Saturday, July 7, 2012

There's Still Time!!!

Just in case you haven't made it over there yet, there's still time my Friends... THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST is still in the midst of the Big 4th Of July Celebration & 15% Off Sale Event... which will be going on through Sunday Evening!!!

I've not only Worked the Event, but I've Shopped too because the bargains and Inventory are AWESOME!!!  And the turnout has exceeded expectations, the place was totally packed out during my 4th of July Shift in spite of inclement weather.  In fact it has been so well received every day by the Public that it is fantastic to see so many peeps pouring in daily and eagerly 'scoring' their Found Treasures and having Fun!

We've had hourly Gift Certificate Give-Aways and lots of Free Food & Refreshments for the Guests...

And this Morning our Dealer Breakfast catered by MANUELS was fantastic & so yummy!!!  There was every type of awesome tasting Breakfast Burrito filling known to Man!  *Winks* 

Fresh Fruit and Pastries... as well as Refreshments...

And the best part is being able to get together with all of the other Dealers and discuss our Passions and the Business we so enjoy doing and LOVE Sourcing our Booths, Cases & Showrooms for!

After all... if you are in this Biz you very likely are a Kindred Spirit, Lover of Old and Fellow Junquer & Picker Extraordinaire... so we always have LOTS to talk about & Share!!!  *LOL*  And you couldn't ask for a greater & sweeter bunch of Folks than my Friends/Fellow Dealers/Co-Workers at the Brass!!!

Okay, so I was so busy Eating and Visiting that I left the Bird's Eye View Photo Op to my Friend Pamela and borrowed her pix of the Early Bird Bunch that got to the Breakfast First... me included! *LOL*  I must say that 'Manuels' served up an Awesome Breakfast Buffet and I want to Thank THE BRASS ARMADILLO for Sponsoring these Generous Get-Togethers for Dealers and Customers every Month, we sure appreciate it & it makes us feel like one Big Happy Family!

I Hope your 4th Of July Celebrations are going as well as ours is?!  The Fireworks were awesome and the Monsoon rains let up for a Glorious Cool Evening to enjoy them on the 4th... Coolness in July is a rare luxury here in the Arizona Desert so we were really appreciating the abundant rain & Cooler temperatures it brought... it made so much less of a fire hazard for Fireworks as well.

So... since I have you here... ya wanna SHOP!?!  *Winks*

I Love Vintage Fire Extinguishers and the great Signage they always have on the front...

And in my Booth I have one of those Classic 3-D Changing Religious Framed Icons that every Family I knew growing up had... we've still got the one that always hung in my Childhood Home and I Cherish it... and it was difficult to not want to keep this one too since it's different than our Heirloom one!  *LOL*  This one has our Lord Jesus... and...

The Last Supper... and it still lights up... Love the Filigree Frame...

And if you Love Religious Art and Collectibles as much as I do you'll appreciate the Antique Spiritual Items that my Friend Antonio has in his Booth too...

Along with this KILLER Antique Piano... and yes, all that intricate cutwork is actual carved Wood... AMAZING!!!  And just look at that Fabulous Wood and Patina of the entire piece!!!  *Swooning*  I don't even play the Piano but I'd Love to own this piece!!!

And you know how much I Love Architectural Salvage... look at these Corbels... perfect Chippy White & detailed Beautifully!!! *Sigh*

And these too... *Double Sigh*  Antique chippy Aqua Corbels... *Swoon*

Okay, so I Love just about everything the Four Sisters have in their Booths... *LOL*

Because the Patina and Creativity of so many of their pieces is to die for!!!

So yeah... I'd like to have it ALL!!!  *Winks*

But I was on a Mission for this Sale Event... and 'scored' some of these Vintage Gym Lockers for the G-Kid Force's Bedroom Makeover... which we JUST finished last Night and I shall Reveal in a Future Post... under "Mission Impossible"!  *LOL*  One can never have too much sturdy Storage for a Kid's Room & I Love the Vintage Industrial Vibe it lends.  And the Sweet Elderly Couple that own this Booth are so Friendly & Energetic... it was a Joy to finally meet and get to know them.

And my Friend Agnes has some Lovely Vintage Botanical Prints in one of her Booths... I'm eyeballing that Wild Rose one... it's definitaly one of my "Shouldda's" in hindsight... *Smiles*

And I don't care what your Vibe and Preference is... you're going to find something to Feather your Nest if you come by my Friends... the Diversity is what I Love so much about our Mall!!!


Mantiques abound too Guys... so its not just fluff for us Ladies... *Winks*

Here's another duo I just put in the Booth for the Sale... I came across a large assortment of Old Avon Bottles and picked out some that I particularly Loved.

And this Sweet Nesting Trio of Gypsy Wooden Trinket holders...

The Dogs really tried their best to stay Home with me... pleading... *Winks*

And begging... *LOL*  Because their Styling and Hues were PERFECT for my Decor... *Smiles*... Hey even when you're a Picker you do tend to gravitate towards what Speaks to YOU!  Winks*... but I have Promised The Man that I won't keep most of the Inventory I'm Sourcing to Sell... and a Promise is a Promise... *Smiles*  So... off to the Booth they went... before I could change my mind!  *LOL*

Gypsy Doll Container Set too... had to see the back of them and tell them to GO... Sorry... can't keep ya!  *LOL*  Loving the hand-painting on them all though...

And how stinking Cute are these Metal Goats in the Old Waggon?!?

Yeah, this Sign says it best... we do LOVE VINTAGE don't we?!  And I really like those License Plate Magnet Numbers!

Baby Scales and Sad Irons...

Antique Hoosier Cabinets...

Filled to the brim with Vintage Kitchen goodies...

And the G-Kid Force LOVE our Friend Geo's Booth because he always has the Coolest and most Interesting Stuff from around the World and that he's Hunted and now offers in Cool Taxidermy... he can hardly keep up with the demand for his Taxidermy pieces in fact... time to go Hunting again Geo!!! *Winks*

I know, I know, you're loudly protesting that comment... *LOL*  But actually, Javelina make good eatin'... though the Boars are STIIIIIIINKY, but so Ugly they're Cute!!!!  *Smiles*

Dress Forms and Mantiques...

I was Loving the Street Sign and Old Military Cot...  The Man not so much... he's spent too many Nights having to sleep on these uncomfortable things during his many years in Combat and Deployed...  *LOL*  But they LOOK Cool, don't they?!

Hadda give you a Close-Up on the Vintage Extinguisher Graphics...

And what speaks of Romance more than Butterflies, Wedding Gowns and Vintage Satin Lingerie?!?  *Winks*

I SOOOOOOOOOOOO wanted these Claw Stool Feet as a Decorating Item!!!  But they weren't on my Mission Statement for the Day and I was being a Good Girl for once! *Winks*

And neither was this Sweet Trinket Box Necklace!  I Adore Beaded pieces... must be the Apache & Blackfoot in me... I never met a Bead I didn't like... *Smiles*

Another peek inside my Booth as we pass by... but feel free to buy anything you want Okay?! *Winks*

And a peek inside my Booth Neighbor and Friends Suzy & Kendra's Booth... our Booths side by side have such Synergy... and they're such Sweet, Fun Girls too and have such a Stylish Eye.

We'll Cruise by some Mantique Booths too... just so the Guys don't get bored okay? *Winks*  Gotta admit... I like Mantiques too... Rusty and Crusty is really quite up my Alley as well...

Anything Salvage in fact Calls out to me like a Siren's Song...

And how Sweet and Feminine are these little Bouquets?

And my Friend Char has some FABULOUS pieces in her Booths...

In fact, if you Love the Rustic Charm of these pieces you HAVE to check out Char's Inventory & Booths... it's AWESOME and she Sources the best stuff!!!

In fact, if you keep bringing in such Awesome Pieces Char I'll have to get a bigger House!!!  Passing these up because I have no more room for big Furniture is KILLING me I tell ya!!!  *Le Sigh & a Wink*

Do you Love Antique Bird Cages & Stands?

How about Oddities?

Okay, so maybe the Baby Brahma Bull Calf wasn't for me... but I sure did dig this Awesome Vintage Thermometer Collection...  I want them ALL!!!  *Smiles*

Love or need Old Maps and perhaps a Vintage Canvas American Flag?

Victorian Ceiling Tin or Architectural Salvage Pieces Aged to Perfection?

Or how about Furniture covered in Maps?

This piece stopped me dead in my tracks...


*Insert me stopped dead in my tracks in front of this whole Vignette!  LOL*

But... just LOOK what I 'scored' for a mere $12 my Friends in my Fav Color... Fab Chippy Seafoam Green and ORIGINAL Brocade Fabric in the most Gorgeous Sepia Hue... an Antique Folding Chair!!!  *Sage & Sepia... Color me Happy!*

And for a Heavy Dose of Nostalgia for an Old VNB Retired A.V.P such as myself, since the Bank is no more... my Friend Richard had one of these Old VNB Canvas Money Sacks in his Booth from the Home Office I worked at back in da Day... so I hadda have it!!!  A piece of Arizona's Banking History this is!  Only wish it was still stuffed with Cash, huh?  *Winks*

I really Love all of Richard, Sr. & Jr.'s  Booths in fact... they Source some Awesome Stuff too!!!

Loved the Wheel Balancing Signage behind the oversized Antique Wheels... Great Styling Guys!

And who can resist my Friend Janet's Vintage Button Bouquets...

Or Vintage Iconic Statuaries...

And I've made some of these Cool Tiered Cake Stands out of Orphaned China and Glass Candlesticks too... this Dealer had some Lovely Creations of them... it's a great way to Repurpose mismatched China and Glassware.

Seeing Patriotic Styling everywhere just extended the 4th of July Vibe all week and I was Loving it!!!

I happen to have a 'Thing' for Paper and Fabric Lanterns in fact...

And Antonio... you have no Idea how much I was Jonesin' for this Awesome Huge Silverplate Vase in one of your Booths!!!  *LOL*

The Man and I used to own Sleds just like this when we lived in Colder Climates...

And Vintage Industrial Lighting... I'm all over that!!!  Love it!!!  I'd like this piece hanging over one of my Kitchen Sinks in fact... especially since my Back Kitchen just happens to have the same Color Enameled Cast Iron Country Sink original to the House!!!  Serendipity... it must be a Sign!!!??   Nope, The Man wasn't buying THAT LINE... stay Focused on the Mission at hand Dawn... but at least I tried persuasion!!!  *LOL*

Cute little Candle Totes...

And this Awesome Antique Needlepoint Chair was already a Bargain Price even before 15% off... so it shouldn't last long?!?

Great Inlay...

Great Beadwork...

And Creativity...

And even Persian Rugs... Oh My!!!  *Winks*  So... I Hope you've Enjoyed coming Window Shopping with me Today my Friends?  Now, get on down there in Person and do the Real Deal!  *Winks*  You've only got until tomorrow Night... but there's still Time!!!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn - you always take the most FABULOUS photos!!! xo

    -pamela ;)

  2. I loved "window shopping" with you at the Brass Armadillo! Reminds me that I need to get over there myself to have a looksy!!!

  3. I loved "window shopping" with you at the Brass Armadillo! Reminds me that I need to get over there myself to have a looksy!!!


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