Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Ultimate Scores!!!

You know how sometimes the Stars, Moon & your Junquing Mojo just line up perfectly?  And you end up with the Ultimate 'Scores'?!?  Yeah, it was that kinda Junquing Day for me my Friends and I was TOTALLY Jazzed & in Junquing Valhalla!  And the best thing... I 'scored' both Ultimate Treasures right in THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST where my own Booth is... so I didn't even have to Travel far to hit the Junquing Motherlode!  I've been wanting a very Old  Cool looking Display Radio for a long time... with no expectations for it to be in working order or restored since it was just for Styling Purposes.

Yeah, I've seen a lot of Cool ones that were possibilities... but typically, if they were really Awesome looking, they were highly Collectible it seems and their pricing was not within this Frugal Junquer's Budget... I wanted a Deal!  {LOL, don't we all?!?}

And I had a specific Vision in my head of the Style & Color I wanted & preferred... yeah, I tend to be very OCD like that, which narrows the options & possibilities considerably of discovering the right Piece...

But I'm tenacious when it comes to Junquing for the Perfect Piece and holding out 'til I find it!  And my patience and tenacity paid off... in Spades... because check out this AWESOME Old Blonde Wooden Firestone Radio with Turquoise Accents that I 'scored' for under twenty bucks!

 OMG I just LOVE EVERYTHING about it!  It exceeded the Vision in my head... which rarely happens since I have Lofty Visions!  *Winks*  Just look at those Cool Styling of the Numbers... and the Patina & Hues of the Wooden Case and Dial Faces is sheer Perfection!!!

And the Coolest thing is that when you turn it around all of the innerds are exposed... showing those Cool Old Tubes & Mechanisms that they used back in the day...  how Educational for the G-Kids is that?!


I find Beauty in the Old Details of Vintage Items... even the Functional pieces were more Detailed & Aesthetic than Modern equivalents are.

And this fits and goes with the Decor of where I had Intended to Display the Piece when I finally found it!!!


Now even with Lasik my Old Eyes can't fathom the Date of Manufacture here... so perhaps you all can help a Sista out?  *Winks*  

And I am especially pleased that it goes so well with my Favorite Antique Pitcher.  But the Radio wasn't the most Ultimate Score of the Day my Friends... can you Believe THAT!!??!  I don't know if you all remember the 2-Wheel Bike Fiasco at Christmastime... where Yours Truly discovered that I was too short for my Vintage Style Bicycle that The Man got me and my balance ain't what it used to be so we had to return it?  And in our Search for an Adult Tricycle we discovered that they tend to be very expensive Special Orders sight-unseen... and I didn't want to commit to something I couldn't see & touch in person, know the quality of and would have to spend that much money on!!!  Plus... I really wanted a Vintage One if at all possible... but they seemed to be very few & far between, especially Functional ones...

And it's been a long 6-Month Wait... because I really was Jonesin' for getting in Shape on leisurely Bike Rides around the Hood as part of my Weight Loss & Exercise Regimen of 2012.   And I'm not one to say Good Things come to those who Wait... especially in the Realm of Junquing because often those who Wait just get the Leftovers of what was left behind by those who Got There First! *LOL*  But one of the Dealers at our Mall often comes up and talks to me when she's stocking her Booth... we have a similar Aesthetic & Vibe.  I happened to mention my Adult Vintage Tricycle Quest & as it happens her Sister was Selling one!!! *Whoop-Whoop!*

So when she brought it in to her Booth I happened to be Working that Evening... so I called The Man to ask for his Credit Card Number & do a Phone Purchase... *LOL*  Yeah, this one wasn't getting by me even though the Budget wasn't going to allow a Cash transaction... though this certainly was a Good Deal & almost half of the Retail Cost on a new Modern one... so I was Stoked to snag it!!!

Now naturally I had to Gypsify it... *Winks*... even though it had all the things I wanted on a Trike like the large rear Basket & lots of Chrome...  So I set about the Gypsifying Process... breaking out the 1920's Antique Belgian Cut Velvet for the Seat that my Friends George & Sandy Kelley, who own a Lovely Bed & Breakfast, SHORT BREAKS, in Borgloon, Belgium, had sent me...

And the European Vintage Embroidered Trims & Tassles & Lace...

And my Friend Angela's Hand-Dyed Lovely Vintage Velvet & Silks she gave me to tie everything up with... in my Favorite Hues.

And of coarse some Silk Fringe... and the mounting of the Wicker Basket The Man had bought me for the Bicycle that didn't work out...

And now it is perfectly My Style... Gypsy Bohemian Eclectic Chic... a Perfect Traveler Mobile... well, until I get my Vintage Airstream or Gypsy Vardo that is!  *Smiles*

I just LOVE my Vintage Trike!!!  And the best part is that I didn't lose my balance or fall off when I took it on the Maiden Voyage!  *Smiles*  Now this is Important since when you get to a certain Season of Life there's no coming back from some injuries... *LOL*

And when I get really adept at riding it the G-Kid Force want me to Invest in one of those covered come-alongs that you can mount to the back of Bikes to cart your Entourage in... *Winks*

And that should REALLY give me a Workout don't you think?  *LOL*

Blessings and Happy Trails to you... from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian



  1. Hi Dawn, looks like you hit the jackpot. What wonderful finds. I love how you have dressed your new vintage tricycle up, now you will be riding in style!
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  2. And here I thought Firestone only made tires. Who knew!
    And hey, why aren't you modeling that new bike of yours for us?

  3. great finds Dawn...and the work details.... When you think about the condition it is in ...a testament for sure for the quality of American workmanship years ago...things were built to last...sadly no more...this may be the reason why people are seeking out the vintage more & more... and i love the cover on the bike...LOL great idea!!!

    Hope all is going well with the Man...You guys remain in my prayers and good thoughts...

    XO ((HUGS)))


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