Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Benign Neglect ~ A Perfect Halloween Party Setting

My Fascination with and Love for Old Abandoned Buildings and Benign Neglect are well known... they stir my Soul in some Mysterious way.  This particular location, a long Abandoned property, possibly an Old Motel built of local Stone, has sat Vacant for as long as I can remember... and that alone is a very long time since I've lived in Arizona since the early 70's.

For Decades I have been Enchanted by it's Earthy Organic Aesthetic and Imagined what it could be Resurrected as.  For a long time I even Imagined buying it and Creating something Unique and Distinctive from the many Buildings that make up the Compound, breathing new Life into it.
And Hoping and Praying that they never raze it... that someone, some day, will have a Vision to Restore it or Repurpose the Structures in some way that will Salvage the History of the place for Future Generations to Enjoy.  Though a fence has now been put up around it to prevent Vandalism, Trespassing and Squatting, it is appearing doubtful that will actually happen, but I still hold out Hope that it might.
And each Halloween that approaches I can't help but be even more Enchanted about the Possibilities a Setting like this would hold... for the Perfect Halloween Party Setting or Haunted House Attraction!
The Old Rocks are now covered in Moss on the North Sides of the Structures... which is rare in the Arizona Desert, we're not a 'Mossy State'... and it's Strangely Eeerily Beautiful in it's Neglected and Decayed state of Being.
You see, Structures like this are what Dreams are built of for people like me... we can Imagine all kinds of Possibilities and the labor intensive Reality and Challenges are not at all off-putting to us... we would gladly rise to the Challenge in fact if given the Opportunity and even limited Resources to Save such a place from the wrecking ball and Transform it into our Vision!

If you too are a Dreamer and Visionary you can easily relate to that statement even though it might seem absolute Madness to anyone who isn't.  *Smiles*

While others might be Lusting over some Pristine Mansion or New Structure with all the Modern amenities that would require less work and even less discomfort and personal sacrifice or hardships, we are Lusting over the likes of this...  so I concede that it is Strange and not easily Explained.

But I bet they'd all show up to the Perfectly Awesome Halloween Spooktacular we could Create in this Ideal Setting... wouldn't they?  If only for an Evening... and not necessarily make a Living or a Life out of it like we eagerly would.   It would indeed be so Memorable... *Winks*  And after all... Great Memories are what make Life worth Living... and I do Hope that #12229 still has some Beautiful Memories left to Impart in whatever it's Future holds... whatever that may be.
Happy Halloween from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I also love old and neglect buildings. I use to do urbexing. I loved to go into old buildings and just feel the mood. Sometime's it was scary.
    That looks like a gorgeous building and I wonder why nobody ever put some tlc in it....


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