Friday, September 7, 2012

A Long Ordeal

I was at the Hospital from 4:30 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. yesterday, with a short break to get away at Lunchtime and get something to eat, unwind and de-stress... what a long Ordeal!  I'm Thankful that the popular 7th Avenue Corridor containing my Fav Friend's Shops and Restaurants are so close to the Hospital so that I was close by in case I got called back and yet could escape for a few Moments Respite during the grueling Ordeal.  The Man's Surgery lasted over 6 Hours and there were some complications so he'll be in Intensive Care for a while and not get to come Home as soon as initially expected.  It was some really scary stuff and even standing on Faith I still felt quite emotionally and physically drained.
Being there you see had reminded me that just barely a Year ago I was at the same place... the same Hospital and ICU with my Mom dealing with her serious Medical Emergency and subsequent Ordeal of complications and having to be moved out of State and eventually to a permanent Nursing Home.  It brought back a flood of uncomfortable Memories and Feelings... many that I was now revisiting in some form regarding The Man's grim Health... a Deja Vu Experience that is quite sufficient initially without revisiting again in any form, especially in consecutive years. 
And so it was a Relief to Escape for a Brief Moment into the Mad Hatter Gallery of Magical Fantasy and Enchantment that my Friends Angela and Shelly have so Beautifully Created. 
And Visit with Friends at the Shop who offered Comforting and Encouraging Words, Warm Smiles and big Hugs during a particularly difficult time.  Thank You so much Angela, Shelly & Pauline, it was appreciated more than you might realize.  Because going through Ordeals, especially long ones, can be very Isolating if you're not careful and mindful of that risk and have so much going on that you can barely stop to catch your breath, let alone attempt to have a Social Life on the side!
And perhaps this is why I've felt that the Land Of Blog can be quite a Lifeline at times when Socializing and Connecting in Person isn't possible or an option for whatever reasons Life might hand you in the ebbs and flows over Time. 
Crisis and Personal Issues can consume you like a ravenous Wolf and with little Mercy... so  you must find a way to Balance things and stay Centered during those most difficult of Times.
I personally have always Retreated to God, Beauty, Nature and the various Arts as my Personal Escapes to renew and replenish myself, since they are always there whenever I seek & need them.  And during trying Times I seek them with more of a sense of Urgency & Intensity than usual because they are the Anchors that keeps me Centered and remaining Balanced rather than straying too far off Course during the Storms of Life.
I guess you could say there is a common thread between The Creator, all of Creation and the Creativity within each of us that I find to be particularly Comforting, Bonding and so Beautiful that no matter what is transpiring, it brings a Peace and Calm to my Spirit and Soul quite like nothing else.  
And though it might seem Strange to some that in the midst of some pretty Intense Stuff I will always take at least a Short Break and Respite in and to these things and Lose myself for a Moment... I do so Intentionally, because I know I will always come away the better for it.
And it certainly helps me to keep it together and hold it all down for as long as I will need to and regardless of who is there or who isn't.   Because some things you may just have to go through in this Life without present Help in times of Trouble and you better find it within you to go it Alone if and when you have to... and have that Source that will keep you up by Faith and knowing it will hold!


I have relied on that Source numerous times and this was certainly one of them. 
Because for most of 4:30 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. yesterday I was at a Hospital completely Alone and leaning on my Source heavily to keep me up by Faith and not wavering.  

 And though physically and emotionally quite drained and still in limbo about The Man's condition or prognosis when I finally left the Hospital because I could do no more and was spent... I had received Comfort and a Peace that passes all understanding.
Yes... even though some Days can look and Feel a little bit like THIS *Winks*... it IS still possible to receive Comfort and a Peace that passes all understanding... if you know and remain Connected to your Source for even a small portion of that Day... to keep you Balanced, Anchored and not drifting too far off Center... up by Faith and knowing it Will Hold!
May you also always remain up by Faith my Friends and Connected to your Source... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn - I'm so glad you were not too far from a "happy place" {and good friends} along 7th Avenue to get an emotional recharge during this stressful time...xo


    -pamela ;)

  2. Thankful the surgery is behind you (and him) praying for its success and the hand of the Great Healer to be evident during the recovery period.

    Dawn, if this is too much to ask, I'll understand but is there anyway you could extract only the text of this particular post and email it to me? It is powerful. So many around me are going through hard times/stressful circumstances and I think it would be very helpful. Not all of them have access to computers, but I could print it off. If you don't have time to do this, with your permission I will copy and paste it myself.

  3. Oh my Dawn.....prayers are being sent you way for you and that sweet husband of yours.



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