Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday My Princess T!

This will be a Two Post Day... so those of you waiting for Part II of the "Wicked Faire" Posts, it'll hit the Land of Blog later Today.  But for now it's all about The Princess... Today is her 7th Birthday you see and she'll be checking in on Gramma to ensure I did a Blog Post in Honor of her Special Day... you can count on it!  *LOL*
The G-Kid Force Love being a large portion of Gramma's Blog Fodder... because after all they think our whole World revolves around them!  *Winks*  Well, yeah, it does... but that's beside the point... *LOL*  Gramma totally Lucked Out for the Birthday Girl's Party Plans because the Big Grade School Fund Raiser at the Pizza Parlour just happened to be last Night and every Friend and Teacher from their Schools would be in attendance so I didn't even have to send out Invitations, buy all the Pizzas or play Hostess!  *SCORE!!! LOL* Hey, we're still raising Kids on a fixed Retirement Disability income and it's Expensive to raise a Family... so when a Priceless Window of Opportunity presents itself, I say SEIZE IT!!!  Carpe Diem all the way!!!
Yeah, being the total Diva that she is, Princess T made the entire School Fund Raiser with hundreds in attendance ALL about her... literally... but we'll get to that in a bit. *Smiles*  First there was the Production of getting ready for said Party... and I do mean PRODUCTION!  *Le Sigh*  This Kid Rolls Deep when it comes to making a Fashion Statement and getting ready for anything... she is most definitely her Mother's Child {our Youngest Daughter always has been like a Diva on Steroids}... and Gramma's Protege' as well {Okay... I confess to being a Fashion Addict & having my own Quirky sense of Style too}... so we've practically created a Fashion Monster!  *LOL*  EVERYTHING had to be "Just So" in prep for this Event... including a haircut, matching ensemble & accessorizing to the hilt!  *Winks*  It took FOREVER to even get her out of the house and there on time!

So she was Fashionably Late... but her whole Posse was waiting for her.  Apparently she'd informed the whole School that her Birthday Party was in tandem with the School's Fund Raiser since the actual Day would fall on a Weekend and so they all contributed to Winning her Prizes, giving her Tokens and Tickets for Games and Prizes... and coming up to the Table to introduce themselves.   With the Princess and Young Prince having Birthdays in August and September its very early into the School Year so Gramma doesn't always know every new School Friend and their Families yet, so this was really nice to get proper Introductions or see some Folks from last year's Princess Posse.
Yeah, that's another thing... Princess T has a LARGE Posse and so expecting Gramma to remember everybody in it... probably not gonna happen with this Old Memory Bank... this Kid is no Shrinking Violet, EVERYBODY seems to know her and Introduced themselves as her Friend from School, she's Popular.   But she does have her BFF's and I must say it was effortless for moi because the Kids had their own itinerary going on during Fund Raiser Madness and I got to sit back, relax and visit with my Friends!  *Ahhh... dontcha just Luv that!?!*  I confess too that at this Season of Life I would find Hostessing Kid Parties with hoards of energetic Lil Ones to be utterly exhausting.  Especially since The Man is still too Post-Surgical to be my Backup and stayed Home.  So this couldn't get any better than it Played Out!  *LOL*
The only hitch was that the Young Prince still wasn't feeling 100%, he's still recovering from a pretty intense infirmity we've been battling.  {Not contagious, so don't worry... he wasn't being a Typhoid Mary or anything like that, he's got some chronic Health Issues.}   But he was a real Trooper and refused to miss his Lil Sis's Party and the School Fundraiser... insisting he wanted to come and not stay Home with Grandpa in the Recovery Room which has become our Home lately.  Though we did get a Booth so he could lay down and Nap off and on... yeah, that Kid can sleep thru anything... even Fund Raiser Madness with gazillions of screaming Grade Schoolers running amock!  *LOL*
And well... it helped that his 'Someone Special' was there too... *Winks*  He'll resurrect like Lazarus whenever SHE shows up... *LOL* Sweet, Sweet Girl... we all Love her!
But Prince R's 'Someone Special' wasn't the only one with Male Attention & Infatuation evident... though she absolutely REFUSED to allow Gramma to take ANY pixs of her with "The Boys" *LOL & a Huge Wink*... you can be sure that every First thru Third Grade Boy in the Joint was coming up with the Tickets they'd won or Tokens and handing them over to Princess T with Starry Eyed Gazes and vying for her Attention... she was like a Female Ticket & Token Pimp I tell ya!  *LOL*
Oh... and the Prizes they Won for her too were also stacking up on the table... like I said, she made this School Fund Raiser ALL about her and it being her Birthday Celebration and all... *Smiles*
The Tickets and Tokens kept a-flowin'... and I knew it wasn't from Gramma Funding 'em... we  only had our 20 FREE Token Stash for Showing Up and she wasn't even using them yet!  *LOL*  And she had also Won a Personal Pan Pizza for Reading Excellence, so I was gettin' off real cheap this Day *Whew*... which was fortuitous 'cause I been budgeting for all the other stuff she wants to do to Milk this Birthday Thing and turning "Lucky #7" for all she can get!  *LOL, YEAH, I Confess, she gets THAT Tactic from her Mom and I too! Smiles*
But it really was a Blast... and we stayed for the duration of the Event because all the Kids and Teachers made it really, really a Special Night.
And though I will most certainly have these aptly shaped Land Mine Style Balls "All the Boys in the Princess's Posse" Won for her  flying all over this Ole House now like WWIII has commenced... *Le Sigh*
And everyone was on a Sugar High of Epic Proportions so Bedtime got delayed 'til the wee hours of the Morn... *Triple Sigh*

Because none of the Kids even CARED about the Food at the Event *LOL*... Gramma got to have the Rare Luxury of ordering a Pizza that didn't hafta be 'Kid Friendly'!!!  *Whoo Hoo!*  YES... I got to have an Awesome Gourmet Chicago Classic Pizza with all the stuff Kids would groan about and pick off in distaste!  *Smiles*
  Happy 7th Birthday My Princess T!!!
Be sure to come back Later Today my Friends for Post #2 which will continue our "Wicked Faire"  Coverage...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn - your postings are so funny!!! You always have such a way with words! I just love Peter Piper Pizza, that "everything" pizza is looking so yummy - I might need to bring one home soon! LOL!

    Happy Birthday sweet "T"!!!

    -pamela ;)

  2. What a beautiful young lady she is. I think she is going to be quite the heart breaker when she gets a little older.

    Happy Birthday Sweet "T"!!!!!


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