Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Merchant Square And Picker's Alley ~ Part I

As Promised we're taking you back to MERCHANT SQUARE ANTIQUE MALL and PICKER'S ALLEY now that we've loaded up the Truck with what we got outside at the Flea Market held in their Parking Lot.   As we entered the Mall these Adorable Vintage Child Mannequins wearing Vintage Halloween Costumes Greeted us... aren't they Great!?!
I fell in Love with the little bald one... and I remember wearing Halloween Costumes such as this when I was a Child... Cape and all.   Doesn't every Child Love wearing a Cape!?!  *Smiles*
And then there was his Vintage Handsome little Friend wearing the Creepy Vintage Clown Costume.  This little Guy is very 50's Retro in his Appearance and so darn Cute!
But there's absolutely nothing Scarier than a Creepy Clown don't you think?  And the Clown on that Vintage Costume... CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Princess T Loved the Bold Jewel Tone Colors with Black of this Display... she could Envision her Room in Fushia, Black, Shades of Purple and Orange she says... she'd only nix the Powder Blue.  *LOL*

And of coarse Gramma is always scoping out the Creepy Old Dolls... Loved this one's expression and Creepy Eyes, but it was a full body Doll and not just the Doll Head, so I Passed on it.  Alas... no Old Doll Heads to be found this day.

I keep thinking that eventually I shall have to get the G-Kid Force a set of Cool Old Lockers like this and encourage them to lock up all their stuff!  Maybe then I won't find it scattered all over Bohemian Valhalla!?!  *LOL*  Well, a Gal can Dream can't she?  *Winks*

This was my Fav Booth at the Mall... it had baskets and box lots of all my Fav Treasures... Old Doorknobs, Vintage Hardware and Salvaged Architectural Elements, Sewing Notions...
And the Prices were really good, so I'll definitely be coming back when I have a larger 'Pickin' Budget'...  I can Imagine all kinds of Creations using such Fab Found Treasures!  I can root around through piles of stuff like this for Hours I tell ya!
But I didn't have Hours and Princess T was Sighing heavily when she saw me Fixated on this Booth's Treasures... she knew what was coming... it would almost take a team of Wild Horses to drag me away!  *LOL*  "Gramma!!!" she kept impatiently saying... and reminding me that we still had a whole Mall and "Picker's Alley" to take in!  *Winks*
She knew I'd be Tempted to pick up every Jar and Scrutinize the Contents... *Smiles*
And it was the Motherlode of Old Doorknobs... not that I don't already own a Motherlode of them myself... but I'm still always Transfixed by them!   Old Doors and Old Doorknobs are most definitely a Weakness of mine... Okay, maybe Weakness isn't the right word... they're an Obsession of mine!  *LOL*
They just don't make Hardware like this anymore and I'm so Blessed that this Old House still has all of the Original Old Doors and Old Hardware throughout because I Adore it!  No Modern Doors or Modern Hardware for me!!!
And just look at what else was in this Booth... the Motherlode of Old Stock French Seed Packets from the 1920's!!!  I should have 'Scored' some but Alas, I was so indecisive on which to buy that I ended up not buying a single one!  Don't you just Hate when that happens?
I was such an Idiot... so I'll have to go back when I have more time and no Child dragging me off because I can't make a decision!  *LOL*   At the very least I shouldda gotten this Dill Herb one, which wasn't in the French Seed Packet Section... but the Graphics on these Vintage American Packets were Amazing too and this was one of my Favs. 
But then... so was this one... AND...
These two... AND...
Oh, I didn't see the Snapdragon one... yeah, that's a good one too... AND...
Aren't you beginning to feel my pain?  And the dilemma I was in... as there were what seemed like hundreds of them and I desperately wanted to look thru them ALL... *LOL*... and had I been ALONE... I probably would have... and spent as much Time as I needed to in order to narrow down my Selection to just a few that I thought I couldn't live without this day.  But oh NO... Princess T had me by the arm trying to detach me from my French Seed Packet Trance!  *Smiles*  So I didn't get not a single one... because I couldn't decide in a hurry, I just couldn't!  *Sob*  And am I the only one that would Wonder if some of these 90+ year old Seeds still had some Life left in them?  *Winks*
When I'm Junquing I like to take my Time... so if you're my Junquing Partner and that makes you Crazy... we're probably not a good match to go Pickin' together and be Pickin' Buddies.  *LOL*  Princess T is actually a good Pickin' Buddy, but Gramma does test her Patience when I become too Fixated on something and get caught up in the Minutia!  *Smiles*  So she was totally justified insisting that I back away from the Seed Packets...
Because there really was so much more to see & Photograph to Share with you...

Vintage Mannequins and Demijohns...
Fabulous Stained Glass Windows... from the Enormous...
To the more Modest Sized... Loving this Matching Trio!!!
These would be perfect for the Soul Temple Room I want to Build as an Addition to this Ole House some day!
Yet another Delightfully Creepy Old Doll!
A Beautiful Old Typewriter Specimen!
And this one not only looked Amazing, but was also in Working Condition.
Couldn't you Imagine having a Great Antique Collection of these to have the Ultimate Party Drink Dispensing Buffet?!?
A Gorgeous Persian Tapestry Throw...
But we have so much more to Share of the Mall... And we STILL have "Picker's Alley" to go through... I'll give you a Glimpse Today and then you'll just have to come back Tomorrow... I know, a Teaser... ain't I Wicked?!?  *Winks*
It's really Awesome so you're not gonna wanna miss it!!!  I remember seeing these Fisherman's Globes when we Lived near the Coast as a Child.  You don't see them so much Inland so this was a Special Treat to see a whole Stash of them in the Desert, Miles from any Ocean!  *Smiles*
And the Furniture in this 'Picker's Alley' Booth looked like a Day at the Beach too... so Seaside Beach Cottage Fresh... Love it!
And the Old Statuaries were Beyond Amazing... we particularly liked this Mythical Mermaid Angel one...
So be sure to come back... you know you Enjoy Pickin' and Junquing with us... so this will be a Handy Excuse to spend more time in Bohemian Valhalla!  *Winks*  See you in the Morning then... and we'll continue with Part II...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Where the heck is that place? A small group of us are gonna' hit "the Heap" and "Sweet Salvage" in November, maybe we'll see you there. I've got a luncheon going on November 10th, if you're interested click on my button at top left of my blog.


  2. What an amazing post Dawn...l'd STILL be there drooling over the seed packets:-))...l agree though, definitely hard to choose one over the other. l had to laugh when l read how much you loved the door hardware...l also LOVE doorknobs and have stacks of them...prob'ly never use them but hey just in case:-))Loved all the child mannequins specially the one with the dodgy eye hehe!! The merangel is my absolute favourite, never seen anything like it...oh and the leadlight windows are so beautiful...Thanks so much for adding sparkle to my day.

  3. Must...have....the....mermaid....angel. What lovely items to see and purchase.

  4. How fun to follow you and your princess on your hunt for gypsy treasure. I hope she is doing better too. I'm stopping by to let you know that Madame Luna selected you as her winner for the carnival Fortune Tellers booth. Stop by my blog to see your prize and please email me with your shipping info so we can send you your goodies :)


  5. I am always so entertained by your take on things!! I love how you take us on tours evrywhere, and am inspired by you always. Have a beautiful night!


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