Thursday, August 2, 2012

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder... What Are You Beholding?

We've all heard that Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder...

So... what are you Beholding my Friends?

What are you surrounding yourselves with that makes your Heart sing?

Inspires you?

Sparks your Imagination and Indulges your Fantasies?

Makes your Pulse race?

Delights your Eyes?

Heightens and Awakens your Senses?

Makes your World more Beautiful to you?

Makes you feel Hopeful and more Alive?

Feels Good when you wear it... and not just to the Touch... but in every sense of the word 'Good'?

Makes you Smile?

Touches your Heart, Spirit and Soul deeply?

Is something that you and your Friends mutually Enjoy... Having, Doing, Wearing, Collecting, Giving, Receiving?

Is there a particular Style, History or Background of what you consider to be particularly Beautiful?

Do you see Beauty everywhere... because you're particularly looking for it and seeking it out?

Perhaps even in the places others might have missed... or simply don't see it as Beautiful?

Have you Maintained a Childlike Wonder and Awe about the Beauty in things... seeing them with Fresh Eyes and Perspective?  Whether Man-Made...

Or Natural?  Does all of Creation still WOW you each time you Behold it? 

Or have you come to a place where you realize you have failed to See... to Appreciate... to even Notice anymore the Beauty that is in your Life?

It's easy to do you know... to get so distracted by what is weighing heavy and going wrong... to begin to be blinded by the ugliness of some things so that the Beauty in many things begins to be overlooked or taken for granted...

But I Challenge you to look for and find the Beauty even during the difficult times... even when something seems to have moved past it's prime... because even then, there are still the remnants of Beauty lingering.


Faded perhaps and a Shadow of what it once was... but still Beautiful if you Choose to look at it that way...

Some say the Passages of Time are not kind... but I'm not of that Opinion or Camp.  To me, the Aging of Things... of People... of Relationships... only Enhances them and brings out deeper layers than the Superficial exteriors.  Often Revealing things previously unseen, the Hidden Beauties that were always there but not always apparent.

I Hope that you are one that is attempting to bring Beauty into the World every Day and Intentionally Live Beautifully?

Because Living Beautifully leaves such a Powerful Legacy of a Life Well Lived...

A Life that leaves an Impact and an Imprint that Touches others in a Positive and perhaps even a Profound way.

One who Attempted to Create and Appreciate Beauty in all Forms and Fashions... and wouldn't that be an Awesome way to be Remembered?

As not just one who was a Beholder of the Beauty that surrounded them... but made the World a more Beautiful place BECAUSE of them being here!!!

One that brought Smiles to Faces and Comfort to those who were having trouble Smiling because of Heavy or Aching Hearts.

That on Purpose tried to make each Day as Beautiful as possible... not just for themselves, but for those around them in some kind of way.

And I don't Believe this is some lofty unattainable Goal that none of us can Aspire to... but that it is a possibility that each of us can Contribute to in our own way as best we can.

Because it is an Inherent Trait evident in Children...

And our Fur Babies... they don't even have to try... they just ARE... Beautiful Pure Spirits in the most unspoiled Form... and perhaps that is why we are so easily drawn to them and Love them so!!!

So let not the Passage of Time diminish that Trait in us... let it Expand it in us instead... and spread it outwards... so that it Touches everyone and everything in our Path... our Journey of Life...

Beholding Beauty as we go forth... and Spreading Beauty along the way as well...

I have the utmost Confidence that we can do it... and let us start with This Day...

Live Beautifully Always my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Yes, my kids are my favorite things and I do love to collect them! You know what they say, "children make the best accessories!".

  2. Such a stunning post..everything is so dazzling! Love the clock with keys..and all the beauty you have shared!
    Thanks also for your lovely visits..
    Wishing you a sparkling day

  3. Scrolling down your pages is like having a dream of the best antique/vintage/thrift stores in the world!!! Gorgeous things!!

  4. Every time I come to your blog I am reminded of the beauty of everything in life. So inspiring :)


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