Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ready For School To Begin Now...

Since it will take me several days worth of Posts to fill you in on how the Dealer Breakfast and "Art Unraveled" went... I'm keeping you in Suspense just a little while before Revealing all of the Awesomeness of that Special Day.  And focus just Today on being Ready for School to begin now...  yep, the 1st Day of School will Start Tomorrow Morning!!!

So... after spending hundreds of dollars on School Supplies, School Uniforms, new Shoes and all of the other School Related Paraphernalia necessary to get the G-Kid Force ready for School to begin... the only thing left to do Today was get our Braids!  *Winks*

Yes... Grandpa had Promised to fund a Girl's Day Trip to the Salon for Princess T and Gramma so that we could get Braided Up!  *Smiles*  You see, this is the Child with the Wild Crazy Hair... Wild Crazy LONG Hair... that poor Grandpa just cannot deal with in the Mornings without Tears and Drama... and I'm not just talking about Princess T!  *LOL*  

And so Braids are just the Solution to said Problemo... it will make getting ready for School in the Morning so much easier and pain-free, until we get into the rhythm of the School Schedule again & time constraints involved... and she looks so darn Cute in them, so this is the time of year we usually get Braided Up.  And since her Auntie's Friend is no longer available to do the Princesses Braids... we needed to find a Salon that specializes in Braids and Ethnic Hair ... and Walla, we found Jackie at Hair Works!

Jackie makes doing Cornrows look effortless, she Braids at the speed of Light and we LOVED the results... and Bless her Heart... with our longer hair, it took almost 4 hours of Braiding!  I'm pretty sure Jackie headed to Happy Hour after we left... that's a lot of Braiding!  *Winks*

Princess T Adores her new Braids... she was Admiring herself from every angle at the Salon in the walls of Mirrors *LOL*... and she got lotsa compliments before she even left the Mall... and hey, doesn't every Divalicious Gal Love getting lotsa compliments about how Cute they look?!?  *Winks*

And yep, this year when she got Braided Up she wanted Gramma and her to be "Twins"... and so why not... I got Braided Up too, Braids are so much easier and Cooler anyway, so I Love 'em as well... it was all we could do not to convince Grandpa not to get his Beard Braided-Up as well!  *LOL*

And isn't it so much Fun to do things Together and have that Fun Gal's Day Out getting Pretty?!?!!  I told Jackie to get them Braids of mine Tight and Hopefully pull all the wrinkles out of my Face... at least that's the Plan since there's no budget for getting Work done... *LOL*

Too bad Tight Braids don't work for double chins huh?!  *LOL*

We had so much Fun doing a Photo Shoot of each other at every Angle once we got Home... *Smiles*  She's an Aspiring Photographer too... this Kid has Ambition, she's not just going to try to get by on a Pretty Face!  *Smiles*

And... though he Refused to Pose for pixs since he's not the Diva Hambone Super Model-In-Training that his Lil Sis is... and right now is noncompliant for Gramma's Blog Fodder *Winks*... the Young Prince also got Spruced up for the 1st Day of School.  As his Auntie's Boyfriend gave him a Haircut making him look so Handsome and Suave'.   So... now we're all totally Ready for School to Begin... 

Come back Tomorrow my Friends as we begin the Blog Posts of the Dealer Breakfast and "Art Unraveled"... which was INCREDIBLE and SOOOOOOOOOOOO much Fun!


Because I rolled out of bed at Sun-up, got semi-dressed and endured the Aunt Jemima Jokes about my Sleep Do-Rag {Princess T wouldn't wear hers because of the 'Lil Jemima Jokes ~ LOL}... I was able to convince the Young Prince to reluctantly pose for a 1st Day of School Photo... *Winks*... Hey, I'll endure being the punch line of a Joke if it Scores a Photo Op, I'm just that dedicated my Friends!  *Smiles*  Okay... so MAYBE I had to threaten to wear my Jemima Bandanna to School and wave them off before I got total compliance from the Young Prince's Corner... *Evil Cackle*  What!?!  You don't think I look a bit like a Voodoo Queen too in my 'Do'?!?  *Winks*  I'm not beyond Extortion to get my Coveted Images and he wasn't taking any chances... he knows Gramma is Game for just about anything outrageous, after all, I have no Shame... *Smiles*  So... to pleadings of ,"Remember to take your Bandanna off before we leave Gramma..."  *Winks* I managed to get my Cherished 1st Day Of School Shots of the G-Kid Force:

Though he doesn't exactly look Thrilled with the Pre-Teen Angst and all, he does look mighty Handsome, No?  *LOL*

But the Princess was all Smiles and Radiance... she LOVES Posing and Voguing!  *LOL*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. The G-Kid force look sooooo cute in their spiffy new school uniforms!! The twin set braids are sooooo fun! Many, many, MANY moons ago I had my hairs braided it was great fun.
    All the very best with the start of a wonderful new school year.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie


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