Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rust & Roses Re-Opening ~ Part II

So we're continuing our RUST & ROSES Grand Re-Opening Shopping Spree in Today's Post.  I have a Passion for Vintage & Antique Fabrics and anything covered with them... well, so do my Friends Pauline and Angela who have Booths in the Shop.

So the Inventory they Source is always very Appealing to me... Vintage Brocades & Velvets...

Vintage Persian Rugs and Gypsy Print Fabrics...

I was ADORING these Antique Chairs that Angela re-upholstered with a great Gypsy Print Fabric!!!  So Boho Gypsy Chic!!!

I was totally Lusting after them... this type of furniture would definitely be Gracing my Livingroom once the G-Kid Force is older.

And check out the Awesome Aqua Sofa Style Bench and Pillows Angela uphostered in the same Fabrics to match the Chair Set!!!

She and I definitely have the same Taste and Aesthetic... we could have been Twins separated at birth!  *Winks*

I got one of these Persian Rug upholstered Stools from her in the Spring... Love them and they're so sturdy, Family Friendly and comfortable!

I also have one of the Gypsy Style Umbrellas... though suspending them from the Ceiling is so Interesting that I might just amass a Collection so I can replicate this Ambiance in a room of the House.

Vintage Dress Forms Styled with Organic Loveliness...

And in Pauline's Booth a very Interesting Ornate Chair upholstered in Gold Velvet.

And I Loved the Floor Lamp and Vintage Bordello Style Shade.

And having Victor build an Apache Style Structure in the Showroom was an Awesome Idea too Pauline!!!  *Winks*

Pauline is another Friend who is a Woman after my own Heart when it comes to Styling and Fashion... we're definitely cut from the same mold!  {Pauline is the one Sporting the Rose Colored Glasses, which is definitely how we see and Color our World... through Rose Colored Glasses!  Winks}

Yes, I did Resist a lot of Treasures that are definitely near and dear to my Heart... Spiritual Art and Loving Cups... Vintage Suitcases and Gothic Tole Candelabras...

No easy feat my Friends!!!

Some of them were REALLY Calling to me!  *LOL*

But with my Fabulous Vintage Velvet Throw firmly in one hand...

And my Vintage Velvet Box in the other hand, I was totally Content with what I had chosen.

And leave the rest for YOU my Friends.

And put some others on my 'Wish List' of Amazing Things I'd Love to have... or be Inspired sufficiently to replicate some day in the Future when I can re-style the Ole' Homestead after everyone has grown up sufficiently to risk having nicer furniture for daily use.  *Smiles*

And some Vignettes just Inspired me for Party Ideas... when you want a Theme that would go great for a Celebration... perhaps another Birthday for example.  *LOL*

Or Ideas for Transforming Re-Purposed and Upcycled Furnishings for a Showroom I Hope to have in the Future... it's not possible to bring much Furniture into my Small Booth... but when I have more Retail Space I'd LOVE to be able to Transform Furniture too and give it new Life.

And my Friends in the Biz have Mentored and Inspired me so much... I really owe them lotsa Gratitude for all they've Taught me and Shared.  They're so Talented, Creative, Giving and Gracious.

I always Love seeing what they've been up to in their Junquing and Picking Adventures... the Imaginative Stylings they Transform their Spaces with... and the Art they Create so abundantly.

Being around a great group of Creative Souls is the key to Igniting one's own Creativity and bouncing Ideas and Visions off of one another... to Encourage, Inspire, Mentor and Uplift... so that we can all saturate the World with even more Beauty and Positive Energies!!!

And Create Enchantment... Fantasies come to Life... and Manifest the Vision and Imaginings each of us has in our Hearts and Minds!

Surrounding ourselves with those Colors, Objects and Furnishings we Connect to and Relate to most.

And though those things will often be different and deeply Personal for each of us... for some of us there will be a Kindred Spirit of Loving Similar objects and Styling in Similar ways and so we'll gravitate towards one another in a Magnetic and Effortless way... Like Minded Souls being brought together through the Laws of Attraction.

And Together the Energy will be Magnified and the Joy Multiplied!!!

Because isn't it always Wonderful to spend Quality Time with those whose Passions and Adorations are so very similar to our own that we can mutually get Excited and Joyful about the same Experiences... Images... Stuff... and Activities as one another???  

I know you probably do and that's why you're here my Friends... and I do Hope you'll come back again as we Experience and Enjoy even more of what we Mutually Love and have a Passion for...
because we're not done yet... I've got so much more to take you along on and Share...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Glad you posted a comment on my blog, Dawn! It was so good to see you on Thursday as well! I just did another blog post this morning showing the two (yep! only two) items I bought on Thursday. But I had a ball taking pictures. My friend, Gail, spent a bundle and she was the one who found the vintage hat for me. The Sweet Team always does a good job! I am looking forward to next month's opening as well. "Wicked Faire" seems like an appropriate name! Goody!! See you there!


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