Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm Baaack... And With Good News!!!

Well... I'm baaaack!!!  You know I wouldn't stay away too long now didn't you? *Winks*  I just Love Blogging too much and this is my Happy little Bloggy Place to come to and be Inspired and Uplifted.  And guess what!?  I'm back with Good News!!!  A double dose of Good News in fact... which was really needed and appreciated given how much Bad News we've endured lately!

In fact the double dose of Good News came back to back on the SAME DAY!!!  The Day that The Man was finally well enough to be released from the Hospital and come Home, which is Good News #1!!!  He's actually doing better each day now that he's in the Comfort of our own Home, and not even the Pneumonia and collapsed Lung could keep this Tough Old Marine down for long, he was determined to get better and get Home to finish out his Recovery and Rehabilitation after Surgery.
And just after I walked through the door after we got back from the Hospital and got him settled in I received Good News #2... a call from Work with the News that I had been anxiously waiting for... I will be getting my Showroom!!!  *Whoop Whoop!!!*
My Move-In Date to the Showroom is actually on our Youngest Daughter's 31st Birthday next Month, October 14th... so it will be an easy date for me to remember the Milestone of getting my Special Space to Enlarge my Vision... and the Timing couldn't be better all around!  I have a full Month to prepare and work out what Styling and Decor I want the new Showroom to have?!
It's all about Styling & Decor to me so along with lots of Tea Stained Vintage Crocheted Lace, Vintage Persian Carpets & very Old Burlap Accents... I needed a Color Palette to predominantly Style by and a trio of Colors to paint the Walls with.  And it was while I was preparing these Mason Jar Vases for my Booth that the Anchor Color Trio for the Walls became quite obvious!  {NOTE: These Mason Jar Vases are a Great Story too... I had seen similar Jars on Pinterest and fell in Love with them, but with all the Personal Drama playing out I doubted I'd have the Time or Energy to Paint some... and Lo & Behold... Nine Jars already perfectly done turned up in a Goodwill Hunting 'Score' this week too and spell out two Beautiful Messages of "GIVE" and "THANK"!   Don't you just Love and stand in Awe of the Laws of Attraction!!?!??}
I Love Dried Eucalyptus and  Feather Arrangements for Autumn Vase Bouquets and this Trio of Dried Eucalyptus Hues were JUST the perfect complimentary Color Palette for my Showroom Styling... Dusty Rose, Faded Mustard Yellow and Muted Turquoise.  The Crocheted Lace will all be Tea Stained and hung over the Painted Walls so that the Hues peek through... I Love layering Beauty.
I've been working on Autumn Accents for my existing Booth as well... and the Fabric Pumpkin I just put in had Sold before I even left the building!
I think everyone is starting to get into an Autumn Vibe... and I must say that the Color Palette of this Season is my absolute Favorite... so Warm and Richly Organic.   I've always been drawn to Organic and Jewel Tones... which is why Sepia mixed with Jewel Tones has always been a favored Color Palette of mine and one I feel most Connected to and Comfortable around... so I always seem to come back to it, even if I experiment for a while with other Palettes.
And look at the Sweet Sepia Old Photo I picked up for $2 for myself... I Love Old Photos and like to Imagine what the Life Stories of the people in the scenes must have been like?  This Beautiful Girl really had a sense of Style similar to my own.
I would definitely wear an Ensemble like this... even all these years later... some Styles are just Classic and quite Timeless.
And I think that this Weekend I will start Decorating the House for Autumn and Halloween too... it's Time... and it's SO good to be back... and with the Double Good News to Share with you all!!!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Good 4 U !
    Is the showroom in the same place your booth is?
    Glad to hear your husband is making some progress in his recovery.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Dawn - So happy for you!!! Oct 14th will be here before you know it!!! I can't wait to see the transformation of your new well-deserved SHOWROOM!!! xo

    -pamela ;)

  3. I just launched another blog:

  4. Oh Dawn
    So happy my friend for your DOUBLE good news. What a wonderful gift to receive. Hope that things stay well for you dear one. Take care and my best to you always


  5. Hi Dawn.....glad things have turned around in you life. When I get back to AZ.....I plan on visiting your spot on the West side......just sayin'. (O:



  6. Dawn! What fantastic news! I am so glad your man is doing better and is home!

    Congratulations on the space! I am so excited for you! I am sure you are going to style the space fantastically!

    I really like your jars here. That's a great idea for decorating for Fall. I absolutely adore the outfit in the sepia photo. That lace is just phenomenal.

    I hope good things keep coming your way!

  7. yahooo...happy things are going your way...and congratulations on your space...and I adore these give bottles...hugs

  8. Yay! I'm so happy for your good sound so excited! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend :)


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