Sunday, July 15, 2012

Motivating 'The Procrastinators'...

As I regale you with pretty pictures, can we talk?   I need to unload a bit of a Rant you see, not to shake up the World and Change things, but just to get it off my chest, which always feels ever so much better even if nothing really Changes.  *LOL*

Because this is an Issue not specific to me, I'm fairly certain many of you have dealt with it in one way or another, whether you ARE one or you KNOW one... I'm talking about 'The Procrastinators'!  And specifically, MOTIVATING The Procrastinators, which can turn out to be somewhat of a full time job in and of itself sometimes! 

Yes, Dealing with the "I'm gonna..." People effectively is just not something I'm good at because it takes the Patience of a Saint... and I fall short in that particular arena, because Patience is not necessarily one of my strongest Virtues any more than getting things Started or Done is one of theirs! *Winks*

However, I have found that Dealing with The Procrastinators in my Life has indeed Exercised the Virtue of Patience for me and so I'm getting better at being Patient.  So... I suppose it could be a Blessing in Disguise if you want to look at it that way, since it has at least been perfecting me in a weak area... but some days I do not look at it that way at all!  *LOL*

As a Goal Oriented Person who sets specific Goals and moves towards them Daily, if only a little bit at a time on days I'm not entirely Gung-Ho, I simply do not understand the habit of Procrastination, it is a Mystery to me why anyone would be Comfortable or Content being that way?  Perhaps it Works for some People since I would Imagine that after a Time everyone gets so Tired of Waiting on them that they just move forward and get it Done themselves?

I'm Imagining that because that's what usually happens with me anyway... since I Live by the Mantra of: "DO SOMETHING!!!  Lead, Follow or get the Hell out of the Way!!! "  *LOL ~ As you can plainly see I'm still Working on the Patience thing myself!  Smiles*

And I don't know, but I Suppose that The Doers might also get on the nerves of The Procrastinators as well since we can be their greatest Source of Irritant about getting their motors jump started to Do something or not stall out so that they might actually Finish something?!  *Winks*

Yet, I'm Imagining that our Frustration as Doers HAS to be more Intense by virtue of the fact that after Everything is Done by Someone Else and they're off the hook of Investing themselves in any of the Process, since they chose to Procrastinate Indefinitely, how could that possibly be all that Irritating or Frustrating, REALLY?!?  I mean, lets be Real, they just got a Free Ride!!!  *LOL* 

And though I might not expect Animals or Very Small Children to be of much Help... if you're not one or the other, well, my Expectations rise a little Higher for you and I'd like to give you the benefit of any Doubt and have you Rise to the occassion!?  *Winks*  Because Truly, The Procrastinators are usually quite Able to Do... they just Choose not to Do and stay stuck in "I'm Gonna..." Mode... and even with the Best of Intentions, "I'm Gonna..." NEVER gets anything actually Done!!!

 And I must say, that Motivating The Procrastinators is like Cheerleading a Team that is Losing... and not likely to Win if they don't switch gears or even get into gear and into the Game!  *Le Sigh*  After a while I just put the Pom-Poms down and get in the Game Myself to Salvage any Hope that all will not be Lost because some of the Players might as well be on the Bench than on the Field giving the Illusion that they're in the Game at all!?

And frankly, I'd rather skip Martyrdom altogether, I've got enough to Do without picking up Someone else's Slack!   I'll Do what I'm supposed to Do and I prefer that they just Do what they're supposed to Do without needing Perpetual Prompting or an Intervention!  *Smiles*  Save that for Reality TV... it might be considered Entertaining to watch such Dysfunction from afar, but in the thick of it there's nothing Amusing or Endearing about it... NOTHING!

And all that being now said... just to get it off my Chest mind you and Vent, since it's obviously bugging me and a Rant will Release some Frustration into the Universe so I can just Let It Go.  *LOL*    I can now feel a bit better about something that I obviously can't Change because it would involve Changing Others and I'm Wise enough to know that is not possible... we can only Change Ourselves. 

So... I suppose I'll just have to Learn to Accept that if The Procrastinators are wired that way and don't Choose to Change their Natural Urge to put things off and Do Nothing or Not Finish... I'll just have to Change my Attitude about Dealing with them, since Deal with them we must.  And know that even The Procrastinators have Qualities and Strengths we can certainly Admire, and just Forgive them their Weaknesses... since we all have those too. {Shocking I know, that You and I aren't Perfect and Others have to ALSO Deal with THAT!!! Winks.}

And who knows... they may just be Writing a Ranting Post Today about US?!?  *Gasp!*  Those darn Goal~Oriented~Doing People who always seem to be Wanting and Needing to get things Done... and should just Relax and say, "Manana"!!!????  *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Well! I sure hope you FEEL better :) (Wink. Wink.) And as long as we're confessing, on a procrasinator's scale (1 being TOTALLY not and 10 being TOTALLY am), I'm probably a I may be one of the type who has been building your - or someone elses - patience. You can thank me now.

    Believe it or not, I really DO hate it in myself just about as much as you dislike it in others. But I must say that when it's something I REALLY want done....I want it done NOW. Or YESTERDAY, actually.


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