Friday, June 15, 2012

The Summer Challenge

It's Summer once again... and there's a lot about Summer that I Love... and there's other things about Summer that are a particular Challenge... and No... I'm not talking about the fierce Arizona Heat... I can take the Heat... even when it's 115 degrees plus... 

I'm talking about the G-Kid Force being on Summer Vacation!!! *Insert the Theme Song from the Movie Psycho ~ LOL*  You see, during the Summer the G-Kids want to do EVERYTHING with me, as if we're all conjoined at the hip...

"Why, that's Wonderful and so Sweet!", you might say!?  No... No, it's NOT!!!   I can't move or even appear to be ready to do something without their Gramma Radar going off... it's eerie!!!  No amount of stealth and covert tactics gets past them, so forget about an Escape... they're on High Security Alert for whatever I'm even thinking about doing without them! *Smiles*

Sure, when you meet them and hang out for a brief amount of Time they're utterly Charming.  {This is Prince R with my Adorable Friend Leslie.}  I must admit they clean up well in Public and Adore all my Friends so they're usually eager to Impress and give the Illusion that butter wouldn't melt in their mouths!  *Winks* 

 I could hang out with them in small doses too and be totally in Doting Gramma Mode... but every waking hour during the Summer Vacation Months... not so much!  *LOL*  As a matter of fact, Custodial Grandparents really get cheated out of Spoiling the ones they're raising... it just ain't fair!   Because I could win the Bestest Gramma Award for Spoiling otherwise!!! *Smiles*


So instead I often feel like the Fallen Ballerina when all the Dancing and Twirling and Trying to Keep Up wears me down to a nub in the Parenting Arena... as they Merrily Dance & Twirl on... oblivious that at this Season of Life, Gramma has more of a finite amount of energy and stamina than she used to or that People their Parent's Age would have!  Especially when during the Summer Months they seem to require little if no Sleep... waking before I get up and staying up past when I'm able to!?!  *LOL*

Yeah, I pretty much feel and look like this after having Kids in tow all Day and Night... Kids that are no longer in School, Hyper and close to Boredom if they're not doing something almost all of the time... it's not a pretty picture!  *Smiles*

It's not that everything I do or want to do is all that exciting really to a 6 and 11 year old... but apparently it's better than the alternatives??!  

So I have an Entertainment Factor that Grandpa just don't have... since he's even Older and not in good Health, thus he wears out faster ... so the majority of his time is spent just trying to stay vertical and awake. *LOL*

I can't even begin to tell you the stuff they try to get away with when Grandpa is in charge or nods off in his Recliner if I do manage to sneak away for a brief while or am Working!!!  *Gasp!!!*

Because you see, they often have Accomplices... the Hood Rat Posse rolls deep... and has many Friends.  So our House is usually where they all congregate to do what they swear is 'Playing'... but which usually involves something they shouldn't be doing... or touching... or getting into.  Yes, Heaven Help Us, this is certainly a High Maintenance Bunch & not for the Faint of Heart!  *LOL*

And these two are the Ringleaders... and don't let those Sweet, Innocent looking faces fool you and lull you into a false sense of Security, this Duo is Cunning & Devious!!!   Yes, these are the two, who only Today, while I was away for just a couple of Hours Working my Booth & left Grandpa in charge, managed to bring buckets of water into the Library Room {don't ask}... decide they would make their version of Deviled Eggs in the back Kitchen {aptly named Eggs for this Devilish Duo!}... get into my Jewelry, Lotions, Make-Up & anything else that happened to be Off-Limits and belongs to Yours Truly... AND the Young Prince's Beloved Pokemon Card & Character Collection {he's still recovering from the Trauma of that! LOL}... play with the 100 year old Boudoir Doll {Thankfully she survived!}... and take most of Princess T's clean Laundry out of the Closet to play Dress-Up with & then strew throughout the House!!!  And they don't even look tired or Guilty do they? {This was them Sweetly Greeting me when I came back Home... me, totally unaware of the havok they reeked inside... apparently Grandpa was totally unaware too... Le Sigh... so much for leaving The Man in charge!!!}  

And so you can understand why most of the time I opt to just have them in tow during the Summer Months... and keep a busy enough itinerary to attempt to wear them out... which usually ensures that I'm worn out anyway, even if they're not!  *LOL*

Yes, there are daily jaunts to either the Gym, the Park, the Water Park, Shopping or Junquing with me, the Gardens, Hiking, Walking or anything else I can Dream up for the Summer Challenge to preserve my Sanity and a semblance of Order in the House over Summer Vacation and keep them occupied and busy so that they aren't left to their own devices... which is dangerous ground!

And they really do WANT to do EVERYTHING with me... and considering the alternatives its almost easier to take them... one at a time if at all possible since when they're Tag Teaming you, well, you don't stand a chance!   They Love each other, but they don't Like each other very much or always play well and get along with others... so there is typically much fussing, yelling, fighting, arguing, drama, whining, tattling and crying going on at any given time.  And that's just ME!!!  *LOL ~ well, them too... so if you can't beat 'em, join 'em I always say!*

Thankfully, God was Good... and took Mercy upon me again this Summer... so the Young Prince has been Sponsored by his Doctor's Office again for Church Summer Camp for a week this Month!  *God Bless You All!*

And so I will have an entire week of no lil' Junquing Buddy going, "LOOK, Gramma, LOOK!!!"  *Winks, I almost bought this Vintage Sign on account of it being so spot on appropriate! Smiles*

And The Aunties have said they are flying in this Month too, to take Princess T to Texas for a week... or two... *You Gals are earning your Sainthood... really you are... Thank You & God Bless You too!!!! *

And what can I say about that except that I'm glad there's three of you's... because Aunties, you're gonna need all the Backup and Replacements you can get to hang with the Beast Princess!!!  *LOL*


And me, what will I be doing during the Wonderful Respite, if I manage to get both of the G-Kid Force whisked away on their Trips at the same time?   Well, it will be like...
 Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things...  *Winks*

And luxuriating in what is left of my possessions that the Dynamic Girl Duo didn't manage to discover and get into!  *Winks*

And taking lots of extended, uninterrupted Naps amidst Gypsy Boudoir Splendor!!!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

NOTE: All of Today's Images were taken either at our Home, RUST & ROSES or SIRENS & SAINTS/FRILLY FROCKS


  1. Well, I'm exhausted just READING this! I'm unclear...did you manage to schedule it so that BOTH of them will be away at the same time????

    1. Alas, one of the Aunties called this weekend to tell me that Princess T's Trip to Texas will be delayed... we Hope not indefinitely!? *LOL, maybe they read this Post too?!? Cowards!!! Winks*

      Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Very clever writing with pictures to help us visualize! I think it's healthy for you to "complain" about your little darlings. I can tell you love them dearly. As the mother of a daughter who had to be "busy" all the time, my advice is to get them on a summer swim team. Great exercise and it wears them out! It was the best thing for my daughter and kept her out of trouble. Even got a college scholarship out of it. Never had any problems with my son. Could explain why we stopped having children after the daughter! Ha! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Robin Flies South

    1. Great Suggestion Robin... yes, I take them Swimming often, for hours at a time... and on LONG Hikes up Desert Trails... yet they always seem to be good for another 10,000 miles... wish I could bottle that youthful Energy, I could make Millions I tell you! *Winks*

      Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. You've got some really fun pieces, especially your mannequin and doll heads!


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