Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Comfort In Autumn Rituals

Ah, the Changing of the Seasons is finally upon us here in the Arizona Desert... it's finally beginning to Cool off and Feel like an Autumn Vibe... a Desert Autumn that is... which will certainly be different than a Non-Desert Autumn in other parts of the Country and World.  No changing of the Leaves here and when I say Cooler I mean in the low 90's or high 80's... OUR Desert Arizona Autumn Vibe.
But there will be some of the Traditional Autumn stuff that other places have... like the Harvest of Pumpkins, Gourds, Autumn Veggies & Fruits in abundance... and lots of Farmer's Markets, Sidewalk Sales and Flea Markets will spring up since the Weather is Glorious outside now.  And the Shops will be changing the Color Palettes to the Warm Tones of Autumn for Decor and Wardrobe as well as the Seasonal Items for Halloween and Thanksgiving Celebrations.
We have always been a Family that thoroughly Enjoys our various Seasonal Rituals and Traditions. And so it is at this time of the year that we find Comfort in our Autumn Rituals. Things we Traditionally do once Summer fades and we begin to Embrace Autumn and look forward to those things that have become Symbolic for that Season to us. It just wouldn't be Autumn without the Ritual of Caramel Apples for instance. Whether Home-Made or Store bought it matters not... we've done both.
 Sometimes we go with the Simple Caramel Apples and other times we go Full Gourmet!  *Winks*  Today it was of the Simple Variety and Store Bought, since we just got Grandpa Home from the Hospital this Afternoon and wanted to Celebrate his Homecoming with certain Culinary Rituals we all Love this time of year... and to keep things Simple, yet Festive.  So we also got the Veggie, Cheese & Cold Cut Party Platters The Man Adores... so Dinnertime Tonight will be like a Party Buffet!  *LOL*
And yes, Gramma even Caved and bought some early Halloween Candy to put in the Candy Bowl, though it is a 'Given' that it certainly won't last that long and will have to be replenished!  *Smiles*
Though who can blame them since who can resist Candy Cigarettes, Eyeball Gumballs and Sugar Babies?!  *LOL*  The G-Kid Force and I don't eat much Candy actually, but we do Love them Candy Cigarettes and could probably OD on those quite easily, we could be chain smoking Candy Ciggies!  Though to be PC they no longer call them Candy Cigarettes or put the Red tips on them, they call them Candy Sticks... WHATEVER!  *Smiles*   We're not Smokers but you just know the Kiddos are gonna pretend they're Smokin' them things!  And The Man, well, he's got a Wicked Sweet Tooth so he'll definitely be on a Binge.  *Winks*
And since everything has been so Crazy around here in perpetual Crisis Mode I never did get around to Creating a Showroom Sign for myself and I'm not really in The Zone Creatively right now anyway with all of the Drama coming against us.  Nothing kills the flow of Creativity quite like being in Crisis Mode!  So I was relieved to 'Score' a perfect temporary Sign for the Entrance to my Showroom and go with that for now... since my Move-In Date is just around the Corner this Weekend, so I'm really under the gun to pull things together!   Mine will eventually say something completely different, but I rather liked everything about this one a lot... the Colors match the Gypsy Curtains I made perfectly and the Hand-Made Lettering & Graphics are Lovely.
The Patina is awesome, it was the right size and hey, who doesn't LOVE a Parisian Flea Market, right?   I might make it a permanent fixture, who knows... sometimes Serendipity makes for the very best Discoveries that you weren't even Expecting and turn out 'Just Right' for the occasion...
So... what are some of your Autumn Rituals and Traditions that you take Comfort in this time of year my Friends?
And please join us over at the COMMON GROUND Fall Fun & Decor Blog Party!  Share and be Inspired by how everyone is Decorating for the Season! 
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn, I'm just catching up with what's been going on with you, and I'm so sorry for your trouble. Hang in there -- sounds as if you can't change anything, just wait and endure, and that's hard. Enjoy your fall decorations -- maybe even with their subdued colors, they'll cheer you up.

  2. So glad you stopped by and left a comment on my blog. Always like to visit new blogs. Got to have that lovely, muted hydrangea wreath...just beautiful. Autumn rituals, love the word ritual, it invokes commitment to a tradition. Blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch

  3. Sorry to hear about your recent crisis, I hope it passes in a positive way soon! I'm glad you indulged in some early goodies, its good to do things like that when times are stressful. Love our skulls, so festive! Thanks for stopping by my blog too! XXX Jet

  4. Dawn I'm so happy to hear that your honey came home! You must be so relieved. Love the new sign! (and candy cigs *winks*) And good luck pulling it all together this weekend. I'm rootin' for ya! Vanna


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