Saturday, June 9, 2012

When Treasures Find You

{In "As Found" Condition...}

Sometimes the best Treasures aren't those that you find... they are the Treasures that FIND YOU!!!  I am a firm Believer in the Laws Of Attraction, whatever your focus is intently upon, your thoughts and words line up with and you connect yourself to... somehow has a way of being attracted to you, good or bad.   And so I have, with Great Intention, always sought to line my focus, my thoughts, actions and words with what I Love and want in my Life.  I am careful of what & who I connect myself to so that what is attracted to me will be for my good and delight... and will bring positive energy into my Life and Sphere of Influence.

{No holes or excessive wear.... those light spots are sunlight through the Mesquite Tree branches overhead.}

Now as you well know, my Love Affair with Persian Rugs is Legendary!  *Winks*  I feel a strong connection to these Magnificent woven works of Art and I've never seen one I didn't Adore, in any condition.  So picture this... The Man and I are driving into downtown Phoenix on our way to his Surgical Consultation... it is a rather somber atmosphere as we face another major risky surgery he must endure... and so we're talking about anything and everything but THAT to alleviate stress and the anxiety of what the Surgeon will say & is up against... which we already know is complex.   We enjoy talking about Historic Architecture, the Old Parts of the City and Junquing, so our conversation gravitates in that direction as we near a site that I know a gorgeous Huge Red Brick Hacienda Style Historic Home was razed several years ago.  It still grieves me as I know not why it was destroyed, it appeared in pristine condition just before it went down & the corner lot has remained Vacant and undeveloped all these years later.   So I'm recalling that Beautiful Old Home that is no more and as we stop at the Red Light at the Intersection beside the Vacant Lot now laid to waste & neglect, I'm looking at this mound of old rubble, debris and trash at the back half of the lot near the alleyway, with something that resembles a Persian Rug amidst it?!?!!  WHAT?!?!???!  I look more closely... OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Honey, that's a Persian Rug in that Garbage pile!!!" I squeal... quick, hang the corner and drive onto that Vacant Lot!!!  "It's probably trashed & ruined...", he says... but I persist, after all, these Magnificent Rugs were Created and Designed to withstand Centuries of use in a Desert environment... and even in Aged & greatly Worn Condition I still find them to be Divine & exquisitely Beautiful.  No telling how long it had lain there in the elements, partially buried in debris and in the harsh unrelenting Arizona weather... it was in pretty nasty condition with dirt, grime, animal hair and whatever else that it had been exposed to after being discarded... but it still looked in remarkable condition to me!  Yep, it still had the Import Tag... and sewn Leather edging to keep it from shifting on a tile floor... it's Wool, 10 foot by 5.4 feet so a rather large Rug, the weave was tight and the Colors looked possibly Vegetable Dye, which had run in all the weather & neglect it has been exposed to, but you could still see the gorgeous Design and it was still remarkably vivid in Hues.

So needless to say, I rolled it up and threw it in the back of the truck... {No small feat, do you know how heavy a dirty Wool Rug of this size is?!?}... and here it is... {Forgive the lousy pixs, I was squishing around on it trying to get some of the grime off to make it semi-presentable to Photograph, LOL}, rolled out on our patio slab in "As Found" Condition, which was horrendous ... being soaked down, washed & cleaned Gypsy Style... which is a primitive way of doing it since the budget demands frugality & improvising... and hey, the Rug was Free & had obviously taken many Monsoon drenched soakings while out in the elements anyways... so in a few days it will be dried out, scented with a spritz of Exotic Essential Oils, swept and vacuumed... ready for Bohemian Valhalla.  And I'm beyond Delighted that this Persian Beauty found me... on a day when we definitely needed cheering up and a positive energy & vibe to affirm Divine Favor in our Lives.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Quite an exceptional find, my friend - and I know I don't have to tell you that. Happy that you "stumbled" on it at just the right time.....

  2. OMG!!!! are you kidding!!! that is awesome!!! What a find and those colors....I do not understand that being thrown away...but oh well your good fortune, Dawn, ...Hope all is going to be okay with the Man...will keep good thoughts & prayers going for him...:)



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