Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Declaring It A Disaster Area...

 DISCLAIMER: Gonna have me a little Blog Rant about the Disarray in Bohemian Valhalla since I've been down Sick these past few days... the Crew scatter & run for cover if I have a Rant for Real... so this is the next best thing & assures no Casualties... the House already looks like enough of a War Zone without tragic Casualties adding to the mix for Heaven's Sakes! *LOL*  Besides, I have to Conserve my Energies & Resources for Healing, not Warring, remember?

Heck No I'm not gonna Reveal pixs of it, we're not going THAT far and destroy any Fantastic Fantasy Image or Impression you have of Bohemian Valhalla and what an Awesome Keeper & Guardian of the Home I am!  It would Spoil the whole carefully orchestrated Illusion!!! *LOL*   But we are gonna Talk about it... because I NEED to! *Winks*  I'm Talking of coarse about what happens to a Home when the Caregiver gets Sick... not much gets done and it can go to Hell rather quickly when I'm not keeping on top of it daily!!!  And Sickness really drives home that unfortunate Reality! *Le Sigh*
This is primarily one of the Laundry List of Reasons why a Caregiver can never Afford to get Sick.  Nobody runs Damage Control in lieu of the Caregiver being Off Duty for Sickness or gives Care to the Caregiver... so you're kinda screwed during your Recovery period, whatever you're battling in the way of Infirmity.
At what point am I Declaring it a Disaster Area?  I'm not sure yet, we'll see how long I remain down for the count and how bad it gets?  I did manage to get the Young Prince out of the House for the entire Weekend and visiting his Paternal Side of the Family... one down for two days at least. *Whew!*  Too bad the Beast Princess's Paternal Side are in Mexico & I'm feelin' too Sick to even consider International Travel. *LOL*   And anyway, she's still down Sick too off and on with her Respiratory Conditions, so she wants Gramma... EXCLUSIVELY... you know how Sick Kids Bond to the Nurturing Estro Figure, whoever that is in their Caregiving Experience...  and I'm "It", no passing of the Baton in this relay.  She's been literally attached to me like a Conjoined Twin!
And The Man is now getting around without the aid of his Walker... which is both a Blessing and a Curse I'm finding.  A Blessing in that he's slowly Recovering and Indepentantly Mobile again, which is HUGE since this Ole' House is not exactly Wheelchair nor Walker Accessible and we didn't want him to end up in the VA Residential Treatment Center for Rehab & Recovery.  We Believe he will do better Healing at Home and Honestly I'm not up to making daily treks into the City to the Old Soldier's Home with a G-Kid Entourage for visits anyway so it's just as well. 
It also means less Work in the way of trying to get him around a very Old Home with a Walker, which was quite a Challenge and a lot of crashing around with bulky Medical Equipment that didn't really fit & caused a lot of collateral damage in his Wake.  But then again, now more Work BECAUSE he can get around the Home now and into every room again!  *Le Sigh*  Because he's not well enough yet to make it seem as though he wasn't there...  you know... kinda like the G-Kid Force, incriminating Evidence is left everywhere in their Wake!!!  But of coarse when I do the Interrogations of who made what mess, everyone suddenly developes Amnesia, Selective Hearing and is loudly protesting their Innocence of the carnage or pleading the 5th!   Apparently NOBODY is making the mess, it just materializes on it's own like Scotch Mist, what a Phenomenon?!?  *Winks*
 Yeah, I want them all to be Independant and able to function without me, but I also kinda cringe when they try to do things for themselves because of the Aftermath that entails!  In the way of Clean-Up and running Damage Control until everyone is more capable of doing THAT for themselves too in a mutually acceptable way.  Hey, if I'm gonna Dream, Dream Big I always say... it COULD HAPPEN!!!  *Winks*
Now, it's not so bad with me Feeling under the weather that I can do Nothing and I'm Grateful for that, but I FEEL like doing NOTHING you see.   And I Feel like just Resting and trying to get better without cleaning up after or tending to anyone but myself or having a Child Appendage.  If it were just me I could manage that... and know that as I lay down and slept this off, whatever it is I'm battling, when I woke up everything would still be as it was... in Order and not Chaos.  That nobody would be asking me to do anything for them when I'm barely feeling able to do anything for myself.  I could just be Sick for a while and concentrate on recuperation & doing whatever that took.
But that is not the case... and so I never know what I'm gonna wake up TO?!?  If I even get to sleep uninterrupted that is.  Or whether it has reached the point of Declaring it a Disaster Area?  It's been a close Call a few times, so I'm only Hoping I Heal and get back up to speed quickly while there's still a semblance of Order in the House!!!  This Talk has helped dispell some of the frustration of feeling Sick and yet not being able to Afford to feel Sick.  And doing what needs and has to be done while feeling rather dreadful the whole time I'm doing it.  While also trying not to obsess about what isn't getting done, which isn't easy being OCD as I am and all because it disturbs me. *Smiles*  I'm no Domestic goddess by any means, but I do not like things left undone or seriously out of Order & Chaotic... it disturbs my Peace and puts me seriously out of Balance.
Thankfully I feel much better than I did in the beginning... and since nobody around me is coming down with what I have I doubt I'm contagious and that is good since I sometimes have to be out and about getting some things done & don't want to feel like a Typhoid Mary.  I'm probably just run down, Immune suppressed from pushing myself too hard and having Seasonal Respiratory Issues which has been common to me as I'm Aging & the Seasons Change.  Darn Aging Thing... it tends not to come by itself!
 I don't mind growing Old because it's certainly better than the alternative *winks*... but it does come with some mighty Challenging Baggage at times! *Le Sigh*  It's more of a Process to get back to 100% as  you Age I'm finding, even if you're usually tough as old boots.
Though I can fake it quite effectively when I have no choice.  And faking it 'til I make it puts me in a better frame of mind... so we'll Roll with that for now.  I want to Thank everyone for sending Healing Energies my way and Encouraging Words, it is helping in the Process... you guys TOTALLY ROCK!  And what would totally Rock even more right now would be a Team of Merry Maids in Ministry Mode!  Can't Help it, still Dreamin' Big!!!  *LOL*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. No rest for the wicked. caring for a family is hard work and most of the time they take it for granted....until the caregiver gets sick. Hoping you are 100% very soon. I dislike chaos too!

  2. My dear Alice said to me, "Mama? Are you sick?" I told her no, I'm fine. She said, "Then why haven't you cleaned up this mess?" Get well dear lady.

  3. Dawn I hope you were able to let it go? Messes are gonna happen when you're down and that's just the way it is. DO NOT look!! Just stay in bed until you're at least to 75% and then see if you can expend a little energy on the chaos *winks* I hear ya about the clutter getting to your peace and calm because my house is INSANELY out of control with my being down for so long, and 4 fur babies to boot. My husband God bless his heart just doesn't see dirt unless the pile of it is large enough to block his path.....And truthfully even then he'll just step around it *sighs*I wish I had some mess blinders that worked for me...but alas no...So the moral of this story is "Pity me" Lol! Because it can always be worse...And trust me at my house it is.... Vanna


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