Sunday, July 15, 2012

Well Yeah... I Went Back!!! *Winks*

I had to do some Booth Foofing anyway and bring some Inventory in... but that wasn't the REAL reason I headed out to THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST this Afternoon. *Winks*

You see, there had been a Trio of Items in Myko & Brett's new Showroom that I'd walked away from with just Photographs and it was killin' me I tell ya!!!  *LOL*  And you know what that means... since I obviously have Issues... *Smiles*


It meant I couldn't get them off my Heart or Mind and I was certain someone else would 'Score' them in my absence, so... Well, Yeah... I went back!!!  *LOL*  Are you kidding me!!!

And it just HAPPENED to be a handy Excuse that it had been such an Awesome, Mad, Busy Weekend at the Mall that I desperately needed to Foof the Booth and add some more Inventory.  So it was my Ideal 'Cover'!  *LOL*  AS IF I was foolin' anyone!!!  *Ha Ha Ha*

The Man had obviously seen my Enthusiasm when my Friends had Opened their new Showroom... he already knows I totally dig their Vibe and Aesthetic... so he wasn't the least bit Surprised that there would be some Found Treasures that NEEDED to come Home with me!  *Smiles*

And Thankfully Myko & Brett's prices are so reasonable that it wasn't gonna break the Budget...

And that was the last Excuse I needed now wasn't it?!?  *Winks*

And I met up with my Friend Pamela to Photograph the Dealer Spaces all over the Mall for Blog, Facebook, I~Antique & Craig's List fodder... so really we were WORKING as well as playing... see, the Excuses keep just adding up Perfectly don't they?! *Winks*

And since I'd had a rough Week I really needed the Laughs and Fun that Pamela and I always have when we Team up.

Yeah, we couldn't pass up this Photo Op for me to kick it in the MOST Comfy Chair ever, which we thought just happened to also match my Outfit!  *LOL*  Looks like we're Working HARD, huh?!  *Smiles*

But, back to the REAL reason I was here in the 1st Place...

To 'Score' what my Heart was set on and also capture the rest through the eye of my lens... because Myko & Brett had added even more lucious Inventory since my last visit and Photo Session... so there was lots more Eye Candy to see!

And I was having a difficult time Photographing the Booth inbetween throngs of Customers pouring in and snapping things up!

And juggling my 'Scores' and Photographing the rest was proving to be even more difficult... so I finally had to relent and bring my stash up to Randall at the Counter to hold for me until our Photo Sessions and Visiting with Customers and Friends was finished.

I had told The Man and G-Kid Force that I'd only be gone a couple of Hours... *Bwahaha!!!*

But you know how Time flies when you're having Fun... Junquing and Visiting with your Fav Peeps!

So, Yeah, SEVERAL Hours Later I'm realizing that it's past Dinnertime now and I feel like Cinderella trying to get Home from the Ball before the Clock strikes Midnight!  *LOL*

There had been so much to see and do... and I tend to get Lost in Time whilst doing anything I Love... don't You?!?

And such Enchanting Images as an Audience of Vintage Teddy Bears dressed in Tiaras and Tulle Tutus...

Can really take you away to a Magical Place upon the Canvas of your Imagination!!!

I had fallen down the Rabbit Hole and wasn't eager to climb back out to Reality anytime soon... this was just way more Fun, Inspiring and Imaginative...

We were taking a Trip into Myko's Imagination and Vision... thoroughly Enjoying and Reveling in it... as were many other Eager Shoppers vying for The Goods...  *Smiles*

And with Crystal Chandies, huge Paper Pom-Poms and a Canopy of Pastel Tulle overhead, it was like being at a Glam Carnival of sorts... and coming Home with some Awesome Prizes!!!

And Myko had even decided to put THE DOOR up for Sale, instead of using it as a Prop!!! *Gasp... and Darn it... now that's something else I Want and can't have just now... so on the 'Wish List' it goes... though I doubt it will last long enough to 'Score'... Sob!*  Yummy, Perfectly Aged Old Doors in Killer Hues and Awesome Patina are my Achilles Heel as you know!  *Winks*  So... I know you're Wondering... what DID you go back for Dawn???

Well, this for one... and it wasn't just because I knew Princess T would totally dig it too... Gramma was also Loving it!  *Winks*

And of coarse the Gypsy Trinket Box too... that was a "Given" right?  *LOL*

And the Coup de Gras... this KILLER Antique Chair... which I even made Myko get up off of whilst she was busy pricing Inventory so that I could Photograph it Pre-Grand-Opening!  *LOL*  Yes, I'm brazen like that... I'll buy the seat right out from under ya... "Hey, what's THAT you're sitting on??  Get up offa that thang..."  {Insert my best James Brown Impersonation... LOL}  The Details on this Piece are Over The Top & AMAZING!!!   And the Glitzy Glam Gypsy Style Colors... so very ME!!!

And as a Fabric Artist I "Heart" a Great Old Piece of worn Needlepoint that tells it's Story... lotsa bums have obviously Comfortably Graced this Chair over the years and worn parts threadbare!  *LOL*

And while we were just about to Leave the Custom KILLER SIGNAGE came in for the new Showroom of another Friend of ours that will have a Grand Opening VERY Soon... so we were the 1st to have it Revealed to us to Photograph & Share with you... 

God I LOVE this Awesome Hand-Painted Gilded Font!!!  And it's just a Sneak Preview of the Gallery and Showroom that it Ushers you into, where Madame has Sourced Unbelievable Inventory from many Travels all over the Globe... so stay Tuned for the Big Reveal... or come on down and see it for yourselves...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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