Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Sneak Peek Exclusive Just For You!!!

My Friends Myko & Brett of  AquaMarina Antiques will soon be opening a brand new Showroom at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST, so have been hard at work Styling and Sourcing Inventory for their Amazing new Space .  And Today I was Invited in to give you a Sneak Peek Exclusive behind the Ruffled Curtains to Reveal the Transformation taking place!!!

So come on in behind the Ruffled Curtains to behold an AquaMarina Wonderland that will take your breath away with it's Enchanted Vision and Inspired Styling...

And Delight you with Fabulous Found Treasures awaiting your Discovery... you're going to find so many things you'll want to take Home to Feather your Nest with... I know I did!  *Smiles*

And for those of you who ADORE Vintage & Retro Fashion... there will be plenty to fill up your Wardrobes... and have you looking like a Vision too!  *Winks*

This Gorgeous Gown and the pint-sized Version I could see Princess T and I Rockin'... so that she'd say Gramma and her looked like "Twins".  *LOL*  Okay, I know... I know... the Gown totally isn't in my size, but a Gal can DREAM can't she?!?  *Bwa-ha-ha!!!*

Fashionistas that we all are, you're at least gonna Hope that you find something off this Killer rack of Vintage Fashions that you can add to your Wardrobe, aren't you?!?  *Smiles*  And hey, I can always have the Mannequin Triplets sporting something spectacular to provide endless Inspiration... those Gals look Fabulous in ANYTHING I buy!  *Winks*  So you just might just see Yashyme, Yazmin and Yvette in an AquaMarina ensemble?!?

Myko's Attention to Detail is certainly not lost on Yours Truly... and her Styling is impeccible... she's got a Great Eye for the 'Good Stuff' and putting it together Beautifully for a Style that is uniquely her own.

And she's also a Super Talented and Creative Artist.  So her Creations and Transformations are gorgeous! Check out these Sconces that she Transformed with European Glass Glitter and Vintage Chandie Crystals.  Light was Dancing off of them... and Sparkly ALWAYS catches a Gypsy Gal's Eye!  *LOL*

I appreciated being Graciously Invited in for a Glimpse of the Magic being Created behind the Ruffled Curtains... because though it is still a work in progress and there is so much more they intend to do before the Grand Opening, it is coming together and to Life Magnificently and I can't wait to see the finished Vision! 

 I Believe you will agree... and are now excited and eager with the Anticipation to be able to Shop here...

I know your eyes have been darting around seeking out those Treasures that are Calling out to YOU, haven't you?!  *Winks*

I know that Princess T would Adore these Imaginative Storage Containers for all her little Treasures and Keepsakes...

And Gramma Dawn certainly has her eye on a few things as well... *Winks*

In fact, I've Sourced several Treasures from Myko & Brett's Booth in the past, so I'm so excited and Happy for them embarking on expanding their Vision for this new larger Showroom to Showcase their combined Talents and Amazing Found Treasures!!!

They are some of the Sweetest and Nicest People you could ever Hope to meet and they have a Lovely Family, even the Kiddos are helping out... they obviously got Blessed with abundant Creative Genius as well... Creativity, Shared Vision and Talent is in the Genes!  And it's so much Fun when you can make a Biz and a Vision a Family Affair!!!

I can't wait to go Rummaging through the Vintage Suitcases overflowing with Goodies!!!

And how Cool is it that you and I have been Invited to get an Exclusive Sneak Peek, huh!?!  *Winks*  I Adore Photographing the Styling of a Space as much as Shopping because I know how much hard Work, Talent and Attention to Detail goes into making it all look so Amazing... and once the eager Shoppers descend upon it, well, it gets unfoofed fast as Treasures are quickly scooped up!  *Winks*

So, yes, I do Believe it is all worth Preserving for Posterity in the Images and Sharing... so that it will continue to Inspire and Delight the Beholder... whether you got the Privilege of seeing it all in Person, or Virtually.

And now I totally 'get' why my Dear Younger Brother always Loved his Career as a Professional Photographer because it is a Joy to capture Images and Beauty through the Eye of the Lens!

I enjoy grouping things by Color too... it always makes a Visual Impact... Myko's Palette is so Visually Stimulating and Romantic with touches of Whimsy that I really dig.

And you know how anything Displayed under Glass Appeals to me!  Cloche Love I Definitely have! 

And do we have any Vintage Hat Lovers in the House?!? 

And if you're a Vintage Game  & Toy Lover you're going to Discover a host of Classic Childhood Favs...

Thank You Myko & Brett... for allowing us this Sneak Peek of your Vision coming to Life!!!  I'll keep everyone Posted on when the Grand Opening will be for the Showroom...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Beautiful! I love the assorted hat pins-I just messaged you I couldn't find this site; I didn't look far enough on your page! Have a great weekend.,,,


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