Thursday, August 2, 2012

Meet The Teacher Day

This might be one of those Time Delayed Posts that I'm actually writing the Day it happens... and will probably Post the Day After... or Later Tonight.... or right away if I get Impatient... which is most likely.  *LOL, see how conflicted I am!?!*   You see... Today is 'Meet The Teacher Day'!   And since the G-Kid Force always manages to roll out of bed before me and double-teams Grandpa, they had firmly decided how they wanted to Present themselves to their new Teachers and gotten ready for this Event without assistance or guidance & before I awoke... and there's no convincing them otherwise now! *Le Sigh*  So Princess T is apparently going as a Refugee Gypsy Ballerina with an Attitude... {BTW: Yep, that's a not so cleverly disguised Metal Garbage Can on her left... it holds the enormous stash of Cat Food for the Bohemian Cat Boys & Yul!   And right now the Dining Table is packed with Inventory that will Hopefully eventually make it's way to my Booth sometime in the near Future!?!  Why oh why do I feel the Need to make Excuses for what I didn't want glaringly Revealed but ended up in Frame anyway?!?  Just keeping it Real... I Confess, the House is a Mess right now so there's no hiding any of it, so I give up, 'tis what it 'tis... and this is why I can so closely relate to you my Blog Friend M!!!  LOL}

And Prince R is apparently going as 'The Joker' of Haight-Ashbury... resplendant with Red Kool-Aide Mustache that gives him the Resemblance of a Heath Ledger Joker Flashback to me!!!  Yeah, they also had apparently decided that Kool-Aide would be the Breakfast Refreshment of choice... and apparently Grandpa didn't run interferance or fight that Battle, so they're on a Sugar Blaze too... Lord have Mercy upon us!!!  *Smiles*  We'll give The Man a break though since he's a Battle Weary Soldier and Medically Retired from Serving in any more Wars... abroad or at Home.  *Smiles*  And since Red Kool-Aide stain is just something that can't be washed off... it has to wear off...  we'll hafta just roll with it.   And though Prince R's Behavioral Coach was supposed to come this Morning... she called real early... Cancelling at the last minute... Lord I Hope this one isn't Quitting after a few Sessions too, we really liked her?!?  *LOL*

Now being that First Impressions are everything and all... you'd think this would be a Clue to the New Teachers of what the new School Year has in store for them having one of the G-Kids in Class?  But Thankfully they usually don't know us yet... unless Reputation & Previous School Year Horror Stories have preceded us and are running rampant across the Campus!?  *Winks*  And the G-Kid Force usually Charm a Future Victim with the Force of their Personalities and Cuteness initially.  Yeah, Cute and Deceptively Charming catches folks totally off guard.  And Truly, they're not Bad Kids... it's just that a little bit of them goes a long way and if you're short on Stamina and value your Sanity, you're probably not gonna make it... sad but True... many have Valiantly started out great at the Gate and never made it to the Finish line dealing with them.   So this is actually the only Meeting of the School Year that The Man and I won't dread and have no Words for.  *Winks*  And you might ask if I don't feel a tad bit Guilty about that?  Nope... not even after being able to relate to a Message from a Steve Harvey Comedy Skit at Manafest last Night where he tells you... {Yeah, I felt as though he was talking to me specifically about this one... LOL}: To NOT drop those Kids you can't do nothing with at Home off at the Baby Bible School because now that your demon Hell bound Spawn are there it is no longer a Baby Bible School, but has turned into a Juvenile Detention Center!  *Smiles*  How dare he talk about my G-Babies that way, they Love the Lord and going to Church... He's just not through with them yet!!!   Or me for that matter... *Winks*  And yes, our local Chapter of Salvation Army Saints have mos-def earned and proven their Sainthood taking these Kids in year after year and showering them with the Love of Jesus when other Saints wore out, God Bless them! 

Sure... there'll be plenty of Time for the "Other Meetings" as the School Year progresses... the ones we know are coming because they come every year and these Kids clearly have 'Issues'... where the new Teachers and Administration will get to know us on a First Name basis and will get together to try to convince us once again of the Merits of Home Schooling & have our Numbers on Speed Dial.  *LOL*  But, we're not falling for that... after all... they're the only break from these G-Kids we get!   And we Love 'em, but could desperately use the Rest...  And I shall continue to Advocate for them remaining in Mainstream Classes even though they are Children with Special Needs because the Young Prince tested at near-Genius Level and Princess T is a pretty Smart Cookie too so Academically they're capable... and being that I'm not an Immortal, the Need they have is the type of Education that Special Ed just can't provide, so that one day when I die they can go out in Life Independantly and Succeed in spite of their Challenges and without me... so we're as excited about the School Year starting again as the G-Kid Force is!!! *Whoo Hoo & Hallelujah!*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

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