Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 80th Birthday Mom!!!

Today is a very Special day... it is my Mom's 80th Birthday!!!  Happy Birthday Mom, in the words of Billy Crystal who always made us Laugh: You still look Absolutely Mahvelous Dahrlink!!!  *Winks*

Alas, this will be the 1st Birthday we have been apart and not able to Celebrate it together since we now live in different States.  But I have many, many fond Memories of all of the other Birthday Celebrations we Shared.  And I can't look at a Fresh Orchid, piece of  Jasper Blue Wedgwood, Exotic Tapestries or flashy Bohemian Bling without thinking about her... since these were among some of her Favorite Things.

After all, we ALL learned about the 'Good Stuff' from my Mom... from Antiques to European Fabrics... from precious Gems & good Jewelry to the best in Bohemian Fashion & Flair. 

She showed us how to have a Good & Proper Mad Tea Party!!!  Hanging out with Mom was like falling down the Rabbit Hole and being with a Real Life Alice In Wonderland!

My Childhood Memories are filled with Traveling the World with her and my Dad... and Images of her just like this.  I always wanted Amazing Blue-Black Curly Hair like hers, the Color of a Raven's Wing... but my Brother got that. *Smiles* 

But even much later in Life, when she decided to go Blonde... she pulled it off in Stunning Style like a Boheme' Marilyn Monroe!!!  If I could look like this as a Blonde, well you better Believe, I'd be breaking out the Clairol and going Platinum too!   *Winks*

 Mom has always led by Example what Class, Style, Strength, Faith, Tenacity, Fortitude and Zest for Life Truly is.  And a Free Spirit Mom has always been, supremely Confident to totally be True to herself and fiercely Proud of one's Heritage.  Even when others showed prejudice, mocked and weren't accepting, she Proudly held her head high & if it bothered or hurt her she never once showed it!   She has been an Inspiration all of my Life... and she was so thrilled when I put her Image on my Art's Label... I couldn't have Imagined any other Bohemian Beauty 'Representing' better!

During the Era of Leave It To Beaver & June Cleaver Moms on the block who looked so ordinary to me, my Mom dared to be different, to be Extraordinarily herself.  The Exotic Foreign-born Bohemian Spirit with lots of Bling, Outrageous Earring Collections, Bold Bright Colorful Style & Fashion that timid Gals couldn't pull off with the same Natural Confidence that Mom always displayed.

 How Amazing she always looked, whether in a Sassy Silk Kimona Style Wrap or dressed to the Nines... and even when battling serious Health Issues most of her Life.  This is a Woman who would Dress Fashionably, do her Hair and put on all her Jewelry before she'd even make a trip to the Emergency Room no matter how sick she was... she wasn't about to look like death warmed over, Heaven Forbid!  When she rolled in she was going to Bedazzle and Charm everyone... and she did!!!  *LOL*

And boy does she know how to throw a Party!!!  Because she is the Life of any Party and certainly knew how to have a Good Time... the Gift of Hospitality is what Mom excells in most!  And yeah, that's me and my 'lil Bro' at a Birthday Bash she threw for me when we lived in Cape Cod near the Beach.  {Insert me having a Rush of Nostalgia about all the Family's Beach Memories together and could my Mom ever Rock a Bikini & get enviably Beautifully dark Bronze-Tanned Swarthy in a heartbeat!  Smiles} 

Yes, my Parents made a Handsome Couple and I am Blessed to have such a Wonderful Mom and Dad... and have them for so long in Life.  Dad had always been extremely Healthy with nary a sick day most of his Life so I fully expected him to live to a ripe Old Age... which he did before finally passing from Time into Eternity. 

But Mom has battled poor Health since Birth and Soldiered on in spite of many grim prognosis and serious, chronic illness ... Enduring... refusing to give in, give up or give out... Prevailing with the Fiercest Spirit and physical toughness you will ever see.  She always kept an Immaculate and Stylish Home without any help & fiercely Independant, regardless of declining Health.  Never following Trends, she was much more Inclined to be a Trend Setter & provide Inspiration to others who followed her Lead... or better yet, do what nobody else was doing or wearing so that she'd always be Unique and Distinctive!

And Today is her 80th Birthday!  WOW, what a Testimony!!!

Happy 80th Birthday Mom {AKA: Nanna}... we Love and Miss You so very much... I know you'll make your Special Day Memorable to everyone around you!!!

I know you made every day around you Special & Memorable to us!!!

With Much Love Always... Dawn and the Family


  1. I finally now get why you all are so beautiful.
    Truly, that was a fantastic post and I loved every word of it.
    Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mother.

  2. I'm sure you're sad not to live closer to her - especially toDAY! Thanks for "sharing" her with us! I feel like I've been to her party personally! I'd love to have someone describe me the way you've described your mother!

    Happy birthday, Nana!

  3. Happy Birthday Dawn's Mom!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!! Beautiful tribute to her Dawn... I love that picture of her leaning against the box...very bohemian attitude...Love it... Wonderful post for your Mom...<3


  4. I Big Happy Birthday to your Beautiful Mom from Tausha!! love the pictures, so nice to see the Family ... take carexoxo

  5. A very happy birthday to your very wonderful Mom!! Here's to many more and hoping her special day is great!
    Always, Queenie

  6. That was the nicest tribute I have ever read! Great job Dawn! Your mother sounds like a great woman of whom you are very proud! Your love for her has shone through.
    I like it here at your blog....will 'stick around' a bit.

  7. Congratulations! You look like your mother!

    Love Janny

  8. ahahhhhhhh Happy Birtday to your MOm 80th ? wow


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