G-Kid Force at the break of dawn so that we'd get there before she Sold too much! *LOL*  Because I wanted to see it ALL and Photograph it to Share with you... 'cause I Love you Guys!
She recycles and Resurrects Old License Plates, Old Shovels, Wheelbarrows, Saw Blades, and anything else that's Funky using her hand held Plasma Cutter... and Creates this beyond Amazing Art out of it all, it will truly take your breath away & Photos don't do it Justice!

Susie was as Sweet and Adorable as I knew she would be... it's always such a Joy to meet our Blog Friends in Person and get to know them even better and be Introduced to their Friends. 
And as a fellow Artist, getting to see another Artist's Work that you Admire in person and discuss the Process, the Inspiration and talk Art is what I Live for.  
 Susie is a well rounded Artist and so Inspirational because she also works with Steel, Sculpts, is an Amazing Photographer, does Watercolor Painting, Stained Glass Creations, and turns everyday Utilitarian Objects into Art!!!  Lord have Mercy...  I'm Tired just thinking about all that Creativity going on!!!  *LOL*  
The G-Kid Force were totally Captivated by Susie's License Plate Butterflies.
And she's an avid Junquer... just like me... so we have LOTS to talk about and Share, a True Kindred Spirit!  I Love that she Salvages the Rusty and the Crusty Treasures that others might discard and Breathes New Life into them in the form of her Fabulous Art!  These Rustic Crosses are made of Recycled Wood that has Time Worn Patina, with Rusty Metal and Old Glass and Enamel Accents. 
The G-Kid Force were really blown away by all of Susie's Creations... they Love meeting Gramma's Artist Friends and talking with them too, because Art is in their Blood as well. 
My Hope is that by being Surrounded by, Inspired and Mentored by Talented Current Artists and Fabulous Art, they will fully Appreciate, then carry on the Torch of the Arts forward into the next Generation and be the Future Artists of America.
Princess T was too Shy to stand by some of her favorite pieces, but she was Loving this Spider Inspired Shovel with the Red Glass Spider...
And though it was difficult for any of us to pick just one Favorite since everything was Amazing... Princess T finally decided that this Peace & Love Hippie Inspired Creation was her Fav... being the Lil Future Hippie Chic that she is!  *Winks*  That Kid is Boho to the Core I tell ya!
And Prince R decided upon the Rose Inspired Shovel as his Personal Fav.
And everyone seemed to be able to Predict what my Fav Creation would be... yep, the Dia de los Muertos Inspired Shovel with the Candelabra!!!   So WANT IT!!!!  *Winks*
Yes... my "Wish List" has definitely now been expanded to include one of Susie's Shovel Creations!   *Winks*  I've been showing The Man all of the Images and Hinting STRONGLY...

"Wouldn't one of these look Cool in the Library Room Honey, especially that one with the Candelabra?"  Can you almost hear him groaning that I'm Fixated on more Art that I want to bring Home to Bohemian Valhalla?!  I swear, our Home could be a Gallery and opened to the General Public!  *Smiles*
And I don't think The Man is worried or concerned about me having ONE of Susie's Amazing pieces of Art since he was duly Impressed with it all too when I showed him the Images.  But with my predictable predisposition to Collections and insatiable Appetite for Art... I think his fear is that the Vision I have for the Library Room would look more like this than just the One Shovel Art Creation I Loved best right now.  *Bwahahaha!!!*
And then the G-Kid Force would get into the Act by suggesting that what would go GREAT on the Walls of the Library Room to Compliment the Shovel Art... would be... Miss Susie's BUTTERFLIES!!! *LOL*
Lots and lots of 'em Gramma... and I'd be like, "Yeah!"   *Smiles*  You wouldn't have to twist my arm to get MORE once I get started a Collection of something I Love and has such diversity since every piece is a OOAK Creation!!!  *Smiles*
See... see how this would go down... and he knows that about us... our Weakness and Conspiracy to fill his and our World with as much Art as we can pack into it!  *Winks*

The pesky Budget is the only thing that stands between me and all of the things I want and would Love to possess in fact!  *LOL*

I saw the cutest and most Profound saying on VINTAGE RESCUE SQUAD'S Blog last Night as I was trawling the Land Of Blog into the wee Hours:
Selling is a license to buy more than a sane person should.
Yep, this is precisely why I began Selling in an Antique Mall I think... I should get this Engraved on something or Tattooed on someone *Winks*... maybe even use it as a Epitaph on my Tombstone! *LOL*
Because it's so True... I'm an Incurable Collector and an Artist to the Core... not just possessed to Create Art... or as Susie so eloquently says, "My Art is an infectious need for me, sometimes a burden but most often a blessing." ... but also to Collect the Art of others that I Enjoy, Connect to and Speaks to my Soul.
I could probably never have enough Space to contain it all... but I try... and it's never really stopped me!  *Winks*
And even if I can't own it, I Love to Behold it...
And to meet and get to know those that Create it.
Who 'Get' the Urge and the Need to Create Beauty and put it out there in the World... because they Feel it too and are Wired and Purposed that way as well.
Or to Rescue Stuff and Breathe New Life into it and Save Salvaged Treasures for Future Generations to Enjoy in one form or another.  And know that it still Exists because of your Intervention from it ending up in a rubbish heap somewhere or buried in some Landfill.  Susie and I are doing our part anyway... and I especially Love that about her!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian... and the G-Kid Force


  1. Those shovels and other artwork is AMAZING! Thanks for introducing us to another talented artist.

  2. Throughly enjoyed the post! Who would know an old shovel could be so elegant!

  3. Dawn, so great to meet a fellow kindred spirit and blogger. It was a good weekend, but I'm exhausted. Thanks for coming out and saying Hi, and thank you so much for featuring me on your blog.... that's a first! Say Hi to the G-Force ~ they're adorable!

  4. I came via Suzy's blog and love seeing SO many pictures of her fabulous art. Is the picture of the lady with that awesome, colorful bag you? I LOVE that bag.

  5. These are absolutely bloody brilliant .. wish you were not so far away !!
    Jennifer in Oz


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