Friday, August 24, 2012

Sweet Salvage Finale'... And My 'Scores'

As we conclude our Birthday Fun at SWEET SALVAGE'S "Let Them Eat Cake" Event for my Birthday and Theirs... I'll FINALLY Reveal, at the end of the Post, my 'Birthday Scores' I Picked from the Event.  Now... don't go Scrolling down to the bottom or you'll miss too much of what I wasn't able to buy!  *LOL*
I was very focused and using great Restraint during this Birthday Bash you see... I knew exactly what I was on the Hunt for as a Birthday Gift funded by The Son's Generosity at Spoiling his Mom!  *Winks*  Thank You my Son... Cash was indeed the Perfect Gift as you know how much the Thrill Of The Hunt and going Junquing with my Friends is a Joy to me!
Besides... The Son and The Man are NOT avid Junquers or Shoppers and so this works out well for ALL of us... I get to do exactly what I most LOVE to do and get what my Heart is most set upon, Funded by the Menfolk in my Life... and they are off the hook on having to attempt to seek it out and get it all wrong!  *LOL*  Because you see... they would view something like this FABULOUS Deconstructed Antique Loveseat and think it was ready for Re-Upholstering... whereas I would see it as PERFECT just as IT IS!  *Smiles*
They wouldn't want to linger and Admire an Urn full of Peacock Feathers or take the time to Capture the Image... because after all... I have them all over our House and the Art Studio Cottage The Son lives in, so they already Live with this Aesthetic of Styling daily!    And to them, once you've seen one Peacock Feather... well, you've seen them all... *Smiles*
They wouldn't want to Examine each Lovely piece of Creative Bling...
Or read every little Tag like I do... {I am an Avid Tag & Ephemera Reader!}
They probably wouldn't even be noticing every Creative Element that wasn't on my "Wish List" of potential Birthday Gifts in fact... they'd breeze right by it all!  *Gasp!*
They wouldn't be soaking in Inspiration at what Vignettes might Inspire new Vignettes at Home... honestly, I doubt they care one way or the other because that's "My Thing" and they just Support my Indulgences because they know how Content it makes me. *Smiles*  They really don't understand why I spend so much time re-decorating, constantly Styling and re-arranging all my Treasures and the whole House... well, except for during the Holiday Seasons... they kinda 'GET' that, because it's rather obvious isn't it!?!   *Winks*
That's why I much prefer going Junquing with my BFF's... The Girls TOTALLY 'GET' IT and unanimously Appreciate it when I Exitedly hold up something like this that I discovered and have received a heady Rush of Inspiration at the Possibilities of adding some Personal Touches now to my Old Photo Collection at Home!  *LOL... yep, Sweet Team, I'm totally stealing... ummm... I mean 'borrowing'... this Wonderful Idea for Future Projects... LOVE IT!*   High Five to whoever Dreamed this Sweet Touch up!   The Guys would have just nodded politely with that glazed over look in their eyes that tells me they're not nearly as Inspired or Excited as I am when an Artistic Idea or Vignette has provided Future Inspiration!  *Smiles* 
They wouldn't have wanted to spend THE ENTIRE DAY trawling up and down 7th Avenue, going to Lunch on my Birthday and sitting for Hours just chatting... and like the Gals and I do at least one day each Month.  They would have wanted to just 'Score' the Gifts and gone Home to watch some Sport on TV or gone out and done some Testosterone laden 'Guy Things' with their Buddies... which, BTW, I Fund when it's their Special Days... because I always Return the Favor and know how much Fun and Anticipation they look forward to their 'Guy's Day Out' Activities!  *Winks*
So yes, Birthday Cash in hand and turned loose with my Friends to spend the entire Birthday Day doing all this while the Guys stayed Home and held it all down at the Bohemian Valhalla Homestead, Babysitting the G-Kid Force and doing all the chores was the Ideal Birthday Present in and of itself...
And I "Let Them Eat Cake" too since we did have that Birthday Fruit Tart at Home... and 'Starbucks' Ice-Cream...  *Winks*
And it's always a Treat too Photographing the Gazillion Images that will provide Future Inspiration for me... and Hopefully for you too once I Share them in the Land Of Blog?
Because indeed Blogging and Photography have now become a couple more Passions of mine that I thoroughly Enjoy doing almost daily.
Not only as a form of Artistic and Personal Expression... but also as an Escape into the Realm of an Enchanting World we can Create for ourselves and others... one that holds the Beautiful Things in our Lives that we choose to focus upon, Share and Magnify.
One that feeds our Mind, Soul and Spirit with Positive Energies and shuts out for a Moment those other things that could be distracting us or we're dealing with in Life that aren't so pleasant and sap our energy and Joy.
Things like endless Doctor and Pre-Surgical Appointments for Loved Ones {or ourselves if that is your situation}.   Making the ends meet during an economic downturn in the economy.  Taking care of obligations and dealing with crisis and trials of Life.   Yes... THOSE things that sometimes I'd just rather not think about or have to talk about... if only for just a Moment.
And so doing all of this can become our "Happy Places"... something we truly look forward to spending time doing.   Whether it be indulging your Passions in actuality or virtually over the Net.
Whether Creating a Blog Post or just Visiting the Blogging Community.  Whether taking the Images that will be Shared or just beholding the Images taken by others.  Whether attending Events, Shows, going Junquing, or being the Proprietor of a Shop or Booth... or just Visualizing it all from the comfort of Home and adding Possibilities to your 'Wish List' or 'Bucket List' of places to go and things to see or do one day...
Whether you're already an Artist or taking Classes to learn a new Creative Endeavor... or Supporting the Artistic Community with your Purchases and Promotions of the Arts and Events.
It's what it's all about to me... Balancing Life and Passion so that you can Live the most Beautiful and Fulfilling Life possible and have Contentment in whatever place or circumstances you find yourself in.  So that in your Sphere of Influence you Hope to make a difference and affect others in a Positive and Encouraging way too.
Sharing Beautiful Things is one such way to do that and one that I find to be Easy and mutually Fulfilling.
How could I NOT Share something like this Gorgeous Re-Upholstered Lace Chair with you for example my Friends?!?
It was one of my Fav pieces that I didn't buy... because... well, with this Crew it wouldn't have looked like this for very long... so it needed to go Home with someone who could Curate it properly!  *LOL*
The same with this Fab Fainting Couch... 
*Swooning... LOL*  I almost NEEDED a Fainting Couch with all the Swoon Worthy Inventory that surrounded me!!!  *Winks*
And even the Elements that aren't exactly my Style I can still certainly Appreciate the Visuals of... like this Amazing Hutch!!!   I could certainly see this going Home with an Avid Francophile who is Decorating in a French Country Style and Theme... very Marie Antoinette this piece was!
But the Ostrich Feathers... now that was another matter... I was indeed Jonesin' for those... so many Beautiful Colors and I'm a Feather Fanatic... but they weren't on my 'List' so I Restrained myself from going Home carrying Plumes of Ostrich Feathers!!!  *LOL*
And the Gowns were Divine too... Thankfully all in tweeny little sizes... so there was no Temptation there... *Whew*
I even Resisted all Aqua, Teal and Turquoise Elements... no small feat my Friends!!!
AND I Resisted all Spiritual Elements... which was Torturous... but I Managed... *Winks*
See why I almost needed a Fainting Couch though?!?  *LOL*  You try Resisting so much Temptation and see if that doesn't make you a bit Faint?!?  *Smiles*
And because I always wear a lot of Lace Doily Fashions... my Friend Pamela kept trying to coax me to climb up in the Fav Lace covered Chair and get my picture taken... because I totally matched it!!! *LOL*  Yep... Resisted the Temptation to do that too... because you know how prone I am to the Outrageous of Ideas & Suggestions!!!  *LOL*  I wonder though... are there Sweet Bouncers for those of us who might lose all control during our Shopping Experience?!?  *Smiles*  Hey... it's happened... I've Witnessed it... *LMAO*   No, silly, not me getting Bounced from my Fav Shops... but some folks that lose all control and their minds during their Shopping Experience!  *LOL*
Especially when they're trying to get to something like this before someone else does... *LOL*   Actually, this little Child Mannequin Dress Form and his Lovely Vignette was hidden behind a Column, which is probably the ONLY reason why he was still there by the time I discovered him and Captured his Image!?   Yeah, I WAS Lusting over him and would have Loved to take him Home... but not within Birthday Budget... Alas...

And hey, I EVEN RESISTED all Bohemian Bling... and there were so many Beautiful Creative pieces Calling to me... Loving the 'Faith' Necklace at the far Right Created from Salvage Door Hardware & Repurposed Silverware... it really wanted to go Home with me... can't you tell?  *Winks*  I would have looked Splendid Modeling that one... *LOL*
I was so Happy when the crowds filtered out of this Panoramic View... because I'd been wanting to Photograph it all day...
And how Sweet is this Vintage Water Pitcher?
And the Scent of Fresh Basil...
And this suspended Deconstructed Antique Chair was DIVINE!!!  Lord I want to one day suspend some Deconstructed Chairs from my ceiling at Home and not risk being Committed by the Family for thinking I've totally Lost It?!?  *LOL*   Well... maybe I HAVE... but you know... some things you Forsake in the way of Styling just because the Family don't want to have to try to 'X-splain it to Visitors and their Friends!!!  *LOL*  Anyone who knows me well would already expect it from me... and no explanation would be necessary... *Smiles*
And I even Resisted more Vintage Suitcases that were perfectly my Style to add to my vast Collection of them... but... I RESISTED!!!!!!!!!  Yes I did... and even Pamela Resisted... she's as much a Suitcase Gal as Yours Truly!  *Winks*
Good-Bye my Little Friend... so sorry to have to leave you behind... AND those Awesome Faith Inspired Vintage Religious Art pieces!!!  *Swooning*
Dontcha just LOVE the Hue of this Chair and Desk?!?  I do!!!
And if you're an Old Door Lover such as myself... well, you would have totally stopped dead in your tracks as you came across these GIGANTIC Ornate Doors!   I would Love these mounted in my Driveway as Access to our Acreage!
And I have a Dual Love Affair with Ornate Crystal Chandies AND Vintage Industrial Style Lighting... the juxtaposition just Appeals to me...

So did the Sweet Romantic touches scattered about... I was feeling in more of a Romantic Mood for my Birthday so the Girly Things were attracting me moreso than usual...  I've never been much of a Girly-Girl when it comes to Decor but every so often my Romantic Styling creeps out... lets just say I totally Appreciate it... but usually in someone else's Home... I'd rather mine be Boho Gypsy Style.  *Winks*

And I Loved this Wine Rack and the Vintage French Nordic Style Madonna... which I think my Friend Judy 'Scored'?!   But you've been waiting and wondering as to what I "Scored" haven't you?  Well... HAVEN'T YOU?!?   *Smiles*  Okay, okay... no more Suspense... here 'tis... the Trio of Presents I 'Scored' at SWEET SALVAGE this Month for my Birthday are:

This Killer Deconstructed Victorian Lampshade that my Friend Katie Sourced and knew would be so very ME!!!  Katie totally knows when something is so very me, its as if she has me in mind when she Sources it?!?  *LOL*

So... now where to PUT said new Lampshade when I got it Home... because I have this "Thing" for Old Lampshades and usually not enough Lamps to hang them on!  So we often play Musical Lampshades...  *LOL*
Okay... I know... I'll get one of my Victorian Lamps out of Storage and put the Lampshade on it and put it on my side of the bed on the bedside table...
Ah... a PERFECT fit and it goes so well with my Shrine to Artist Laura Van don't you think?  *Smiles*  Yes, this is my Laura Van Collection Nook too...  well... a part of it anyway... I "Heart" Laura Van...
And I played a little trick on you in the above Images... adding and then subtracting the other Lil Somethin-Somethin that I 'Scored' for my Birthday... did you Notice?
Yep, some European Ephemera in the way of a stack of Old Pages in what I think is Gorgeous German Font?!   Pamela got some too... and our newest Issue of Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine... which was my 3rd Item.

And this concludes our Visit this Month to SWEET SALVAGE... I Hope you join us next Month because the Event will be Halloween Inspired... MY FAVORITE!!!   Now... how to get an Invite to get in early and Photograph an Exclusive Halloween Preview for you my Friends... to Capture the Full Glory and Essence of a Sweet Halloween in Images for next Month's Post?!?  *Hint Hint Sweet Team... just tell me when to show up and I'll be there with bells on!!!*    Hey... there's no Shame in my Game and a Gal can Dream can't she?!?  *Winks*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. WOW...looks like a great place to spend your birthday money...and then some :)
    Happy birthday to you...glad you enjoyed your day too!! Laurel

  2. You're a Sly One, Dawn! I know you'll enjoy your new shade - and it WAS thoughtful of your son to gift you with Cash for your birthday :)

  3. Looking thru your posts I end up saying "OH I WANT THAT" 7 or 8 million times!


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