Monday, June 4, 2012

Rust & Roses Is Having A Sale!!!

The last time I visited RUST & ROSES I noticed that my Favorite Chair had been 'Sold'... and it made me wonder... will the new Owner re-upholster it?

Or leave at least some of it in it's Beautiful State of Benign Neglect & Deconstruction by Time?

I realize that precious few appreciate the dilapidated and decrepid in their "As Found" condition like I do... so I suspect this will end up looking like new again... which is not necessarily a bad thing... a good Restoration can be Divine too.   

I just prefer it like it is... that is what the fascination and attraction to it is with me.   And it saddens me to Imagine that this Fabulous State of Deconstruction could be Lost...

So I prefer to Imagine that it won't be?! *Smiles*

And it's not like The Goose... where I can have regular "Visitation"  since I couldn't get it... *Winks*...  So I'll just have to remember The Chair as it was... through Images captured through the eye of my lens...

But that's what is so great about Photographing things you Love and can't have... at least you have the Inspiration through the Images... and don't have to find a place for it in your Home!  *LOL*

Shelly has so many great Treasures at RUST & ROSES that the Inspiration of the pieces, even those I won't own, continues through the Images captured during my visits.

And right now Shelly is having a Sale at the Shop in preparation for clearing it out for the Summer Closing, when she & the Shop Gals will be Traveling to Source even more Treasures to re-fill the Shop with when it Opens again in the Fall.

So this would be the Ideal time for you to Source your Found Treasures for Home, Shop, Office or Special Project!

And I can't wait to see what Shelly & the Shop Gals bring back with them for the Fall Grand Re-Opening!?!

And during the fierce Summer Heat of Arizona is the best time to get outta Town and do your Junquing and Picking in Cooler locales!  *Winks*

So that you don't end up like this Guy... a Desert Casualty!  *LOL*  Yep, you can still discover Skullies littered here and there throughout the Arizona Desert.

And though I will certainly miss visiting RUST & ROSES during the long, Hot Summer Months... it will certainly be something to look forward to in the Fall when they re-open and Reveal all of the new Found Treasures!

And this Month will be Fun for everyone to hit the big Sale and snap up some of the current Lovelies at discounted prices...

And this Post shall be just a small sampling of what caught my eye during my last visit...

But there's so much MORE...

With just a few exceptions of Treasures that I took Home with me.  *Winks*  Couldn't resist this Vintage Photo Album...

But due to limited wall space I did leave behind this Sweet Vintage Print of Playful Victorian Era Kittens...

I just Love the Masterful way the Vignettes are arranged in the Shop... so much Inspiration and Beauty...

Inside and Out...

Because in the Back Yard and Patio of the Shop there is a wealth of Treasures and Inspiring Vignettes as well...

Including your opportunity to visit the RUST & ROSES Mini Manse before Shelly takes off on her Travels in it...

And if you've ever envisioned your own Gypsy Bohemian Caravan... {Haven't we all? Winks}... well this will certainly provide sufficient Inspiration for Styling the Interior... 

In fact, Shelly's Transformation of this Vintage Caravan was nothing short of Miraculous!  And will convince you that anything is possible with a Dream, hard work and sufficient Vision...

And keeping this Delightful Shop Styled and Stocked so Fabulously is a lot of hard work, Dreams and Visions coming together to make it a Reality for our Shopping Pleasure!

And all of the Shop Gals do a Magnificent Job!  I've learned so much from them all in the Art of Display and Styling.

Though the G-Kid Force were quick to point out and tell me that my Zither Display in my Booth didn't look nearly so Lovely as Miss Shelly's did in her Display!  *LOL ~ Ah well, what can I say, I still have a lot to learn... and Shelly is a Master Stylist! *   Yeah, if you don't want the unvarnished Truth, don't ask a Kid, they're brutally Honest!  *Smiles*

And since my Birthday will be during the Summer Closure of the Shop, I wonder if I can convince the G-Kid Force, The Son or The Man into Surprising me with that last Funky Fun Gypsy Hat for my Collection??!

Yeah, me really wants it... and has been lusting after it... because after all, it's JUST my Style! *Winks*

And I'm certain YOU will find something that is just your Style too my Friends...

Do you Love Architectural & Industrial Salvage for example?

Antique Furniture and Fab OOAK Creations from On-Trend Fabrics?

Some Garden Art?

Or perhaps something new for the Boudoir?

Or perhaps some Funky Fun Vintage Wardrobe?

Which can be found in my Friend Pauline's Booth, AKA: Ranch Barbie...

I picked up some oversized Spools of Yarn in Delightful Hues... yep, that Deep Indigo Blue one is now Mine!

I Loved this Sweet Vignette of Shell Altar and Bold Vintage Bag...

And I think it's fairly obvious how infatuated I am with this Vintage Print by how many times I've Photographed it!?  *Winks*  It would go perfectly with a Jewelry Box I own that has a similar Vintage Print on the Lid.

And I have this exact Duvet at Home... but not the Awesome Vintage Canvas Mail Cart to put my Linens in...

Which is much Cooler than a regular Hamper & provides great Storage Options...

And how Cool and Hollywood Glam is this!?!

Or This?!?

And those of you with mad Vintage Poodle Love... this is just the Vignette for you!

And since I have the Crew here harping at me for Dinner before I leave for Work, I shall have to continue our RUST & ROSES Tour in another Post...  Why is it that when you sit down for a Blog Escape everyone in the Real World suddenly Needs you or wants your Undivided Attention?!?  *Smiles*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I have a feeling that someone is going to totally love that chair. Don't be worried.

  2. What a great shop!!! The trunks and the silver vase...those really caught my eye...Love the Boho bedroom...had to pin it...LOL

    Love all the photos...Great visual treat this morning Dawn

    Have a beautiful day! (((hugs)))

  3. Dawn, my friend, I just posted an awesome chair on Pinterest for you specifically!! It is so you!!!! Check it out!

    Those "deconstructed" chairs and furniture are all the rage now. You can't sit in that one, so I wonder as well if the new owner will redo it. Restoration Hardware actually offers a line of "deconstructed" furniture now, but it is in better shape that this lovely chair!

    Love the skull!! I have one on my front porch and I love it!! Also had one leaning up against an ocotillo in the front yard, but it has been there so long that it is crumbling before my eyes. Perhaps I will venture to The Town Dump in Cave Creek and get a new one. I'll keep the horns, however!!

    I could go on and one about the lovelies you posted in this blog post. I love it all!!!

    See you on the 21st at Sweet???? Til then, a big hug to you, my friend!!!


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