Sunday, September 23, 2012

'Wicked Faire' ~ Sweet Salvage Part III

We're now at Part III of the SWEET SALVAGE 'Wicked Faire' Event... because once I got the ole malfunctioning camera working properly again, you know I took as many Pixs as humanly possible!  *Winks*  You see, I've never once said in my Life that I've taken too many Photos... but I have overheard way too many peeps over the years lament that they took too few.  So I'd rather be on my end of the Photography spectrum of no regrets!
I fell in Love with this Old City Map of New York... alas, already 'Sold'... but at least we can Admire it in Images before it's carted off to some Private Collection... SEE what I mean!!!  *Smiles*
We can all Imagine what it could have or would have looked like in our own Home Vignettes now that at least there's an Image of it preserved for posterity!  *Smiles*   Okay, so I confess I have absolutely nowhere in this Ole' House that I could have put it without getting rid of something else already on the Walls... but maybe YOU had just the perfect spot?!

And with Taxidermy so On-Trend right now this Trio of Deer Mounts didn't last long either...  I was told that the middle one never got picked up and this is it's original shipping box from the Taxidermist so it was in Pristine condition!   Of coarse the top Mount was pretty Old and Tattered, but sometimes that just adds to the Appeal and History of a piece huh?  Which would YOU have chosen... Pristine & never out of the original Box... or Old and Tattered?

And that bottom Mount... somewhere inbetween Pristine and Tattered...

This Season with Burlap being Trendy I think the Burlap Pumpkin was highly sought after... these were really Sweet Burlap Pumpkins.  Yeah, I AM Liking them... but I'm still LOVING my Velvet Pumpkins... and Loving trumps Liking so I haven't yet gotten any Burlap Pumpkins... but I might.

There were plenty of great Old Portraits in Antique Frames with Convex Bubble Glass... I like to Imagine the Stories behind the People Photographed and why someone would have gotten rid of the Image?   It's nice that they still exist though and have been Salvaged and Saved... even though we may never know again who the Individuals are or their real Story... just the Imagined one.

I'm still seeking my Zorro Mask for my Creepy Old Guy Portrait for my Halloween Gallery to be Complete.  I really liked this Painting with the Mask attached.   The Unknown Masters who Painted these obscure Works of Art are usually preferred by me over better known Artists & Art.  So many Artists never become well known or Famous & its nice that their Art exists too and is being Salvaged and Saved rather than ending up in some Landfill and forever Lost.

And how Cool is it when you Discover some "once Common" Vintage or Antique Products still in their original Packaging?   Things once Common typically were not Appreciated enough to be Saved so very few could still exist... but its nice when even just a few Survive for those of us in the Present and Future can see what once was... and how Product Packaging and Graphics have Evolved over Time.
Vintage Industrial your 'Thing'?  You would have Loved many of the Pieces being offered at this Month's Event.  The various Industrial Lighting Styles were so Cool!

I'm still taken with Old Commercial oversized Letters and Signage.

And a Simple yet Imaginative Touch of putting faux limbs in murky water inside a big ole' Pickle Jar... Delightfully Wicked Styling for Halloween!

Dress Form Love runs deep for me too... I really liked this specimen even though she had no stand.

Furniture... especially the Large Pieces... were flying out the doors!  I really liked that Smaller Oval Black Table with the Beautiful Spiral Turned Legs. 
 I really thought about and considered getting that one as a replacement table and Selling one of my Pastel or White Hued Small Tables that I'm so 'over'.  It was only $69 so why I hesitated I cannot tell you.  Alas... it 'Sold' and so I may just have to refinish one of mine in distressed Black instead?   Ah... the ones that got away... you know how that Feels in hindsight dontcha?  *Winks* 

Unfortunately I'm at Saturation Point on Furniture so I have to consider getting rid of a piece before I can even think about bringing another piece in.  That's where my Showroom will come in real handy!  *LOL*  Because when I'm 'over' a piece at Home or would like to upgrade... off to the Showroom it will go and then once it sells I have the perfect excuse to buy a replacement that I'm preferring the Hue or Styling of.

I'm going full Circle on my Styling Preference... and am right back to what Styles were Classicly "Me" in the first place.   Though I Adore Jewel Tones and Sepia in my Decor for Styling Purposes... when it comes to Furniture, Antique Black distressed pieces have always been what I'm drawn to regardless of popularity.  And right now I hear that Antique Black Furniture isn't in high demand so perhaps I should snag my pieces now while Price Point of it will be the most reasonable?!
I really liked these Light Strings too...

Yeah... as you can plainly see there was a LOT that if Budget had permit I might have sprung on... and totally done a restyling Project at Home.

Speaking of Homes... check out this FABULOUS Old Victorian Home Photograph of an Addams Family Style Mansion!!!  *Insert me Swooning!*  I wonder if this Gorgeous Building is still standing... or if it succumbed to the wrecking ball over the years?  Sometimes I think I'd rather not know... just in case it's another sad story of Urban Renewal razing the Grand Old Historic Homes in the name of Progress?!?   The Fate of far too many of these Awesome Victorian Homes is a sad story... with only perhaps an Image remaining of what once was and can never really be replicated.

Okay, I'm getting too sad even thinking or talking about that... so lets continue some Fun Morose Images shall we?!?  *LOL*
And some absolutely Beautiful ones... such as these Killer Stained Glass Windows.  I won't even THINK about what the Building might have looked like or what it's Fate was that these came out of ... Okay!  *Smiles*  At least THEY still exist as Architectural Salvage and were Saved so that we can all still Appreciate, Decorate with and Enjoy them... and that is why I'm such a Fanatic and fierce Advocate about Architectural Salvage!  We can't possibly Save all the Old Buildings... but perhaps we can Convince Society and City Officials that the Architectural Elements are worth Salvaging and not being carted off to Landfills & forever Lost!?!
When the Value of anything is evident it is much more likely to be Preserved in some form or another.
I for one am so very Glad that Salvage and Flea Market Styling is now On-Trend so that the Demand will Fuel the Preservation process of more History that might otherwise be Lost if nobody much wanted any of it or saw Purpose and Profit in Saving it.
We can Thank Businesses such as SWEET SALVAGE for doing their Part!
How Cute are these oversized Commercial Letters spelling out Trick Or Sweet?!
Princess T practicing at Trick-Or-Treat Costume Options...
Sweet lil Inventive Lighting Created from Graters...
And as we Leave for Today... don't forget to come back Tomorrow...

Because of coarse I have MORE!!!  Did you doubt it for even a second?  *Winks*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wow, Dawn! Great photos!! Would really like to look around in there more! :)
    Have a great week!

  2. Dearest DAWN!!!! WOW what a great shop! We have one like this near us where the owner knows EXACTLY how to place taxidermy and grunge and all kinds of other TREASURES together so well! LOVE THIS! AND I love the burlap pumpkins!

    THANK YOU for coming to visit me. Enjoy this fantastic holiday that salvages memories and makes them into wonderful art!!!! Anita


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