Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Wicked Faire" ~ Sweet Salvage Part V

Beakers... you have no Idea how hard it was for me to Resist buying Beakers... I really WANTED some for my Halloween Vignettes you see... especially that Middle one!   And Test Tubes... and Anatomy Charts... I could Truly have been a Mad Scientist I tell ya! 
So... why did you so Valiantly Resist you might be asking?  Well... aren't you thinking that right now?  Okay, I'll tell ya WHY... because we DO have some Mad Scientist Type Proteges in the Bohemian Valhalla Household... Guess which ones they are?  *Winks*  Go ahead, just Guess!!!
Guess which Young Prince on more than one occassion conducted a dangerous Scientific Experiment by lighting some of Gramma's Found Treasures on Fire in the House to see what Color the Flame would burn at and what Intensity it would be consumed??!   *Gasp!  Experiments being Conducted by a Curious Grade School Genius... Fire... Found Treasures ON Fire... IN THE HOUSE no less!!!  Enough to give this Gramma a Heart Attack!*  {Thank God The Son caught him at it both times... and tons of Therapy later we Hope he finally GETS that Science is best left in the Laboratory!?!  He who has the Dream of becoming a Famous Scientist one day.} 
And lest we forget the Young Princess and her Posse's Scientific Experiment on Bubble Soap in Cat Water Dish = Tons of Entertainment as they Discover Cats blow Bubbles out their mouths!  Needless to say, all the Pleading and Doe-like Wanting Eyes for Lovely Vials of Fairy Glitter with Cute Messages tucked inside couldn't make me Cave as the Memories came Flooding back on what a Bad Idea this might be to Tempt their Scientifically Inclined little Minds with actual Lab Equipment!!!  *LOL and a Shudder!*
Even though it wasn't just Princess T saying, "I WANT this... and this... and this!" in the Realm of Great actual Lab Equipment.  Though I was saying a resolving NO out of my Mouth every time she tried to Lure me into Temptation along with the devil of Lab Supplies that is a Mad Scientist Laboratory Dream Come True in the Making... I really WAS Jonesin' for so much of it myself, I really, really was my Friends!  *Smiles*  I could just Imagine storing my Shampoos and Bath Salts in such Supplies and making one Bathroom's Decor like a Mini Mad Lab!
But the potential Consequences of such a Purchase... well, the Horror of that was far more daunting than just Resisting for now!  But maybe in the Future... in a Perfect World... where the G-Kid Force overcomes their predisposition and tendancies to Creating chaos and reeking havoc throughout the House with devilish desires... maybe THEN we can contemplate and consider such Indulgences?
So yes, Alas, I had to say Good-Bye to all the Great Old Laboratory Equipment and the Promise of Designing my own Mad Scientific Laboratory Vignettes at Home.  *Le Sigh*  See the great Sacrifices I make on a daily basis!  I'm earning Sainthood I tell ya!  *Winks*  Were there any Mad Scientist Saints I Wonder?  Probably not... so nevermind... there likely aren't gonna be any Statuaries of St. Dawn anytime soon I'm guessin... it's a stretch... I'm just not that Saintly actually!  *LOL*
So I had to drag myself away from the Delightful Vignettes that were Calling to me Strongly...
And Appealed to my Crazier Risk Taking Side... the "That's Probably Not Such A Good Idea" Side of Conscience that speaks to you and you often try to ignore & suppress... and wish you hadn't... because the outcome could be so predicatably Bad...
And saunter over to the Safer Side of Decorating... those more benign choices that won't involve some Mad Scientific Experiment gone awry at the Ole' Homestead. *Smiles*
It's not so bad after all to choose the Safer Route... the one where no catastrophic event will ensue and as I'm being interrogated in the aftermath they're asking, "WHAT were you thinking?!?"  *LOL*
And as this Sign says... "Remember When?"  I Honestly can't... nope... can't remember when I haven't had to think things through very carefully on account of raising Children who are more High Maintenance than Typical Children due to various diagnosis that make it so.  This IS our Normal... and so it 'tis what it 'tis...
And we Roll with that just Fine most days... with the occassional Emotional Breakdown from time to time... which is a pretty good indication that we're not getting away and out nearly enough... and it's Time... Time for yet another great Adventure or Event... and subsequent Escape into the Land of Blog where we can make it as Idyllic or Keepin' it Real as we want it to be...
Come Hurry on back Tomorrow if you want even MORE to Yap about at SWEET SALVAGE "Wicked Faire Event"?!?  *Winks*  Because I'm going to Savor it a while longer here in the Land of Blog since the only other places I'll be going for the next few weeks are various Doctor Offices, Hospitals or Therapy Sessions to get the Bohemian Valhalla Crew back to optimum Function again... Hopefully...
Hey... maybe THAT'S why suddenly Anatomy Charts & Medical Equipment & Pharmaceuticals is on my Brain... it's what I've been looking at for Months now with all the time spent at Doctor's Offices and Hospitals!!!   Whew... for a minute there I thought I MIGHT BE Morphing into a Mad Scientist?!?  At least the Scientist part isn't happening...  *LOL*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Hi Dawn!! LOL great post....I can see why it would be to resist those vials!! the Princess is styling & looks like a true Bohemian in the making...:D

    I keep forgetting how close Halloween is...



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