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A Casualty Of Time And Neglect Revisited ~ Sort Of

Back in late 2010 I took you to one of the last bastions of West Side Historic Ruins in my area... which had been an Original part of Wildlife World Zoo I came to find out later.

The current Zoo now sits on Acreage to the East of this Original Property and a Modern Freeway Bypass runs beside it.  I have driven past this large Acreage of Interesting Ruins for well over 35 years now and it always fascinated me.  It used to be out in the boondocks when I first moved to the Valley in the early 70's.  And it remained in the boondocks for a couple of decades afterwards.

And I'd always felt compelled to Photograph it, but until late 2010 I didn't have a sudden sense of Urgency about doing it.  But given the rapid encroachment of infrastructures, subdivisions, Commercial and Industrial properties sprawling out across the Westside now and consuming the Desert, Agricultural areas and once remote Historic sites and Ruins, I felt it was Time, before it was too late. 
 I Secretly Hoped it would remain untouched and left alone to either to be a ruined bastion & remnant of the Past... or purchased and Restored.  Or at the very least be properly Salvaged when it's Time came to be razed in the name of 'Progress' so that the wonderful Old Wormwood & Architectural Salvage of the Period could at least be Saved. 
 Or maybe even some of the more sound and Salvageable Structures of it moved to some other location such as Pioneer Village as Historic Monuments.  But I always Hope for such things when I see an Abandoned Historic Property, even if it lays in Ruins.  I just Hate seeing one after another razed and become only a vague Memory in some Old Photograph or someone's recollection.
And wiped off the face of the Earth as if they had never been... leaving not a Trace... regardless of Historic Significance or Original Grandeur and any lingering Possibilities or Potential for being Saved, Restored and Enjoyed for many more years to come. 
Sure, there are some past any Hope of that... but that is what was alleged about this Ole' House when the City initially Condemned it and was Jonesin' to raze it before our Purchase.   And we proved that to be an incorrect assumption because we could see past perceived impossibilities with the Vision of Possibilities and a Love for the Property and it's Significance.
And I'm just sayin' that with too many it's not even Tried... Considered... made an Option... there is too much eagerness or greed to do away with the Old and make way for the New even if there are alternate locations the New could be placed at without all of the Old being compromised & Forever Lost.  The History not properly appreciated or Preserved for Future Generations to Experience and Enjoy.  Because once it's gone... it's gone... and hindsight is 20-20.
And really, do we always need another Freeway, Parking Lot, Expansion of some eyesore or another that blights the Natural Landscape or Erases History?  And sometimes it's not even Necessary... because I've seen things destroyed, be they Natural Elements or Historic Man-Made ones, to make way for... nothing... that's right, sometimes the bulldozers come and just level or cut down everything and then nothing happens with a Future Project... sometimes ever... or at least not for a very long time... so what was the Rush?  A great Mystery that is... at least if something takes the place of what was it makes a bit of sense & has some logic or grandoise Plan behind it.   I think you know where this is all leading don't you?
Yes, I was probably the last person to Photograph this Historic Ruin before it's Time finally came... early this year in fact.  And quite suddenly... one day it was there... and the next it was just a bulldozed bunch of Acreage beside the Freeway looking now like a strip mined piece of Earth... not a single Tree or Building left standing... and no Salvage efforts whatsoever to Preserve or Save a thing.
And probably not too many people will even notice or miss it or care.  But as for me I will... and as always I felt a mixture of Emotions... of Sad and Mad.  The Man had noticed the demolition first and was almost afraid to tell me because he knows only too well my reaction and Love of Old Places and Ruins and unspoiled Natural Places.  Of how many have been Lost already over the years and how precious few are left... especially in the Rural Areas. 
And of Pristine Desert not yet 'Developed'.  And I'm certain much of the Wildlife is confused about that loss of Habitat since we're hearing more and more of the newely Developed areas having to Endure "Nuisance" critters like Coyote, Bobcats, Javelina and Mountain Lion that are Displaced and yet expected to go... WHERE?   Where ARE they supposed to go or to understand that now People occupy their Territory that has been taken from them?  They no longer have a Home to go to, and so if they linger it is because they simply must try to adapt, improvise and Survive... and yet they're the ones labeled a "Nuisance" and therefore have to be Eliminated if they can't manage to move on or be relocated.  In the Past many Indiginous Peoples suffered the same fate, so why should I be surprised that our Wild and Free Animal Friends aren't being given a fair shake either.  But it makes me Sad and Mad too.
And no, I'm not an Extremist who is against Change or Progress, Improvements and Development, if it is done in a Balanced way with Good Stewardship and Sensitivity to Nature, who or what was there first and to what is left of the Past.  But so often it's not and I guess that is where my sensitivity to it is heightened and I Feel so conflicted.  
When I'm Documenting and Photographing a Ruin I am careful to take only pictures and leave only footprints.  I have been known though to ask a Demolition Crew if I can Salvage something from a site they're in the process of razing and carting everything off to the Landfill though.  But if I don't get the chance there is always that nagging regret that perhaps I should have Salvaged something?  Some small piece of the History so that every speck isn't Lost and discarded like Trash?  Perhaps a Brick... a piece of Old Hardware laying on the ground... especially if nobody cared enough about any of it to Salvage a single thing or let anybody else either!
And now nothing at all is left... not even a stone or living thing... no... nothing is replacing what once was... it's just sat vacant and unimproved... and who knows for how long or what Grand Plan there is to replace the piece of History?  Perhaps the Freeway Bypass will be widened a smidgen on the East Side where this once stood... even though the West Side of the Freeway Bypass had absolutely nothing and could have been widened without disturbing anything?  Maybe they'll build something eventually or make a huge Parking Lot?  Or maybe it will just sit for years "as is"... a testament of Man's impatience, greed and inability to just leave some things "Be".  I'm sure multitudes will disagree with my viewpoint because if multitudes agreed perhaps less would be Lost... perhaps... I don't know... but I do Care.  Because it Grieves me deeply for reasons I don't entirely even understand myself.
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Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I am sick....I could literally cry! Why in GOD's green earth would they tear down such a wonderful structure??!! I would've given good money to make it mine. Such wonderful features.....Crap. Vanna


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