Sunday, September 30, 2012

Putting Da Bling On Pumpkins & More...

It was bound to happen... after weeks of looking after a bunch of either Sick or Post Surgical Family Members, apparently it was now my turn!  *Le Sigh*  I began feeling dreadful... and since I don't get Sick often I refuse to stay Sick long because it's so foreign to me. 
 So I broke out all my Herbal & Ancestral taught Holistic Remedies to combat whatever it is.  But this also meant the necessity of slowing down for a while to Heal... no easy feat for Yours Truly.  

I'm definitely hyper and have too much to do to languish easily or stay down long.  It's probably a good thing I thought, that I did all the Laundry the day before I got Sick or the Crew here would be resigned to wearing dirty clothes out of the hampers!  *LOL*  
But it also meant I had to focus on the little things, the Simple things that I still felt well enough to do... like putting Da Bling on Pumpkins and More... the minutia of Life that I find to be Calming, Restorative and Relaxing... and doesn't require much strength or energy... which were both in short supply since I felt dreadful and I HATE Feeling dreadful!

Yep, I could still fuss with Adoring things with my Bohemian Bling as I sipped my Herbal Remedies and Teas... and it was Soothing to the Spirit & kept me Sane since I don't do Sick well at all, I really don't!  And this was something I always do and felt compelled to do with my Halloween Vignettes...

You see I have this overwhelming NEED to Adorn EVERYTHING!  I would Feel absolutely naked without Adornment and so would my Stuff!   Feathers, Velvet and Bohemian Bling are most definitely among my Weaknesses!  *LOL*

 I Inherited that Trait from my Mother and her Mother before her... and it's subsequently been passed down to each Generation of Women in our Family... we're ALL like that, it's in our DNA Strands...  this Propensity for Adornment... Over-The-Top Adornment!

And so the Pumpkins were Adorned first, with various Antique & Vintage Bohemian Bling from my Collections.
And my Lil Gator Gal got her Adornments too...
Who we like to Imagine sending down into the Depths of some Lake, Swamp or River to Recover Lost Bohemian Bling.  Yeah, our Gators are apparently well Trained like that on the Canvas of our Imaginations... the alternative being the Non-Bling Fetchin' ones would just end up being Lunch... 'cause Gator is also one of our Fav Foods!  *Gasp!  Did I just say that in front of her?!?  LOL*
Now, before you Judge... just Remember, you're also talkin' bout a Crew that Loves severed Creepy Old Doll Heads too!  *Winks*  We are Wired a 'lil differently than you might be used to and is customary... that's just how we Roll.

But there is a lot of Freedom and Enjoyment in being Quirky and just Enjoying what you Enjoy... not everyone will 'Get' it nor do we expect them too... but our Odd Aesthetic is Pleasing to us and Fun to Dream up and Incorporate into our Daily Lives.

If you Live your Life to Please Others then there is the liklihood nobody ends up Pleased at all... least likely YOU if you've Suppressed who you were Wonderfully Made to BE!!!
I find it particularly Refreshing when folks Feel Confident enough to just be Uniquely Themselves and Real.   You can be the Polar Opposite to me in Lifestyle, Style and Passions but I'm still probably going to find you Delightful to be around just Because of your Differences and Viewpoint that is Different than mine.
It will certainly add Interest and a well rounded Personal Experience to see things through your Eyes and Life Filter by being Exposed to more than that which mirrors my own.
Though to be sure Connecting also to the Kindred Spirits and those that 'Get' us is a Rush too and we do tend to Gravitate Towards one another... in Life AND here in the Land Of Blog.
And I Confess that it is Exhilerating to Connect to Like-Minded Souls who 'Get' me and understand how and why I get Excited about what I do and what Stirs my Soul and Inspires my Creativity! 
Folks who Share a Love of the Thrill Of The Hunt, Decorating, Styling, Art, Junquing and Salvaging.  Because I have met far more here than I have in everyday Life Contacts and now I realize that there is a large Community of "Us" around the World... WOW!   Instead of typically being Labeled Eccentric and a Weird Minority, we can be fully Embraced here by a Larger Community of those who are more Similar to us than Different from us.
That is even more Liberating, Enriching and Refreshing!  Instead of being met with blank stares when we're Sharing some Awesome Story, Creation or Conquest we can get some Affirmation and Appreciation for "Our Thing"... whatever that happens to be!
Because you see, I'm going to do it anyway... regardless of popular opinion or who 'Gets It' or Approves or Disapproves.  *Smiles*  But I do so Enjoy having Fellowship and Stimulating Conversations with those who are just as Moved by many of the things that also Move me.  Gets their Pulse Racing like it gets my Pulse Racing.  Delights the Eyes of both of us and want to Share back and forth our varied Adventures & Creations.
And who might even Understand & 'Get' why even on Challenging days... due to Health, Circumstances or Situations we prefer to Emmerse ourselves in these things that bring us a Peace and a Joy...
Provide a Respite and Healing Energies in fact when we're participating in or around whatever we're most Passionate about and Feel Purposed to do.
I have never been able to fully Explain it because I don't quite Understand why certain things just Move us more than others?
And why certain Surroundings are more Calming and Comfortable than others to each Individual, depending on how they're Wired and Roll?!?
But I do know that as I began putzing around the House putting Da Bling on Pumpkins and More...
Being absolutely and totally in MY Element and in The Zone of what I most Enjoy Doing... I began to Feel better...
Granted... not entirely 100% just yet... but I know that if I continue to Feed my Spirit and my Soul with what Nourishes them most...
And take care of my Body in much the same way as it does what it was Divinely Designed to do... which is Be Well...
So... If I Align myself and my Thoughts with what my Body is Naturally striving to do anyway... Be Well...  I'm much more likely to bounce back and Be Well again and not stay Sick or Down for long.
So if you're feeling Sick or Down my Friends I suggest that you spend some Time during your Recovery doing those things, however small and seemingly insignificant, that Feed and Nourish your Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. 
Align yourselves with what Instinctively you feel compelled to do and be around to make the Atmosphere around you filled with Positive Healing Energies and a Joyful Experience.
I Believe you will Experience Positive Results.
And Enhance your Mood regardless of what you're up against and battling.
So Be Well my Friends... I know I Intend to Be... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I hope you feeling better Dawn...I know yo have been through alot...maybe your immune system is down from the care taking...time for your own care taking...:) How is the Man doing??? My best to both of you... Heal well my friend..<3

    Those velvet pumpkins are fabulous!!! Love that white one...I love the spider web lace pumpkin too!! I am fascinated with webs lately!!! The gator freaked me out...LOL

    Take care (((Hugs)))...enjoyed your Bohemian pumpkin patch... :D

  2. I hope you are feeling better this evening. Nothing worse than having to slow down when there is so much to do. But, your pumpkins are gorgeous and I know just doing some quiet things around the home is sometimes the best medicine!!!

    Hugs, my dear! Hope you get plenty of rest this evening.

  3. I love your velvet pumpkins and I especially love all that bling! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. I sure hope you're feeling better soon. So true, the care giver never has time to be sick.
    I adore all those pumpkins!!

  5. You are right we both are loving peacock feathers! Your gator is a hoot, love his crown. The pumpkins are beautifully blinged out. Hope you are feeling better soon, sending you healing thoughts. Your newest follower, hope you consider popping back and following, Thanks, Laura

  6. Wish you to be well to Dawn! Love your velvet pumpkins and the bling sculls :) ♥ Katta

  7. Ah yes, to be ones self - we are on the same page. Again! LOVE being original, can't stand copy cats. Yeah, yeah, I know there are many tabbies out there, but really?!? There is only ONE Romeo!

    So are you feeling better? I mean really feeling better?

    And are the cats blinging too?!?! Just wondering....


    Romeo and "her"

  8. hello darling Dawn was so lovely to see your message made my day :)
    I have had one of those years and I miss blogging to I hope to be back eventually.I hope all is well for you and yours xxxxx

  9. I do hope you are feeling much better by now. I couldn't agree with you more about doing what soothes your soul when you are down. After I lost my TJ many of my friends wanted me to do this or that with them. While I know they were just trying to be helpful I set my mind to do only what I wanted and what brought me comfort. I am glad I stuck to it as I believe it helped my healing.


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