Monday, August 20, 2012

Rust & Roses Grand Re-Opening ~ Part IV

Today's Post will be the last one of this Visit to RUST & ROSES before we continue to the other Shops we visited on my Birthday.

You know how much I Love Creepy Old Dolls, being a Wednesday Addams Type of Gal... *LOL* so this Cutie caught my attention... but since I already had purchased a Creepy Old Doll earlier as a Birthday Gift  {Post to come...} I had to resist this one.

This Room of the Shop was very Colorful and Cheerful...

I particularly liked this Vignette, very Boho Chic.

And this Floor Lamp/Table Combo was Awesome and quite Unique.

I've really been 'into' Hats lately... not just for wearing, but also for Styling... this Parade Band Conductor Hat with the Gorgeous Hued Feathers was just Beautiful.

Not to mention the Antique Caged Dress Form wearing it!!!   Honestly, I would Sell off the Vintage Dress Form Twins Yazmin and Yashyme to Procure this Beauty... *Gasp!*  Did I just say that?!?!  *LOL*   Sorry... just keeping it real... my Preference is most definitely the Antique Caged ones... so sorry my Vintage Girls... you could get Sold Off in the Future to get my 2nd Antique Caged Girl that matches Yvette's Beauty!  *Smiles*  I'd rather have two Antique Ones than just the One.

And that Table I Love is still available too... you're killin' me Shelly with this Killer Inventory!!!  My "Wish List" is expanding exponentially!!!  *LOL*

Loved the Display of Maps tied up with Satin Bows, so Visually Appealing...  The Man is an avid Map Enthusiast, though I doubt he'd Appreciate me tying up his Map Collection with Girly Bows!?  *LOL*   I could just visualize him bringing his Buddies over to Map out a Hunt and having to untie Satin Bows on all his  Maps... the Guys would never let him live it down!!!  *Smiles*

So... in order to Resist the Urge to go Home and Tie Satin Bows on all The Man's Maps I had to step away from that Idea and delve into Galvanized Tubs of Vintage Linens!  *Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!*

And step back and Soak In this Lovely Vignette... The Art & Colors just Connected me to the Space.

I Love Vintage Metal Tole Florals and Vintage Metal Trays with Tole Paintings...

And if only I could find room for a rack like this to Display my unframed Art and Tole Trays...

These Rusty Chandies would look Great in a Rustic or Prairie Inspired Setting...

And the mix of Patterns on the mismatched Linens was Appealing... I dislike anything to be too matchy-matchy...  

Another Interesting Hat... the Masonic Fez are so Boheme', Love em!

And the Chippy Shabby Table still had it's original Oilcloth Covering in a Lovely Floral Print... I Love when things like that Survive and aren't stripped off of an Old Piece because they give it such Character, Charm, sense of History and Individuality.

It really Enhances this Piece that it's still firmly attached and in good shape.  In fact, Fragments of Fabrics still adhered to original Pieces is often what draws me to that Piece and will seal the Deal of wanting it.

And my Fav Armoire is still there... I have a lasting Forbidden Love Affair with that Piece!  *LOL*  Absolutely no place to put it... but if I did...  *Winks*

So I try to concentrate on the Smaller Treasures that are a Possibility... *Winks*  I really need another House to Decorate to fulfill all of the Styling Options I want to Explore and find room for all the Furniture I'd Love to own!  Do you have that problem too my Friends? *Smiles*

That's the Beauty of having a Shop, Booth or Show Venues... it gives the Hopeless Stylist in us the Blank Canvases to Work with perpetually!  *Smiles*

Yes, it is a lot of Work... but so Fulfilling and Fun!  I can only Imagine how much Fun Shelly and the Shop Gals had on this Pick up North and then coming back to Style the Shop!!!

And then the Anticipation to Reveal it to us all during the Grand Re-Opening!

Be certain that it has been Fully Appreciated!

And I saw so many Eager Shoppers toting off their new Found Treasures to Style their own Homes, Studios or Businesses with!

The Shop was really Busy and Bustling with Activity...

And it was Fun to bump into several Friends while we were there and Visit while we Shopped.

Loved this Crocheted Covered Lampshade.

Well... I do Hope you Enjoyed Shopping and Strolling around RUST & ROSES with us during the Grand Re-Opening?   Be sure to come back Tomorrow as we take you next door to the Sister Shop and a Friend's Trunk Show...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dying a 1000 vintage deaths on your journey! ;)

    Waiting to see if a close up of an item appears from Day 1.

    The pic under the pic of the 2 cherub lamps.
    To the right, hanging, is what appears to be a gypsy tambourine of sorts. What ever it is, it's beyond beautiful!

    Again (and always) love visiting here!

    Sea Gypsy Traveler

  2. Thanks for the tours, that is a wonderful treasure shop!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie


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