Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weekend Junquing 'Scores'

So... you already know that I can't get past a Weekend without doing at least a teeny bit of Junquing, right?  *Winks*   Sure... I'm Sourcing Inventory for the Booth as well so I have a legit reason for being out there Pickin'... but I'm always on the lookout for those coveted Items that will go into my Personal Collection as well.  *Smiles*
Yeah, yeah, yeah... even tho' the Great Edit & Purge of 2012 is still in full swing, it's not as if I'm completely Cured of adding those few Special Pieces to replace the mass Exodus of pieces going out the door.  *Winks*  Hey, I'm just Keepin' it Real my Friends... I got me some Issues... but I'm working them out in stages and phases and I'm a LOT more discerning now about what comes in or stays, so I'm making progress and feel pretty good about that move towards Minimizing and Simplifying.
So... here 'tis... those coveted Items I couldn't Resist this week and were such a Fantastic Bargain that I hadda have 'em for the addition to the Personal Collection.  Petit Point Compact with Amazing Scene of two Victorian Ladies in a Garden resplendant with Fountain.
Another Petit Point Compact with Lovely Florals and Black Background.  {NOTE: I 'Heart' Black Backgrounds in Needlepoint & Petit Point}
Vintage accordian Style Camera that may or may not eventually make it's way to my Booth... for now it's in a Home Vignette... but if I find a Fancier one to replace it, this was such a ridiculous Bargain that I can easily part with it at a nice Profit.  *LOL*   Hey, I'm not that Sentimental that a nice Profit Margin won't cause me to fall out of Love with something, okay!!!  *Smiles*
A really nice Vintage Art Deco Style Gooseneck Lamp with heavy Milkglass Shade and the cutest little round bulb... yep, it works.
And I Saved my Fav Find for last... 64 Bohemian Colorful Yards of Vintage Seam Binding!!!

Which the Mannequin Gals will display for me until they make their way into some Creations.

And Hopefully I can keep the G-Kid Force out of in the meantime???  Since I know this will be a Huge Temptation to wanna Play with!  *LOL*   Because hey, I know it's a Huge Temptation for Gramma to wanna Play with so I can totally relate to why they won't pass by it with disinterest or not notice it!  *LOL*
Why don't you just stash it away you might be asking?  Well... aren't you asking this in your head right about now?  *Winks*  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!???!???  Something this absolutely Beautiful even in it's Raw State simply MUST be visually Enjoyed Daily IMO... so I'll take the Risk. 
Though I suspect that Yvette and Yasmin won't be the only ones wearing it around this Ole' House... I Predict we might see Princess T with it trailing and fluttering behind her as she sashays around the place with it wrapped around her neck or waist... or Prince R incorporating it into some of his Artistic Projects... so Gramma better hurry up and get busy Creating something with it first I suspect!
Blessings & Happy Junquing to You from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian  


  1. Ooh your pictures are realy cool! beautiful needlework, so tiny. realy wonderful things to my heart. I think you will like my new bouquets with jewelry.

    Love Janny

  2. Oh I soooooooooooo feel your pain of minimizing!!! I'm working on the same thing. WHY is it so HARD???? But, did totally score on the seam binding. And that manni... I have one just like her. I have a Manni FETISH I think. My hubby says... "NO MORE" but, ya know that sometimes you just HAVE to bring those girls home to hold "STUFF"! Thanks for sharing.

  3. An extra little pitter patter here when I saw that beautiful binding and love love love the colors! You would like my family room. I think there are five old needlepoint pillows with black backgrounds. Like you, I am partial to the black. :) Happy day to you.

  4. Love the first needlepoint. So classic!


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