Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th Of July!!!

Nothing is as All-American as Apple Pie... and Celebrating the 4th of July at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST we were giving away Free Apple Pie today!  Here's my Friends Dan & Geo working hard to make it a great 4th of July Shopping Adventure for the kick-off of our 5-Day 4th of July Event & 15% Off Sale!


I swapped Shifts so that I could take the G-Kid Force to see Fireworks Tonight... so it was my 1st experience of working Days.  It was busy, busy, busy from the start, with the crowds getting bigger by early Afternoon! {Sorry no Photos once I was on Shift... too busy! Smiles}  And more of a work-out than spending a Morning at the Gym!  *LOL*

So... take a quick Cruise with me around the Mall before I go on Shift and see just a small Sampling of the Treasures waiting to be 'Scored' at the Sale!!!  A Peacock Barbie... GOTTA Love that!  *Winks*

And there was lots of Patriotic Red, White & Blue Styling Celebrating the 4th!!!

This Cool Medical Sign lights up for each area!  I'm thinking this would make an Awesome Halloween Prop come October!

Lots of Rustic Styling Options as well...

I Love Yo-Yo Style Hand-Made Linens...

And this Antique Needlepoint Chair is To Die For!

If you were Decorating Hollywood Glam Style how about some Large Vintage Industrial Film Reels in a trio of hues!?!

I'm actually lamenting not having the time to pick some of these up before they are sold out!?!

And you all know how much I Adore anything in Turquoise or Aqua Hues!?!  *LOL*

Great pieces of Vintage and Antique Furniture are some of our best sellers... I'm Loving the gorgeous Detailing, Old Velvet and Hue of this Chair!

Old Copper and Fresh Lavender bunches... Perfection for a French Country Style!!!

And if you're going Old West Style... there's plenty of Styling Options for you too!!!

And there's still going to be FOUR MORE DAYS of this Awesome Event & Sale!!!  With Free Food, Hourly Gift Certificate Give-Aways... and 15% off EVERYTHING in the Mall!!!

And I'm giving you an Exclusive Bird's Eye View of the Mall from our 2nd Level, which isn't yet open to the Public...

I Love giving you some Aerial Views of some of the Booths and Aisles...

That you wouldn't otherwise be able to enjoy...

But the Views from the ground are pretty Awesome too don't you think?

There really is Eye Candy EVERYWHERE!!!

And the fact that every piece is presently on SALE during this Event... WOW!!!

Lovely White 'Flower Madonna'...

My Booth still has a few Religious Vintage items available... but Sorry... all my Globes & Vintage Wall Maps Sold Out quickly!   But several other Vendors have Sourced some...

I personally have 'A Thing' for Vintage Radios, whether working or not... I just Adore the Styling of them... for Decorating Purposes.

And no matter what YOU have 'A Thing' for my Friends... you're certain to find it here... so be sure to stop by during our 4th Of July Event going on through Sunday Night!

HAPPY 4th OF JULY... Dawn... The Bohemian

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