Friday, July 6, 2012

I Love Loving Cups

The one Collection that I would like to expand is that of Vintage Loving Cups!  I Love Loving Cups and my Collection right now consists of a mere two... which I don't even know if a couple of anything can actually be thought of and deemed as a Collection?!  *LOL*

But they're so darn hard to come by and when I have found some, they're usually way outside of my budget and I have to pass.  I'm Thankful that the duo I 'scored' were not in the stratosphere and so they could be a guilty indulgence... my Fantasy would be to find a Box Lot of these things at some Auction for a pittance!  *Winks... hey, if you're gonna Dream, Dream Big I always say!*

I Love that each Trophy is Engraved, telling of it's History and the Date it was Awarded... I like to Imagine what the Recipient was like and what happened that they or their heirs parted with this deeply Personal Treasure of Athletic Recognition?

And along with the much smaller Loving Cups... I also have a couple of Trophy Ice Buckets in a similar Styling that I also Adore and Enjoy and snagged whilst Goodwill Hunting for that pittance I was talking about. *Winks, SEE, it CAN happen!*  Like oversized Versions of the Loving Cup they were Awarded as Trophies and often Engraved with significant data about the Event they were Presented for and they make great Vases.

So, I'll be Patient and see what the Future holds in my Junquing Forrays and Hope that some Loving Cups and Ice Bucket Trophies can someday be added to the Collection... and perhaps even to my Booth... since I'm fairly certain I'm not the only one that has a Passion for these particular Found Treasures?!?

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

*The Gorgeous Loving Cup in the 1st two Images is one I have been lusting over at ANTIQUE GATHERINGS ... and alas, is totally outside of this Gal's Modest Budget.  Le Sigh*


  1. I see these in magazines all the time,but I have never ever come across one in life. They are so rich in their luster!

  2. This reminded me of a little trophy I won as a girl in a track event. I treasured that trophy. Long gone now.


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