Thursday, October 11, 2012

Can't Sleep... So Might As Well Blog, Right?

Ever since the Playground Injury Princess T hasn't been sleeping well, she's in pain and can't get comfortable with the Soft Cast & Sling so she's often not even staying in her bed... she's dozing off and on all over the house.  Not to mention her Anxiety level is thru the roof about seeing all these Doctors and the Kid is Bright, so I'm pretty sure she's picked up on the gravity of her situation even though Adults have been Patronizing her to ease her fears and concerns.   Ergo my Anxiety levels are steadily increasing for similar reasons and staying up with her to offer Comfort and Encouragement.
So it's almost Five in the Morning and I can't sleep... so might as well Blog, Right?  Besides, in just a few Hours I've got to make the long trek across the City with her to meet with the Orthopedic Surgeon and I'm really dreading that Consultation.   Of coarse I'm Hopeful Surgery won't be necessary, though Logic is telling me they wouldn't be Approving a Referral to a Surgeon if they weren't considering that a necessity due to the severity of her injury.
I don't like the words Child and Surgery put together... I just don't.  I don't like the thought of a Child being put under anesthesia... I'm not even sure I can spell the word correctly in fact... and the potential risks for a Child receiving it are alarming to me.  Especially when it's one of my Precious little ones!  
Princess T doesn't like the word either... Surgery... and she certainly doesn't want one!  She's Witnessed Grandpa Enduring too many of them in the past several years of her short Life and it's never been a rosy outcome. Surgery sucks... any way you put it... and Recovery is suckier... pain and limitations are always involved... results are never a Promise of being 100% again either.  And that's intimidating at any age... and especially when you're only Seven... or the Gramma of someone only Seven who has to go thru all this!  And who already has one Post-Surgical Person in the Household who isn't doing so well after Surgery and having Serious Complications from it.
There are different schools of thought when it comes to Children and their Medical Care.  Some Adults feel that a Sick, Disabled or Injured Child should be kept out of the Loop about  their Medical Care and kept in the dark about what's going on with them... even though it's their little bodies and they have no choice but that which the Adults decide upon anyway.  I'm not of that particular school of thought... I don't like unpleasant Surprises myself or people keeping me out of the Loop about what's happening TO ME, I'd be distrustful and paranoid about that kind of treatment & Mystery, especially if I couldn't make those decisions on my own behalf!  I've had to make a lot of Medical Decisions on behalf of the Children I've raised due to several having Special Needs or Chronic Infirmity, so I don't take my Role as the one deciding what will be done to or for them lightly.  I'm only going through it Emotionally, they're going through it For Real, I'm mindful of that Truth!
 It's bad enough for a Child that those decisions have to be made on their behalf whether they like it or not... for their own good to be sure, but they're powerless to intercede on their own behalf.  They have to submit to whatever Medical Decisions, Treatments and Medications the Adults decide upon, so I feel they have to unconditionally Trust the judgment of that Person and Believe every decision is being made in Love with all of their Heart.  And so, within reason, I try to give a Child that same Respect of being adequately Prepared about what they've got to go through and Endure before it actually happens to them.  Not to cause undue Anxiety, but so that they totally Trust us and know we're not springing shit on them that they didn't know about and everyone else kept a Secret from them.
My Kids and G-Kids have been able to handle whatever they've had to Endure much better that way, psychologically and physically, because they've been a part of the Process and been allowed to express their input about how they feel about it and ask all the Questions they want or need to and know they'll get answers and not be blown off just because they were a Minor. 
 Often Medical Staff have been astounded and impressed at how much the Young Prince fully understands about his Diagnosis, Treatments and the Medications he has to take daily and what it all does for him, the benefits and the drawbacks.  He's been kept Informed you see... he's not blindly having something forced upon him by Adults that he's Clueless about... and Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding is empowering at any Age.  Granted, discernment about disclosure is Age appropriate, but Kids are not totally naive and if they think you're pulling one over on them, you've got a battle on your hands and some potential for undermined Trust.
So here I sit with the Five~O'Clock~in~the~Mornin's... not because Princess T doesn't Trust me, she absolutely and totally does and she's aware her arm needs to be fixed and that's the Path we're on together, as a Team.  But because I'm the one that will ultimately make all of the weighty decisions... both the Medical ones and the Legal ones... and I'm Praying for Divine Guidance in both so that I have the best possible outcome for her, now and in the Future.
Yes, I'll be the Broody Mother Hen that ensures her Lil Chick gets the best Medical Care possible... in spite of potentials for Insurance Drama when costs become prohibitive & Specialists get involved... been down that road too many times before also!  I absolutely refuse to have my Family's Security compromised by crippling Medical Expenses, Aftercare or Future Expenses due to an Injury somebody else has the Liability of and should be ponying up for.  So alas, I'll also be the one fighting the Legal Battles on her behalf even though I Hate Litigation, it's so draining & time consuming, but unfortunately, sometimes necessary... and this is one of those unfortunate instances it seems.  Enough said about that... it also weighs heavy on me...  *Le Sigh*
I'm really, really Hoping for the best possible outcome to this horrible turn of events.  I'm Thankful that The Man's Doctors, upon hearing the turn of Events about the Princess's Medical Crisis unfolding, decided that he could be prematurely released from Hospital so that our Family has adequate coverage for the Children and I in the event Princess T has to have Surgery and Hospitalization.  That eased some Anxieties for us and promoted The Man's "Marine Tough" side to come forth with earnest and given him added Purpose to press on through his own Medical Drama & Crisis more successfully.
It is said that whatever doesn't Kill you only makes you Stronger... and we're still here... so apparently continuing at building our Strength!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian
NOTE:  All of the Images Shared today were taken at the BRASS ARMADILLO Locations in Phoenix and Goodyear.

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