Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Wicked Faire" ~ Sweet Salvage Part VI

Am I still Lamenting that I had to leave an assortment of Awesome Laboratory Equipment behind at the SWEET SALVAGE 'Wicked Faire' Event?  You betcha... so give me a Minute... okay?  To try to "Get Over It"... *Winks*

Surely you know how hard it is to "Let Go" of all those Hindsight Thoughts of having to "Pass" on those things you really did want... and were within Budget.  But for whatever reason you left them behind... and then have those nagging 2nd thoughts and doubts about it.  Yes, even though I was painfully aware of the Wicked Temptation it would have posed for the G-Kid Force to have Laboratory Equipment in the House... a part of me Wondered if I shouldn't have still bought them and just put them Away for a little while for "Someday"? 
 It's always easier for me if I had to "Pass" on something because I simply couldn't afford it... or I didn't have room for in the House... or I already have one {like an Awesome Harvest Table Dinette Set... this one was made from Old Doors... Double Swoonworthy!}... that is easier to deal with later on in the Regret Dept., no real Regrets when something would have not even been an Option. *Well, maybe a little... but you know what I mean!  Smiles*
Okay, I've had my Moment... and now we can Move On... *Smiles*...

To Fantastic Commercial Oversized Letters that spell out BOO in absolutely Perfect Halloween Hues...  Purple, Lime Green, Orange & Black always Epitomize the Halloween Color Palette to me.

And to Fun Things that one could pick up for those Halloween and Masquerade Parties we are sure to have, Plan and Organize for at about this time of year in preparation for the kick-off of the Holiday Season.  Princess T was 'taken' with these Cool Grey & Green Metal Bing-O-Matic Cards...

Whereas Gramma is more "Old School"  in her Bingo Card preferences... *Winks*  I'm being dragged reluctantly into the 21st Century bit by bit as my Grandchildren convince me I gotta "Get With It Gramma!"  *LOL*  I've made Progress and remarkable Strides... which is why I'm with you here in the Land of Blog Today and utilizing a Digital Camera ... just barely two years ago I didn't even know what a Blog was and was still using 35mm Photography!  *Smiles*  
But it's a 'Process' for me I must admit.  I Like it when I Get There & up to speed with Modern Technology & Change... but Getting There isn't as Natural or painless for me as with the Younger Generation.  Or the Modernists that fully Embrace everything Enhanced and New, I don't necessarily "Gotta Have It!".  Running towards the next best thing coming out, that replaces what just came out last week it seems, doesn't interest me at all!  *LOL*    I Love so much of the Past and the Old that I won't fully ever discard all of it, even while Living in the Present and looking forward into the Future.  I think a Balance of it all is what I strive most for. 
I'd much rather use some Cool Old Thing anyway, than something just Invented that hasn't had a track record of being Tried and True.  After all, my Old Flip Cellphone is well used but still in great condition... and most of my Family & Friends have gone thru a multitude of the newer, expensive "Improved" ones that break easily or go on the fritz constantly.  Sure they do EVERYTHING & that's Impressive, but its rather sad to me to see how Addicted to and Reliant upon Technology so many folks have become and how it is De-Socializing Society.  Can you Believe I only use my Cell for Emergency or really Important Calls and not to Chat!?! 
I actually still prefer to spend Quality Time Face to Face and actually Socialize with People opposed to receiving or making a Call or a Text, Imagine that!  I have NEVER Texted in fact and I probably never will, I don't receive them either... I've Lived this long without needing it and so its not relevant to my Quality of Living.  And I've witnessed so many tragedies involving Texting and Driving that I consider it as much a scourge as Drinking & Driving ever was.   Not to mention it happens to be a pet peeve of mine to be spending Time in Person with someone and have them glued to their Phone Texting away or taking or making one call after another!  Maybe I'm a Dinosaur, but I consider it rude and evidence that the person is not fully Present in the Moment and obviously too distracted for Socializing properly or giving their Full Attention to who IS Present. 

I'm fortunate that my Family & Friends recognize that if they have a Phone Leash attached to them at all times I'll probably wander off eventually because I have made the assumption that the Texts or Calls have monopolized them and the Moment and I don't have the Time or the Patience to have it monopolize me or my Moments... Life is too short to waste it on secondary contacts or waiting on someone who has 'Checked Out' by virtue of a technological device.  Be sure that if you have taken your Precious Time to be with me in Person you will have the Priority unless a True Emergency pops up.  I have a "Do Not call the Cell unless it's Urgent!" Mandate that I personally adhere to & remind those I have regular contact with of.  
I still have a Landline at Home to leave Messages on... because if I'm not Home then I'm busy doing something and really don't want to be interrupted or on a Phone missing whatever it is I'm Involved in and spending Quality Time with whoever is with me enjoying an Actual Moment of Real Socializing!  *Insert me now stepping down off Soap Box!  LOL*  
I might have been Preaching to the Choir here if you're in Agreement about the Topic... but what I see happening all around me seems so rampant that it needs to be said so that it can be Meditated upon and Contemplated about by the offenders or those who are hesitant or reluctant to speak up if it disturbs them too but they're too Polite to say so.  I'm not so Polite... I'm saying so... 'cause it irritates me and concerns me about the direction Society is going Socially.  I Love having interactions with People and I only wish I could meet each and every Blog Friend in Person since this is such an Awesome Community!  It's always a Thrill when I get to, such as finally meeting my Blog Friend Karen Valentine in Person at this Event during the Preview Party.  She was just as Personable and Sweet as I just knew she'd be from the Personality she displays here in the Land of Blog.

I have actually had some of my Children and Grandchildren Lament that they wished their Friends chose to get together in Person as often as my Generation rather than having Contact via technology or being so consumed by busyness that they neglect Relationships.  Believe me, anything you DON'T Invest in won't have a Return, so don't even expect it... in fact, anything without Reciprocity will eventually Die.  You have to keep putting back into anything you expect to keep getting something out of... Relationships included... if you expect them to Thrive and Grow rather than Wither and Die!
Wow... I really got Wicked Preachy on ya didn't I?  Bet you didn't expect THAT to go along with Today's Pretty Pictures in the Post?  *LOL*  Yeah, every so often I go off on a Topic Rant... but don't take it Personally... it's just my Opinion and an Expression of my Sentiments about Life as seen through my Filter.  You're free to disagree... in fact I Love a good Debate too... not to convert you by any means, but just to Listen and to expose myself to a counterpoint that I can hear from someone who Thinks and Sees things differently than I do. 
No more Topic Ranting now... I'll just get on with Creepy Fun!  *LOL*

And Imagery that I Hope will Inspire you and Indulge Fantasy Decorating Urges you might be having as the Holiday Seasons gets closer?

Or Wardrobe Changes you might be considering as we move into Autumn?

And Floral Bouquets and Natural Elements to Decorate and Style with that give an Essence of Seasonal Change.  Don't you just Love the Hybrid Specialty Pumpkins and Gourds?  Each year I buy some to Decorate with and then throw them out in the Veggie Garden Patch as they expire so that the Seeds will bring our very own Harvest of them perhaps for next Season!   Right now I've got some Pumpkins growing from last year's Seeds and I can't wait to see what Variety they turn out to be?!  I Love Surprises!!!

And don't think it was all Ookey and Creepy at the Event... there were some Gorgeous Autumn and Faith Based Elements to Style with as well...
And of coarse the Sweet little Touches of Inspiration like Chalk Paint Labels on Galvanized Tin that are Future Projects in the Making for Yours Truly.
Yep... though I'm off to the Gym now... I'll be back Tomorrow with Part VII...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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  2. Hi Dawn, I originally commented asking if the picture of the little girl and the teddy bear was for sale in your booth at the Brass Armadillo but then I read the text and realized it was at the Sweet Salvage affair. I love the picture! Thanks for sharing ;o) Hugs, Janice

  3. Dawn~ YOU GO GIRL!!! I could not agree with you more!!! And the Good Lord knows what ends up in that lovely ER from damn phones! I think your whole "soap box preech" was right on! And good for you for saying so... (although I love a good debate too and that would have been fun!) But..............
    Do tell....
    I hope things are well for you my friend... I haven't been on in months and still trying to keep my head above..
    I have missed you...
    Cat @ Gypsea Nurse

  4. WOW Dawn! Someone else besides me is concerned with the direction technology is taking. It is said that the younger generation is more in touch because of texting, twitting, etc. But really - just what kind of relationship is this?!? Certainly a hollow one when real honest face to face communication is missing. And most certainly I see all too often where these "instant" conversations totally replace what we are calling honest communication. It's sad really. Look around and what do I see? Half of the cars that go by have drivers yakking on the phone, people walking across parking lots or in stores are texting away, and in restaurants there is little vocal conversation because whole families are texting away to anyone but who they are sitting with. Yeh, I suppose you've figured out that I am in serious support of your "rant"! Enough said.....Romeo is threatening to start blowing soap bubbles.....


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