Friday, July 20, 2012

Now Showing ~ "Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil"

This Month's Event at SWEET SALVAGE was such a Positive Energy and good flow of traffic, so it was a very enjoyable Experience and I was able to languish longer than last Month and see it all.  The Theme was "Now Showing"... with various areas of the Shop Inspired by a variety of Hollywood Movies and the Film Industry. 

It was so much Fun to guess which Movie might have Inspired the Styling and Decor of each section of the Shop!?  So my next few Posts will take you to a different Creative Set Styling in the Decor that a particular Movie Inspired.  Though they were all Fabulous, my Favorite was this one, Designed with the Inspiration taken from the Movie "Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil"...

Which is so very much MY Style... not to mention I Loved the Movie!  *Winks*   I also LOVED that Black Velvet Chair... I could SO see it Gracing my Livingroom... if only I didn't have Young Children still in the House.  *Le Sigh*   Okay... so I had to pass on the Beyond Fabulous Dreamy Chair... *Smiles*

Because there was loads to still fall in Love with... such as this Colorful Antique Quilt!!!  Not often you find a Quilt with a Black background, it really made the Bolder Colors Pop and there was loads of Crazy Quilt Style Stitching everywhere, a real Labor of Love a piece like this is!!!

And if you Adore Water Features as much as I do then you will consider this Awesome Fountain as Swoon worthy as I did... even without Water it is Stunning!!!  And what Garden is complete without a Fountain?!  I'm currently lamenting that I didn't go back for that "Into The Garden" Flash Card... not that I didn't procure some great Signage & other Found Treasures this time around... which will slowly be Revealed...

But for now we're Shopping... so check out this Fabulous Vintage Devotional Votive with Ruby Glass!!!  *Swooning*  Had the Budget been more flexible I definitely would have scored this Spiritual Treasure because it was priced to Sell and was a good Deal for such a Unique piece!!!

I really could have languished in this Section for a long time... and apparently someone else did since they left their water bottle behind after trying out the Dreamy Chair!  *LOL*  Yeah, you can forget a lot of things if the seat is Comfortable, Sumptuous and Inviting enough!  *Winks* 

I did however snag the small long rectangular Metal Flower Frog in the Cloche... in fact, small Metal Flower Frogs were my Mission Statement during this Pick... and I got a slew of them, so I was Jazzed!

Okay... so as not to keep you in Suspense for my 'Scores'... a Partial Reveal of some of this Pick's 'Scores'... of Slew of small Metal Flower Frogs and a Sweet Shabby Aqua perfectly Aged Drawer with tiny Porcelain Knob that was only six bucks.

Now... back to Reveling in the Theme of "Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil"... since I'm sure you still want to see more???  Well... don't you???!  *Winks*

Whilst scouring the Vignettes for small Metal Flower Frog candidates I couldn't help but wish I could have picked up everything that tugged on my Wanting Heart!  *LOL*  I was absolutely Adoring the various Vintage Spiritual Art pieces that abounded at this Event... so I'll Share some of my other Favs that I sadly had to leave behind... from this Sweet Vintage Madonna... {Yep, I  'Scored' that Rectangular metal Flower Frog whilst Admiring Her tho'...}

To this Gorgeous French Style Madonna with long flowing hair...

And yet another peeking out from beside this great Mini Metal Filing Cabinet... also very hard to resist... Vintage Industrial Salvage is so sturdy and versatile!!!

And I was Loving everything about the Styling of this Vignette!!!  It looks like it all belongs in my Home because it's SO Me!!!  *Winks*

And obviously other peeps were Admiring the Vibe of this Enchanting Section as much as I was because the Red SOLD stickers were going up everywhere, even in the short time I spent Photographing this area! 

And I was moving FAST, lest everything get unfoofed and bought up around the Shop before I could capture the Images for Posterity, to Share here in the Land Of Blog and keep for Future Inspiration!!! 

And, naturally I wanted to Experience it ALL and soak it all in while Sourcing my Treasures... I had arrived a bit late as it was, not wanting to stand in pre-opening lines in the humid heat since that had worn me out last Month, so I was catching up & multi-tasking like a Crazy Woman!!!  *LOL*  Visiting with Friends, Shopping, furiously snapping Pixs all whilst moving expediently into every Section at least once!

And then going back a 2nd time at a slower pace before checking out...  So... come back Tomorrow and we'll move to yet another Movie Inspired Section of the Shop... and I'll Reveal more of what I 'Scored'...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I'm amazed by the "action" in your shops down there. Things are a bit slower up here!

    What wonderful vignettes and merchandise. I don't remember seeing rectangular flower frogs before. (I wonder if I HAVE and just forgot?????)

  2. Dawn - love the photos!!!

    -pamela ;)

  3. Hi Dawn.....I forgot all about this for July. I'm going to try to get there tomorrow morning.....can't wait to see what you scored.



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