Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Love Is...

Every so often a Blog Friend will make an Introduction to some of their Blog Friends and you will get the privilege to meet some truly outstanding people here in the Land of Blog.  Today I want to Thank my Blog Friend Karen of the Blog Ow my angst  {who is pretty Special and quite hilarious herself} for such an Introduction to a remarkable Young Couple that will probably touch your Heart and Soul as much as it did mine when I went to their Blogs and read their raw and poignant Posts about their Lives and in particular, their Love.  Tessa Le Fae doesn't Blog much but I promise you'll never forget her or her profound, deeply personal, intimate and heartfelt Posts... I read them all, back to back.   The ones about "Love Isn't Easy" and "Am I Mom Enough" especially Touched me in a profound way and really made me meditate upon what Love Is and convicted about was I always being Loving enough?  As well as make me bawl my eyes out as I read them.
And her Love, Fred, of the Blog The Fred Effect, who Posted an equally raw, intimate & moving {and tearful for me} Post about his Love, Tessa, turning 42.  I wasn't sure I wanted to end my day Crying... but I'm so glad my curiosity made me go for a Blog Visit and meet this Sweet Couple and get to know them and a part of their Story they so Gracefully Shared.
Because one thing for sure I've learned in this Journal & Journey of Blogging is that it's easy to Post about the Fluff of Life.  The Pretty Pictures, the things that make your Heart Sing and your Spirit Soar, the great things about your Life and your Family.  But ever so much more intimidating to put out there those unlovely Issues of Life, those Deeply Intimate and Personal things... your struggles, insecurities and rants where you're totally Keeping It Real... for yourself and your readers.  It is quite vulnerable and transparent to let people you might have never met, and perhaps never will, into your Lives that way... because perhaps you've never even Shared such things with those you know well?!
But I for one truly Enjoy those Raw & Real Posts as much as I do all the Lovely ones that are careful to only Reveal the Best each Life has in it to Share.   And I'll tell you why... I can more closely Identify with the Raw ones in so many more ways that are less superficial and about the "stuff" of Life in the form of Lovely Things.   And you know me, I LOVE the "stuff"... the Treasures I've Collected and accumulated over the years... and I'm not knocking any of that... this is my little Bloggy Happy Place too and I throw a lot of the superficial out there here in the Land Of Blog because it Pleases me and I'm Passionate about it, as Fluffy as it might be... but at the end of the day none of it is as Important to me as the Loved Ones I hold Dearest to my Heart... who Complete me. 
{A back in the day Pix of the G-Kid Force, when I 1st discovered and was Gifted the digital camera by my Grandchildren & learned to Archive my Photos!  Winks}
Because oh Dear Lord yes, could I ever Relate to the Insecurities of Raising a Child as Tessa Shared... especially this 2nd time around.  When I often don't feel worthy or a Substitute Mom Enough of raising the Precious G-Kid Force because they deserve so much more than I can give them in the arena of Parenting and Motherly Love.  How I've Cried for my Daughter being unable to raise any of her Precious Children without a lot of help from the rest of us due to profound Illness for which there is no Cure... and how much more Love she gave in the Giving Up of them so that they'd have the Best possible Life, than I sometimes provide for the two she Entrusted to us to raise on her behalf!   How I've Cried and Worried for them that instead of having their Young Parents who gave them Life, they're being raised instead by a couple of Old broken down G-Parents who have seen better days and aren't always feeling up to the job of coping with the huge responsibilities and Sacrifices that Parenting Children entails!  But then, as Tessa did, often enjoying the Realization that they don't worry that I am Enough, so maybe I shouldn't either?
And how I could relate to Fred & Tessa in the mutual Tears shed for what has been Lost due to illness and will never be on account of it as you both struggle with the changes Chronic and debilitating Illness of a Loved One brings.  I remember my Handsome, Strong Marine being all that he could be and sometimes its hard to accept the limitations we've both had to adjust to... the unfairness of it all as sickness and disability have taken a heavy toll over the years.  So I intentionally post reminders around the Home of what was so that I can still Savor all the Good Years that we were Blessed with before the Challenges became more profound and stressful.  Because in my eyes and Heart you see he is still the same Wonderful Man he has always been... the Best Lover, Husband, Son-In-Law, Son, Father, Grandfather and Great-Grandfather I could have ever Hoped to be Partnered with for Life.  Yeah, sometimes Life circumstances suck... but the Inspiration and Love can often be Manifested and Revealed Best during those hard times... because without the Tests there would never be the Testimonies... without the Darkness we could never fully Appreciate the Light.
Please stop by and give a Shout Out to Fred and Tessa won't you my Friends... the Gift that meeting Outstanding People in the Land Of Blog provides is truly PRICELESS!!!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian  


  1. Wow! This is my first time visiting your blog and this post moved me deeply...everything about it. I came from My Grama's Soul and I am sure I will be back. I live in Arizona too!

  2. Oh,darling Dawn, what a beautiful, heartfelt post. You are one of the special ones, able to see the glass half full. I have tears while reading this, and I'm sorry it has taken me so long to visit. Life has a way of throwing us curveballs, yes? I just haven't really been spending much time in the land of blog. But I just wanted to stop by to say hi, and peek into your colourful world and also thankyou for always leaving sweet notes on my blog when you visit...I treasure them. Take care my beautiful blog friend...sending big hugs xxx

  3. Aw Dawn, you're so lovely. We all worry as parents, and damn it, your heart is enormous so how could the G-force kids ever really lack with all that love? You're a good person.


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