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Now Showing ~ "Hugo"

As we continue our Tour of SWEET SALVAGE'S "Now Showing" Event, we go to a Section Inspired by a Movie I haven't yet seen, but which the Essence of in this Styling totally captivated me. "Hugo" is the Movie and is apparently set in a 1930s Parisian Train  Station complete with a Flower Market and a French Cafe.  It is the story of an  Orphan who lives in the walls of a Train Station and tends to all the clocks.  I'm sure there's more to the entire Story, but the Visuals were enough for me to thoroughly Enjoy the Set that was Staged via the Movie's Inspiration.

I mean, what's not to Love about Old Clocks, Cool Cogs & Gears, Paris...

A French Cafe...

A Flower Market...

Yeah, I was really Loving the whole Vibe.

And you can totally see why, can't you?  I could Imagine Decorating a Garden Room in just this Style.   Dining Alfresco surrounded by such Visuals would be absolutely Delightful.

And of coarse I was picking up tiny Metal Flower Frogs along the way... *Winks*... staying true to my Mission Statement this Pick!  *LOL*

Though picking up a Francophile Vibe is always a Joy too, even if I can't take it all Home with me.

And trust me, when it came to all the Wonderful Old Watch and Clock parts I wanted to take it all Home with me!  *Winks*

Because Old Clocks, whether working or not, make great Display pieces for Styling...

And I'd have a myriad of uses to Create something Special with Old Watch and Clock Parts!!!  And I was totally Jonesin' for this set of Old compartmental Drawers as well... an Artist's Dream to have Visually Delightful abundant Storage for all of your Creative Elements while they await being Purposed into a Creation!

If only I had a re-claimed Studio Space to put it all in and a much larger Budget for Indulgences, these would have been mine, the Drawers and some Old Watch Faces!  *Le Sigh*

Alas, I do not and so I had to pass on it all... but don't feel too sorry for me just yet, because I did 'Score' an Awesome Beyond Fabulous Timepiece from the Event... wanna see it?  Well... of coarse you do!!! *Winks*  

So I will now give you a Reveal of it Photographed at the Event as I discovered it... {Be still my beating Heart!}  And the Price was unbelievable... because remember, Condition is never an Issue with me if something Visually Appeals to me and Captures my Heart... Imperfections can and often do make it Perfectly Imperfect in my eyes.  I'm actually glad this was in "As Is" Condition so that it was affordable and well within my Budget!  *Smiles*

Because I wouldn't have wanted to Pass on a Piece like this and leave it behind... so I was totally Jazzed that this was my first 'Score' at the Event!  I was colored so Happy that even if I hadn't found another thing I would have been Content to leave with just this Pick!  Not that I didn't find another thing mind you... but you know what I mean!?  *LOL*  Doesn't it look right at Home in Bohemian Valhalla?

That Sweet little Bird perched on top, the Amazing Old World Clock Face and Ornate Hands...

The Darling Cherubs holding up the Clock Globe... the Lion's Feet and Marble Base...

Here's a side view...

Can you tell I just Love, Love, Love it??!!!  *Smiles*  And I had ample Time to Photograph it at Leisure and every conceivable angle once I got it Home and it even looks Fab in the out of focus shots!  *Winks*

Because remember the 'Clue'... number of times I Photograph something is usually in direct correlation with how much Love for it I have!  *Smiles*

But I digress... lets get back to Shopping shall we?  And enjoying the "Hugo" Inspired Theme.  Who knew how Extraordinarily Lovely a Display of Ordinary Ball Bearings could be?

And I have Mad Love for Old Bibles, these Antique European Style Bibles are exquisite even in their tattered condition.  I have a 300 year old European Bible in my Old Bible Collection that has been passed down in our Family and is very similar to the Styling and size of these.  I can tell you that the graphics on the inside are as stunning as the detailing on the outside.

And after seeing this Display I might start up a Collection of Old Ball Bearings I dig out of The Man's Workshops!  *LOL*

I came very close to coming away with one of these Sweet little Industrial hanging Light fixtures, they were priced to Sell... but I hesitated and by the time I changed my mind, they were all Sold.  Well... maybe next time... they weren't on my Mission Statement of this Day's Picking anyways... *LOL*

And do you realize how difficult it was sticking to my Budget and Mission Statement with such an array of Treasures creating such a Lust of the Eyes??!???!????!!!  *Arghhhhhhh!!!*

Truly, even if Money were no object, I'd have to pack up and find more House to put it all in!!!  *LOL*   Do you have that problem too my Friends?  An insatiable appetite for Beautiful things and Found Treasures... and not nearly enough space to put it all and Display it all in?

I Believe that some People become Stylists or set up a Shop for just this reason... so that they never have a Saturation Point for their Passions of Sourcing & Purchasing Lovelies and Styling with them to their Heart's Content!   

Because truly I could Enjoy Styling and Sourcing for your Home and spending your Money just as much as my own!  *Winks*   And I've had a lot of Fun doing that for Friends in fact!  *LOL*

Yep, I could Convince and Encourage you to buy a lot of stuff to Style your Home and bring your Vision to Life... I'm 'helpful' like that... or is it called enabling??  *Winks*  Yes, I could be responsible for totally contributing to your delinquency and corrupting you regardless of what it's called!  *LOL*  I'm the GF your Guy warned you about... but I'm not Gender specific, I've contributed to many a Guy's delinquency in seeking out their Found Treasures too and spending their Money... it's not just us Gals that Love the Thrill of the Hunt, Collecting and Junquing!

In fact I know plenty of Guys who are as afflicted as we are when it comes to being Passionate about Collecting, Junquing and being totally addicted to the Thrill of the Hunt and Sourcing for their Man Caves!  *Winks*


And a lot of them have Style and a point of view... in fact, some of the Sections I'll be profiling of this Event were Styled and Sourced by the Guys on the Sweet Team and they do an Amazing job.

And I Hope you'll come back Tomorrow and see even more of what's Showing and yet another Hollywood Movie that Inspired the Sweet Team?  Because there's still loads to Experience and be Inspired by...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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