Thursday, July 26, 2012

Now Showing ~ "Annie Get Your Gun"

We're in the Southwest and so it's not surprising that at the SWEET SALVAGE "Now Showing" Event, that a Section Inspired by a Hollywood Western would be so Popular.

"Annie Get Your Gun" paying Tribute to Annie Oakley, a Western Legend, had lotsa Cowgirl Treasures, Decor and Fashions to Delight us all.  I personally 'Scored' two of my Found Treasures in this Section, which will be Revealed later in the Post.

But I must say that this Tapestry Bolster Pillow with Wild Mustang Scene was something I would have liked to have brought Home as well.  But I hesitated... and someone else 'Scored' it...

And how Patriotic and Cool is this Equestrian Inspired Vintage Banner!!!??

The Cowgirl Boots didn't last long... I'm still in search of the Perfect Gypsy Style Cowgirl Boot...

And there were lots of Colorful Vintage pieces from South of the Border as well...

Wonderful Zarapes and Hand-Crafted and Hand-Painted Lovelies... Vintage Western Art and Prints... Western Style Belt Buckles and Fashion Accessories...

Animal Hides and Wonderful Old Sepia Photographs of those who might have Settled the Wild West...

Equestrian Collectibles... and Ranch Style Dinnerware...

And even the Men's Room had a decidedly Southwestern Flair & Flavor... yep, the door was open so I peeked inside the Men's Room when the coast was clear *LOL*... since the Ladies' Room was all Marilyn, I just had to see what the Men had in there for decor!?!  *LOL*

Out West we also have lots of Farmland so I really enjoyed the Agricultrual Elements offered up as well.   And the Farmhouse and Ranch Style Furnishings, Simple yet Beautiful.

It might have been Comical to have a Hangman's Noose on this Gorgeous Architectural Post with Ornate Corbel... *LOL*

And I am sure these Vintage Dress Forms were totally decked out in Awesome Cowgirl Splendor, Annie Oakley Style, but alas, I got to this Section of the Event too late to give you Pristine Visuals and all the Forms had been practically stripped bare of their Fashions by then!  *Smiles & yet a Sigh that I didn't get to capture it through the Eye of my lens for you all!*

This entire Section was unfoofed and Picked clean in no time!!!

And all the Mannequin Cowgirls were practically Neckid' with just their Petticoats left on!!! *Winks*

And the Smalls were scooped up and the 'Sold' signs attached to the majority of the large pieces just waiting for pickup...  yep, here in the Southwest, apparently Western is still very much On Trend as a Style of choice.  *Smiles*

And what did I manage to still Discover in spite of a late Arrival you might ask?  Okay... I'll show you my Delightful 'Scores'...

This Awesome Equestrian Loving Cup... Hi Ho Silver... I was totally Jazzed to add this to my Collection of Loving Cups and it was such a Bargain at $8 that I was doing my Happy Dance!

And this 1960's Satin Horse Ribbon was added to my Collection of those too... also at a Bargain!  Loved the Colors and Style of Bow.

And be sure to come back Tomorrow as we are Transported to a Section Inspired by a Hollywood Movie set in the South of France... "Chocolat"!  All of you Francophiles aren't going to want to miss it...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

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  1. Very fun western adventure in treasure!!!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie


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