Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tomorrow Is My Birthday!!!

I've been spending a lot of time Working... at Home and at the Mall... and so... since Tomorrow is my Birthday I'm having a Girl's Day Out to Celebrate it!   Don't get me wrong, I Love working at the BRASS ARMADILLO WEST Antique Mall... we always have so much Fun and get to be around over 900+ Booths, Showrooms and Showcases full of Found Treasures... so it's the Ideal gig for me!!!  *Winks*  Here's my Friend Brett and I during Monday Night's Shift schlepping an Antique Water Pump to the checkout for a Customer that will be taking it Home to Cali. 

And there's always some great Special Events going on every Week.  We've got the Doll and Bear Show coming up Saturday, September 8th.  Doesn't my Friend Pamela do a great job Designing and Creating the Advertisement Graphics for our Events!? 


And every Wednesday Night, during my Shift, Pamela Hosts an Awesome Wednesday Workshop and Live Internet Podcast from the Mall... Tonight it will be "Creating Crafty Cards".  It's Free to Attend and each Week there's a different Workshop, so be sure to stop by and join in... we Serve Free Food and Refreshments... and also check out the List of Future Topics being Featured in  Workshops to come.   But I'm going to be snatching Pamela away from her Work too Tomorrow so that we can go into the City for my Birthday Girl's Day Out and Par-tay!!!  Oh, and do some Junquing too... of coarse!  *LOL*

If I was still a Size 10 I would have totally bought and worn this Vintage Frock from my Friend Lisa's Showroom of Vintage Apparel!!! 

Alas, Vintage "Me" isn't the same Size anymore that the Vintage duds are that I would have worn back in the Day when I was a tweenier single digit Size Gal!  *LOL*  Darn... I still Love the Vintage Clothing Styles from back in the Day and would Love to still be Rockin' them!!!  {Insert me Pouting petulantly.}   Pamela let me stand behind the Cool Funky Frock though and have my Photo taken with my head above it so that I could Imagine what I could have looked like in the Perfect Party Vintage Frock... if I were a Size 10... *LOL*  That Image will probably show up somewhere on Facebook in the near Future. *Smiles*

And I'm Loving the 45's Tree... Darn, I shouldda kept all my 45's... this would have been a great way to Trim the 2012 Christmas Tree!


Dontcha just Hate it when someone comes up with a Cool Inspirational Idea using the stuff you recently Donated to the Goodwill?!?  I just got rid of all my Vintage Vinyl!!!  *LOL*  I know... I know... we can't keep everything... where on Earth would be put it?!?  *Smiles*

And how absolutely PERFECT is this Vintage Piece?!?  It's got my Name written all over it!!!   Alas it was such a busy Shift at Work that by the time I went back for it... couldn't find it... probably some other Dawn is now Delighted she 'Scored' it?!?  *Smiles*

But that's Okay... The Son has Promised me a Birthday Shopping Spree at one of my Fav Shops on 7th Avenue SIRENS AND SAINTS!!! *Color Me Happy!*   He was a Good Sport and even went with me last Week to preview some of the Eye Candy that Mom was Lusting after...  *Smiles*  Boutique Shopping is NOT The Son's fav past-time so that was a Gift in and of itself that he volunteered and willingly came along.

And my Sweet Friend Punky showed him some of the things that I've had my Eye on so he'd have some Idea of what the Birthday Spree Fund should look like?!?  *Winks*


And the usually elusive Crooky even obliged to strike a Pose during this Visit...

After all... he had the best seat in the Shop!  *Winks*   Yeah, Crooky Naps in Pure Bohemian Gypsy Style!!!

Couldn't  you just Imagine yourselves Napping in such Boheme' Splendor too my Friends?!  *Winks*

But, back to ME... *Smiles*... do you suppose it would be too much to Hope that I might 'Score' enough moolah to buy THE HAT?!?   Okay... so maybe that's a tad bit ambitious and tough on The Son's Wallet...

So... perhaps a nice Bohemian Bag Created by my Friend Shelly?  One can never have too many Lovely Bohemian Bags made from Vintage Fabrics.  Yeah, I know, I make them too... but I also Love Collecting Beautiful Bags made by other Artists whose Work and Styles I Love!

And I Love that Shelly is using Vintage Belgian Cut Velvet in some of her newest Creations...

Yeah, I can totally see me Sporting an Ensemble like this!  *Winks*

But the Shop has lotsa Great Things to choose from... so I'm certain I'll find Something I Adore!!!

I'm positive I won't come away empty handed... *Winks*

And besides... ON my Birthday the Sister Shop, RUST & ROSES will be Re-Opening for the Season and will be packed to the rafters with all the new Inventory Shelly Sourced from up North on her Picks over the Summer!!!

And Pamela will be taking me to a Birthday Luncheon at THE OLD SPAGHETTI FACTORY in Phoenix...

We "Heart" the Food and Ambiance of this place!!!

And the Decor... all Antiques in a Historic Converted Victorian Mansion...

For Gals who have Booths in an Antique Mall and Live and Love to Junque... well... it doesn't get much better than that now does it?  *Winks*

And of coarse we'll hit the rest of the Amazing Shops that line the Melrose District in search of Found Treasures and Fun... so be sure to come back and join us Virtually!  Or, if you're in the Area... perhaps join us in Person my Friends...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Happy birthday Dawn!!! What a dress, makes me think of Jimmi Hendrix but dont know why ;) Big birthday hug from sweden/ Katta

  2. I can "see" the anticipation is running ^HIGH^. Happy birthday, Dawn.

  3. Best of Birthday Wishes to You Dawn !!!!!!!!!!May all your wishes come true!! Have a bright and sunny day. Hopefully not too HOT ?? Chickie

  4. Man, I'm gonna have to check that place out soon. Maybe when it cools down a bit! Happy Bday! I swear my Mom had that dress!! Lots of beautiful things over there.

  5. A very very happy birthday to you!! I hope your special day is beyond your wildest wonderful dreams.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  6. Happy Birthday, Dawn!!! Delighted to drop by on such a colorful and joyful occasion!!! Louise:)

  7. Happy Birthday to you !!!!!!!!!!!!! You r Friends outfit so cool!!! love it.... adorable kitty too.... Love the bags!!! Everything so Beautiful... My style is changing a bit more Bohemian.... Just love it .. Have a Great Birthday !!

  8. Hi are going to some of my favorite spots. Let's keep this simple and sweet....HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAWN!



  9. To "my friend Dawn"...BiTHDaY WiSHeS!!! We're gonna have so much FUN tomorrow!!!! I need to remember to bring my water-proof mascara, after my eye make-up runs from all of the laughing! LOL!!!

    I already posted a photo of you and your new baby doll on my "Phoenix Scrapbook Store" FB page...xo

    -pamela ;)

  10. Happy bithday to you:)))(Doğum günün kutlu olsun:)))Ankara'dan kucak dolusu çiçekler ve sevgiler gönderiyorum.

  11. Happy Birthday!!!!
    I hope the next 30 years is as good as the first ones.


  12. Happy happy Birthday girl

    and what fun pictures, love the denim and lace outfit, the kitten , the leopard sofa

    also the picture of you and the water pump & co worker

    have a good birthday eat lots of cake and ice cream

  13. Happy Birthday Dawn!!! I hope this has been a fantastic day...You deserve a respite...Man do I love those Velvet Bags!!! very bohemian....

    Best wishes GF on your special day


  14. Happy Birthday you Bohemian Goddess You!!!! I hope you have had an absolutely fabulous day! As Linda says above you certainly deserve it. By the way you and the Princess T have the exact same contagious and somewhat devilish smile. Just lovely!

  15. Thank You all my Friends in the Land of Blog... for coming by for a Visit and Wishing me a Happy Birthday! Indeed it was a Funtastic & Memorable Time!

    Blessings... Dawn... The Bohemian


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