Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Trip To Cottage Garden II

Well, anytime I have my Acupuncture & Oriental Massage Session I have to go next door to my Friend Carol's Shop COTTAGE GARDEN II afterwards to expand upon my total Zen Experience!  *Winks*  Carol, Meilan and Monica had recently returned from a four day Sourcing Spree in San Francisco so I had to see what Treasures they'd brought back with them to stock the Shops?!?
I knew that the Fabulous new Inventory of Laura Van Creations had also come in...
And such Romantic Accessories as these Satin Rosettes...
And there's always a vast selection of OOAK Bohemian Bling Created by National and Local Artists.
I was particularly Adoring many of the new Necklaces & Bracelets made with Vintage Jewels and Upcycled materials.
And Vintage Doorknobs Upcycled into Sweet Photo Card Holders... and, did I mention Laura Van?  *LOL*  Yes, I was seriously Lusting after several of her pieces as usual, including this Photo Box!!!  OMG, I Love Laura Van's Work!!!  And I was particularly Jonesin' for said Photo Box!  *Swooning*
Honestly, in a Perfect World, every Photo in my House that I'm Displaying would be Showcased in a Laura Van Frame!  *Winks*
I've never seen one that I didn't fall in Love with!  Not only the Amazing Tole Work, but also the Old Wood Frames in the most Gorgeous assortment of Divine Hues!!!
But Carol has also stocked the Shop with an assortment of budget friendly Accessories and Fashions as well.  These Bright Cheerful Wallet Sized Bags were Fun!
And there were drawers full of Lovely Organic Hued Accessories as well.
And Custom Laura Van Pieces made to Order... so if you need to place a Special Order from an Artist... talk to Carol about the Possibilities!  These pieces are absolutely beyond Awesome!!!
Need some Distinctive & Glamorous OOAK Candleholders?
Well, now you'll know where to come!!!
And right now much of the Summer Inventory is on Sale... some of it as much as 50% Off like this Gorgeous Tea Dyed Lace Jacket!!!  I'm so sad that all the Big Girl Sizes were Sold Out *Sob*... or I would have certainly had me one of these!!!  So my Style!!!  But if you're a size Medium... there's still a couple left so hurry on in!!!
And I'm Loving some of the Styling Elements like this oversized Paper Rosette... I'm so Stealing this Idea... ummm... I mean Borrowing it!  *Smiles*  This will be one of my next Craft Projects I'll have the G-Kid Force involved in... they are Masters at Paper Crafting... and how much Fun will it be Coffee Staining and Tea Dying Paper and Music Sheets together to Create oversized Flowers for the House and Gramma's Booth?!?  *Smiles*  I'm even thinking if we get an Assembly Line of these going I might attach them to this Year's Christmas Gifts as Package Decoration!?
But I digress... I get so easily sidetracked when Inspiration strikes... *Smiles*... back to some of the new Fall Fashion Line that the Shop has been re-stocking with... Love the Color Palette & Styles!!!
And there's always a Gorgeous Assortment of Bags... including Pure West.
This is a brand new Line that is now being offered... Lovely Fabric Tote Style Bags!
Loved every single one of them!
And these Sweet diminutive sized Pure West Bags.
Sometimes you don't want to carry a big ole' Bag so it's nice to have Fabulous Smaller Versions of some of your Favorite Designers Bags too.
And if Vintage Fabrics isn't necessarily your 'Thing' ... then how about Fur?
Fur and Bohemian Bling is pretty Fabulous too! 
I so wish this particular Item had been in a Big Girl Size... Loving that Layered Look of Amazing Fabrics!!!
And I Loved the Lampshade and the addition of Memo Clips to it.... I always hang stuff from my Lampshades, do you?
And there's Sachets and an Assortment of Fragrances to Scent your Closets and Drawers as well.
Yes... there was plenty of Enchantment and Beauty surrounding me so the expanded Zen Experience really was Relaxing and Restorative... as well as visiting with my Friends there and having a chat.
So if you're in the Area of Downtown Glendale please stop by yourselves and pick up some Treasures!
One of the particular Beauties of the Historic Downtown Area and Cottage Boutiques is how Natural, Inviting and Comfortable everything is... and not just for the Customers... the Wildlife often stop by for a Visit too and to Hang Out...
This wee Baby Dove was resting in the Eaves and peeking down at me as I perused the Clothing Racks on the Front Porch... what a Cutie!!!

And a total Hambone one at that... really Enjoying and Languishing in the Attention he/she Created... and allowing me to Photograph him/her and Pose...  as a matter of fact he/she was still there as I left... obviously quite Content to Hang Out for quite a while at COTTAGE GARDEN II and check out all the Visitors coming and going!  *Smiles*   Be sure to come back tomorrow as I take you to Shop #1 for a Halloween Inspired Vibe...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh Ms. B. I'm back, at least trying. I did get a post up today, the new format is crazy. Why do they have to keep changing things and make it hard when it worked fine??? I hope you are well and happy. If you go to our city's new webb site, you can see my shop and house in 360 degree view. and my mall is under antiques and the house is under attractions. Check us out. Be sure and stop by. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  2. hi Dawn, sorry i was so busy when you popped in and didn't get a chance to chat with you very much.... thanks so much for all you do with your great photographs of the Cottage Gardens you are the best.. see you again soon....

  3. Dawn - I always enjoy your fab postings! Your observation of the sweet little dove roosting on the string lights...made me chuckle!!! [Nothing gets by you! LOL!} xo

    -pamela ;)


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