Saturday, September 8, 2012

Never Show Weakness Or Fear...

I'm sufficiently hyped up on massive doses of Caffiene to try to keep going Strong *Winks*... and along with the Sweetest of Images I could gleen from my Photo Archives for this Post to take the edge off the Topic at hand, lets talk about something not so Sweet in the Storyline shall we.  I'm talking of coarse about dealing with Children during Times of Intense Stressors and Life Dramas playing out! 

You see, Children are Curious little Creatures indeed!  Sometimes they seem quite oblivious and even merciless to what might be playing out around them and remain in their own Egocentric little Worlds.  Which Truly is a Blessing in Disguise FOR THEM... but as for those charged with their care... it could drive you quite Mad!!!  *LOL*

Yes, there YOU are, in the midst of all Hell breaking loose and struggling valiantly to keep it all together and with a semblance of Normalcy... and they're still Carefree and continuing to do those annoying or outright naughty things they do every day that raise your blood pressure at the best of Times... and at the worst of Times could send you right over the edge!  *Le Sigh*
Sure, you can give them ample Warnings and Clues that NOW would NOT be the Time to GO THERE... but do they care and listen intently?  Will they cut you the slightest of breaks or cut you some slack my Friends... no way, don't even get delusional about it.

In fact, let me tell you a little Secret, if you don't already know about it and have Experienced it firsthand?!  NEVER Show Weakness or Fear in the face of Children... they sense it like a Hyena and can be equally Merciless in how they deal with the Weak and Fearful Moments you might display if you let your guard down!!!

They will totally take Advantage of you when you're not at the Top of your Game!  In fact, they Live for those Moments when you might be distracted by the Issues of Life that have you all discombobulated and stretched... so that you're not riding herd on them!  This is their window of opportunity to try to get away with as much as possible  you see... and they will... in a heartbeat!
And NO, they are NOT gonna feel Sorry for you so  you might as well put away the Kleenex and save that Sob Story or tears for an Adult who might actually show some Compassion and Mercy upon you!  When dealing with Children in the midst of a Crisis only the fittest and strong Survive so you better get your Game Face on and get into Survival Mode quick, or you're probably not gonna make it my Friends!  They'll move in for the Kill... with their Sweet little Faces belying the fact that they can be so Ruthless and oblivious to your pain or suffering... you're just looking like an Easy Mark to them right now!  So now is NOT the Time to go Soft... so you better be prepared to go Hard if you want to Survive!?!  The Crisis at hand will be the least you have to worry about and deal with if them Kids get the upper hand I tell ya... *Winks*
I'm reminded of the Movie 'Kindergarten Cop' with Tough Arnold S. and his Character that has dealt with serious Crime and the Underworld effectively so he Assumes its a breeze to deal with the Average 5-6 year old... Silly Man!  And they immediately sense every Weakness this Big Tough Man might be able to conceal from the Average Adult... and seek to destroy and devour him like a school of Sharks that have sensed and picked up on one drop of blood in the vast Ocean!  He's an Easy Mark in their eyes!  Anything he's ever been through and dealt with before couldn't possibly prepare him for this... and a Wise One reminds him that Children are like the Ocean, never turn your back on them!  *Winks*
And why am I telling you this Storyline Today my Friends?  Well, because I'm dealing with the G-Kid Force in full swing... during a Time of Intense Stressors and Life Drama playing out... and they're not playing Fair.  Gramma's not at the Top of her Game and they know it... and so everything and anything they can do to up the Ante, they are... Magnified by 1000!
Yep, they're still fussing, fighting, doing what they know they're not supposed to do, whining, trying to break all the rules, not getting along and playing well with others {meaning each other}, leaving a wake of destruction in their paths, not doing what they're told, getting into everything, being High Maintenance & Malcontent at the drop of a hat... you know, the Usual Daily Stuff in their Egocentric Little Worlds, but just even moreso because Gramma is duly distracted and the Babysitters, well, what an Easy Mark they are when I can lure in a willing Victim... um, I mean Volunteer for a Day!!!  *LOL*  
And my Solid Rock of a Babysitter, The Son's Best Friend Q... well, that Young Man has Truly earned his Sainthood wrangling the G-Kid Force on the entire Day of the Surgery single handed since The Son got called in to his 2nd Job and had to Work.  I'm sure he's running right out Today to get Sterilized after enduring that brutal gig?!?  *LOL*  Love you Q... you ROCK and are like a 2nd Son and Family to me!!!  The 'Good Son' in fact *Winks*... 
So, given the Climate of things wouldn't you know The Man, who has been doing a little bit better in ICU day to day Praise God, thinks he actually wants to see the G-Kid Force in the Hospital before he gets transferred to a regular room!!!  So he requests the Staff to consider waiving the No Kid Rule in ICU so they can come see him for a little while and know Grandpa is going to be Okay and got through the Surgery.  The Staff Agree... {NOTE: They've never met the G-Kid Force!}
Now I'll tell ya right now I didn't think this was a good Idea for a whole slew of reasons and I think The Man is just so intensely Medicated right now that he's totally out of touch with our Reality!?  So in his Medication Induced Haze he really Believes this could work out and they'll Behave admirably and clean up well in Public {Together?!?  Surely you Jest?!}  *Winks*  But I'm not Medicated... which is a shame... because maybe if I were the day to day Reality wouldn't suck so much and wear me out?!?!  *Smiles*  But as you know, I'm no Fan of Western Medicine and so no Medical Cocktails to improve Reality for me... I'm dealing with it Raw and Unrefined!  *LOL* 
But then a double Miracle happens... The Young Prince's Dad calls to say that the Young Prince's Little Brother was born on the Day of the Man's Surgery and could he have the Young Prince for the Weekend and to meet the new 'Lil Bro'?!   Congratulations... and I'll pack his things right now... when ya gonna pick him up?  *Smiles*  So we're waiting... and I think I can deal with ONE... because once the Pair is broken up I'm not being double-teamed and there's more Peace in the Valley... after all, ONE CHILD has Nobody to Fight With, Compete With & Torment... and that's Key my Friends!
In fact I've always Joked with my Friends that raised an Only Child that they weren't even Real Parents!  *Winks*  Not until you've heard such things as, "Her hair is on my side..." , "He's looking out my window...",  and "They touched me or put a booger on me..." are you Certified to be a Real Parent and earned your Merit Badge IMO!   And if those Lucky Souls who raised an Only Child disagree, may they be abundantly Blessed with MANY Grandchildren that ALL come to visit them at the same Time and be left to Parent them for at the very least, an entire Day... then you get back to me and see if you haven't had a Fresh Revelation of Experiencing the Full Joy that two or more of them co-existing in the same Space can bring?!?  *LOL*  Unless you have the Anomaly of the alleged Perfect Children it's not gonna be Gumdrops and Rainbows for long... unless you're on strong Medication or drank that whole bottle of Wine... *Winks*
So... IF I do manage to get down to only one G-Kid for the Day I will Nobly attempt an ICU Visit with the Lone Chile' in tow and maybe The Man will still be so out of it that maybe he won't notice that the other one is missing??!  *LOL*

Thank You to each and every one that has included us in their Prayers and stopped by for a Visit and to send Encouraging Words, Concern and Thoughts here in the Land of Blog... it is so very Appreciated... you Guys ROCK too!
And just in case you forgot and think that it might be Safe for me to get back into the Water after the Young Prince is picked up and I'm down to One...
May I just remind you all that The Beast Princess is somewhat like a Gator wearing a Tiara... *LOL* So wish me Luck and keep me in your Prayers 'kay, I think I might need it!?!  *Winks*
EPILOGUE:  The Dad changed his mind and backed out from taking the Young Prince... the Coward! *LOL* So against better Judgment I took them both to see Grandpa in ICU... and Miracle of Miracles, they Behaved perfectly!!! *blink blink!*... making a complete Liar out of me that this wouldn't be possible!  Unless... did someone switch them and replace them with the Stepford Children?!?  *Winks*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. lol! Sure sounds like you've had your hands full today, Dawn! But I'm glad to hear that hubby made it through surgery and is on the road to recovery! :)

    xoxo laurie

  2. I'm so glad they managed to pull off a miracle and behave together in public!


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