Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Moving Slowly Forward With Halloween Styling...

Well, after getting my Sick Rant out of the way in yesterday's Post I felt ready to move slowly forward with Halloween Styling... with the Prompting of my Super Hero Sidekick who was battling her own bouts with Infirmity.
But the Rant was necessary to dispel something a bit close to Panic... you see, I have barely two weeks left now before I move into my long Dreamed of Showroom at the Antique Mall, which I know will be a lot of Work, and so the last thing I need is to be sidelined with any hint of Infirmity at a crucial and most inopportune time.
But Thankfully, like Batman has his Robin, I have my Super Hero Sidekick in the form of Indomitable Princess T.   A Child who has battled some pretty intense Infirmity & Odds her entire tender Young Life since Day #1 and yet still manages to posses Pizazz, Strength and Tenacity of Spirit that never fails to Inspire everyone, me especially.  She has been Feeling Sick too and yet she put on her Bat Shirt & Insisted that we both rally out of our Sick Beds and get to Work with the next Halloween Styling Project Area... the Bistro Table of the Front Kitchen.

Nothing perks a couple of Stylist Addicts up quite like the 'Fix' of a Styling Project after all... it's our drug of choice!  *Winks*

Yea, tho' neither of us is keen on mundane thankless housework that provides no Artistic Outlet or Inspiration... Styling the Home is quite another story... we totally dig it.  And so she didn't exactly have to twist my arm, I figured if we took it easy and just Styled the Table, we could do this and it would probably make both of us Feel a bit better... at least in Spirit!
The smaller Front Kitchen is the most used Kitchen because it's not where we cook, but it is where the G-Kid Force spends more time eating & doing Homework... and where everyone Entertains Guests, Congregates and spends some part of their day.  It is also one of the Sunniest Rooms in the entire House so it's always Bright and Cheerful from Sunup to Sundown.  A Home with two Kitchens is actually quite handy and one of the Quirks we Love about this Ole' House.
Alas, being one of the most USED Rooms in the Home also means that it can become the most disastrous & untidy regularly, requiring the most Clean-Up and diligence to keep it in Order.  As you know from previous Rant Post, when you're under the weather that can be even more Challenging than usual, so said Table was in disarray prior to the major foof & Styling.  So other than the G-Kid's Bedroom, this is the Room I have the most battles and Screamfests about the Condition of on a regular basis.  *Winks*
And so even having one small portion of it in Order and Styled makes a huge difference to my Psyche and sense of Well-Being.  So Princess T's Suggestion was an Excellent one... I was finally getting some Help and Cooperation from a willing Victim... um, I mean, Volunteer! *Winks*  BTW: This particular Skully's Fabric Button Eyes are bothering Princess T because they don't match perfectly.  That Kid is more OCD than me!  *LOL*
But she picked out all the Bohemian Bling we'd attach to these Pumpkins... the ones in this Room are Velour or Lace & Fabric Pumpkins so they are washable... which is handy since they're in a much used space that sees a lot of Kid Traffic.
We really did have a Fun Time putting it all together and then doing the Photo Shoot.
Of coarse you know the Diva Hambone had to get in on some of the Photo Shoot.  *Winks*  But she'd certainly earned it, she worked very hard alongside me.
Changing out everything and cleaning up the Table, which can get more than a bit cluttered with everyday Life and be one of those catch-all areas you constantly Sigh about.  The only non-Seasonal-decor item we allowed to remain is her Reading Box where her stash of required 1st Grade Reading Books are kept handy.
And now I rather like the look of the Room and we'll strive to keep the Table clutter-free during the Holiday Seasons... which will take diligence and reminding all the Guys particularly not to use it as the catch-all of their random stuff!  *LOL*
But at least since Prince R was away visiting Relatives for the Weekend and Grandpa was Sleeping, us Girls had the House to ourselves to Tidy up a bit and get more Organized and Decorated for Halloween and that was Therapuetic for both of us.
I swear we both felt quite a bit better just doing this Project as a Team, a Dynamic Duo, and Enjoying the end results.
And its in those Moments that I Feel all of the other Sacrifices are so worthwhile because Family means so very much and Investing in them is never a waste of our Time, Talents or Treasures... NEVER! 
Nobody will really recall if the House was messy at times or occassionally even in utter chaos and out of Order... I can't even recall the past times when it was... because eventually it all comes together.  Even though it might not STAY together for very long!  *Winks*

But I do Believe they WILL recall all of the Good Times they had in a House that was made a Home... and the Special Touches and things we did to make it that way and fill it with Love.

Because I know that's exactly what I recall of my Parent's Homes... I don't recall any of the imperfections or whether the housekeeping was always immaculate {though if you know my Mom you can expect that it was}.  I recall just how Perfectly Inviting and Welcoming they always made their Homes for everyone and anyone who entered.

And of coarse we'll all recall those Special Relationships we Shared with each other under one roof... and the Special things we did Together... because that part is Priceless!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Lovely post - love is all! Those pumpkins are pretty fab too. x

  2. The most wonderful compliment I can get about my home is that it is "comfortable". Fortunately I do hear that from people and it warms my heart. I just love those fabric pumpkins!! I need to find some of those.

  3. Awww and what a wonderful job you two did too! I hope the household is all feeling a little better? Love those blingy pumpkins! (Good jewel selection there princess T! *winks*) And what a charming space that is Dawn! Two kitchens ='s comfort squared *winks* I think all that ranting and such is working for ya girlfriend!Lol! I know those kiddos are going to have the fondest memories of their time with you. Vanna


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