Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Now Showing ~ "Breakfast At Tiffanys"

Okay... so where are all my Glam Girls?  'Cause you're gonna flip for this Post!  *Winks*

Yes, we're at a Section of the SWEET SALVAGE "Now Showing" Event that was Inspired by the Ultimate Classy Hollywood Glam Movie "Breakfast At Tiffanys"...

Starring the Adorable and Classy Audrey Hepburn.  And I think the Sweet Team nailed it in Styling this area to evoke a Classic Hollywood Style that you could Imagine as Ms. Hepburn's Style. 


Sleek, Sophisticated, Sexy and Classic.

In gorgeous complimentary Hues of Ivory, Black, Turquoise & Dove Grey...

And lotsa Bling, Pearls and Crystal... coupled with Sophisticated Classic Fashions!!!  *Winks*

Throw in some Silver and Romantic Touches and  you have the Ultimate Glam Girl Fantasy come to Life!

Check out this Swoon worthy Ruffled Linen in graduated shades of Turquoise...

And Fabulous Chandies dripping with Crystals...

Gorgeous Gowns...

And you've got perfect "Breakfast At Tiffanys" Style...

You can't help but feel extravagant and Elegant in such a setting as this.  And whether you were on the Hunt for an over-the-top Ballroom Style Chandie...

Or a more Restrained one... it was to be found here!

And what says Hollywood Glam Style better than Accents of Animal Print Fabrics?  *Winks*

Everything was Sumptuous and Decadent...

And I'm a big Fan of Walls of Mirrors reflecting Beauty back at ya!!

Yes, you could feel every bit the Movie Star and Leading Lady in a Room Styled like this!!!

And put a Vintage Beaver Top Hat on your Leading Man and Walla... Hollywood Magic!  *Winks*


But if Silver isn't your Sparkling Hue then go with the Midas Touch of Gold instead...

I was Adoring this Vintage Mustard Tin which claimed to be the Supplier of Mustard to Royalty... and the fact that a Mustard Tin would look this Elegant would be Testimony to a Royal Touch!  Pass the Grey Poupon please!!!  *LOL*

Are you Glam Gals totally diggin' this?  I thought you would.

And what Glam Goddess doesn't enjoy Vintage Hats?

And Vintage Accessories... LOVING this Vintage Satin Pillow with the gorgeous Millinery Floral!


Yeah if you're going to have Breakfast anywhere, it might as well be at Tiffanys!

Be sure to come back Tomorrow as we continue our Tour of SWEET SALVAGE and yet another Hollywood Movie Inspired Section!

A Hint... it will be even more Hollywood Glam Style Inspired by an Iconic Blonde Bombshell..

Don't miss it...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I love that blue sequenced number in that one photo. I don't think I could pull off that look... but I'm sure my Claire will one of these days.

  2. Oh the colors!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic!


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