Saturday, August 4, 2012

Art Unraveled...

Okay... so after much coaxing my Friend Pamela has finally Convinced me to attend "Art Unraveled" after we enjoy our Dealer Breakfast this Morning.  *Smiles*

As an Artist I Love Artistic and Inspiring Events so you would think I would have jumped at the chance to attend one I've never been to before where many Artists would be congregating...

But honestly, I've been in a Creative Slump lately due to all of the Personal Dramas and Financial Strains we've been Enduring... and finding some "Me Time" has not exactly been easy or even possible most of the time lately.

And it was better to just not think about Amazing Upcoming Events that I probably wouldn't be able to attend... and so I'd just not thought about it much, on purpose... even when I've received Invitations from Friends and would obviously Love to go...

I'd just been vague and noncommittal, on purpose... because it would have been difficult to go into the 'Why?'... you know... because I'm a "Keeping It Real" type of Gal and so I won't make up excuses... and yet, I don't always want to go into the details of why I've been off the grid... on purpose... thinking and talking about unpleasant Life Circumstances is just such a downer, isn't it?!?

But Dear Pamela had been tenacious... and Encouraging... and very Convincing... and she was making it easier to commit to the Invitation as the Date drew nearer... *LOL* 

And on the Homefront the Family had been doing their best to make a crappy situation beyond our control a little better... knowing my Birthday is very close and yet I hadn't even thought about Celebrating, on purpose... because it would be a guilty indulgence right now we really can't afford.  So... The Son presented me with an Early Birthday Gift he's Creating... not finished yet, but he wanted my Input on Detailing it... a Lovely Glass & Mirror Piano Jewelry Showcase!!!  I Love when my Kids and G-Kids make me something deeply Personal, Creative and Unique... those are Gifts from the Heart that Money cannot buy.

That being said... it's not that you CAN'T BUY me something Awesome that I've been Jonesin' for too!  *Winks*  And The Man did just that as soon as our Sale at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST started on Thursday.  Can you spot it?

I had really... really... really been Jonesin' for it because it so closely resembles in Styling one that I Inherited from my Dad. 

 But I hadn't thought about actually receiving it, on purpose... so that I wouldn't be let down if it didn't happen.  And when it DID happen, I was so Jazzed!!! 

 I Love Victorian Tulip Vases and this one has an Awesome Urn Shape like a Loving Cup... and Beautiful Crystal Tulip Vase.  It is the Perfect Birthday Gift... and getting it 15% off during the Sale Event was an added Bonus since it was already a Good Deal even before the Discount!

Yes, even though Friends were bringing in Fabulous Inventory to fill their Booths for the Sale I was able to now Preview and Photograph it all without thinking constantly about that one Item that had captured my Heart and I wasn't sure I'd obtain before it Sold to someone else?!?!  *Smiles*

Do you sometimes do that too... when something can't be removed from your Heart or Mind... but pesky things like Bills, Living Costs, School Supplies and Medical Expenses get in the way of purchasing it?  *LOL*

Yes, I had been a bit overwhelmed and inconsolable lately... totally distracted by necessity versus needing to have a good time and yet having to keep putting it off on purpose... 

And so it was a very good thing that Pamela didn't let my hesitancy to commit to going deter her from persuading me.

And the Family agreed that I certainly did need some "Me Time" beyond the one day a Month I usually take for myself... all work and no play was making Dawn feel like a very dull and cranky Gal indeed!  *LOL*

And so I am eagerly looking forward to Attending "Art Unraveled" now that I have firmly decided to go and made a way for it to be possible...

We'll start this Day Enjoying our Dealer Breakfast first, which is always a Fun Time... and is being Catered by "Manuel's" again... YUM!!!

That will be an Excellent Start to the Day...

And I Promise to take loads of pictures of the Events to Share here in the Land of Blog... in case you're not getting out much either lately and so this has been a Welcome Escape... a place to Daydream about what you're like to be doing, where you'd like to be going, what you'd like to be buying and expanding your 'Bucket List'?  Well... maybe that's just me?  *LOL*

Since of late most of my Images have been just shot around the House for lack of going anywhere out of necessity... *LOL*  And that has been no small feat my Friends since the House has been in disarray and sadly enduring deferred maintenance while I've been busy and overwhelmed with everything else...

Yet, finding things we Live with Daily to Photograph does give one a Fresh Perspective of what possessions we've been drawn to, accumulated for Nest Feathering and still Enjoy surrounding ourselves with...

And what supplies and Future Artistic Projects are still waiting for Inspiration and a Creation to Manifest from them...

Once I get out of this Creative Slump that is... 

And I do Believe that Attending a Creative, Artistic Event such as "Art Unraveled" will be just the thing to Re-Inspire me and begin Creating Beauty again... and get my mind off of other pesky things... such as Bills, Medical Expenses, the cost of daily Living and Start-Of-School necessities... *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. I KNOW you'll have a good time at the art show...and I can see that you're enjoying the wonderful (early) birthday presents. What a thoughtful family you have.

    Can't wait to see the finished glass piano, by the way.

  2. It sounds like you and "her" are on the same plane of existence. Hmmm. Not so good. I think that Art Unraveled WILL be just the thing you need! And when you post all your wonderful pictures, purrhaps that will help "her" too! So happy that you are going. Now you've posted it, you can't back out either ;)



  3. Dawn - it was such a SUPER FUN day today!!! So glad you attended Art Unraveled - it was totally your artsy element!!! My face still hurts from laughing so much today - you are so hilarious and CRACK me up!!! xo

    -pamela ;)

  4. Dawn,

    So much in your post rang true with me and I can say that I really relate! It's tough when circumstances and day to day issues prevent you from creating the way you would like to. I hope that your day at Art Unraveled was the creative break that you deserve!

    The vase is amazing and how wonderful to get it when you thought you probably wouldn't :-) You are so right about those gifts that money can't buy. My favorite birthday gift of all time was an amazing photo collage that my son made me. He hates having his photo taken and will make a terrible face if you do catch him, lol. So he took dozens of cool funky pictures of himself over a period of months and put it all into one awesome framed collage. Telling me that I could never complain of having no pictures of him again. SO much better than anything he could have bought! Thanks for posting and sharing, I look forward to seeing some of your new creations :-)


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