Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nothing Has To Be Ugly Or Boring

There is so much in this World that is Beautiful or Interesting that nothing has to be Ugly or Boring!


  So long as you have an Imagination and have an Attraction to something, you can Create a Style and a Home full of what you find to be Beautiful and Interesting!  And if you feel Challenged or Uninspired, buy Books, Magazines and Pin Images of those things that stimulate your Creativity and give you Ideas you would like to build upon! 

Even the most mundane of things, like needing a Container for something, should have you thinking of a Unique or Interesting Container for it... swap out the Ugly or Boring Packaging or Containers things might come in for things that hold Interest to you and you think are Pretty.

I hardly ever keep essentials in their original plain, boring or ugly Containers or Packaging... I'm always on the lookout for something Lovely or Interesting to put them in instead.  Even household chores can seem less tedious if what you put your cleaning essentials in looks more Inviting, Pretty & Fun.

Add Interest by placing Pretty small bowls of whatever Delights any or all of your Senses around the rooms of your Home, Garden or Work Space.

Do you know that even in my Corporate Lives my Cubicle or Office was Transformed with things I Loved and made any hours I spent there more Comfortable, Beautiful & Personal. 

 Often Co-Workers said they liked to visit my Work Space for a small moment of Zen or Fun during the Work Day.  And why not... most of us spend a considerable amount of our Adult Lives Working at something somewhere!  So find some elements of Fun or Beauty to enhance your Work Areas if you can.   And even if you can't... in the Work Space itself... jazz up your Personal Items like Locker or Lunchbox with something Special, just for your Delight!

Mardi Gras Beads draped in the Kitchen, why not? 

Personally I've always had a Gypset Mindset when it comes to Styling, with absolutely no Rules or Boundaries and incorporating whatever I wanted and enjoyed at the Moment.  Using layers of Beauty and Interest from a Global Variety of Objects and Found Treasures... 

Sometimes deep layers as Exotic Fabrics and Beautiful Objects kept adding to the Styling...  I've rarely just got one of anything anywhere...

Our Tables, Chairs & Beds will have layers of sumptuous Fabrics draped all over them.  This is MY Vision of an Ideal Styled Boudoir!   Yeah, I tone it down a bit for The Man so that he doesn't feel as though he's been kidnapped by a Band of Gypsies at the Opening and Close of each Day.  *Winks*
BTW: In case you were wondering about my open Book Images today... it's one of my Favorite Global Nomad Inspired ones, aptly Titled:  "Nomad" ~ By the Talented Sibella Court...a 'Must Have' for your Home Library if you want a Visual Global Feast for your Artist's Eye & Gypsy Spirit!? 

And I care not if things actually match... or should go together... Visual Stimulation and Joy of Life is much more pleasurable to me... 

And Fabrics are so easy a way to Transform any Space and not spend a Fortune doing it...

And Flowers & Greenery... whether Real, Dried or Faux... gotta have an Abundance of that too...

And Sensual Pleasures... the Sense of Smell is perhaps the only one that rivals the Sense of Sight for me... things not only have to Look good... but they have to Smell good as well...

There are many Comforts I can Live without... and have Lived without... but Beauty and Divine Aromas are not among them!  *Winks*

I would rather Live in a Shack that was full of Beauty inside and out and smelled absolutely Divine... than to Live in a Mansion devoid of such things.

What something Costs has never Impressed me or Motivated me to Desire it or feel the need to have it... but if it was Beautiful, Interesting or smelled good... now that's an entirely different story! *Winks*

And since we all have to eat, and Natural Foods can be among the most Beautiful & Healthy of daily Purchases...

Why not Create the most Beautiful and Interesting settings for every Meal to enhance the experience?

Even to a Foodie like me, Dining should also have Atmosphere and Ambiance... not just delicious foods...  even if the Food is good, if the Atmosphere and Ambiance is dreadful, I'll pass...

But when it ALL lines up... Bohemian Valhalla!!!  *Smiles*  And there's really no excuse for Ugly or Boring Table Settings, especially when Food is so Naturally Beautiful!!!

Because Pretty Serving pieces and Utensils can be had for a pittance if you're a Thrifty Junquer.  Even if you can't afford an entire set... get just one of those you like most and build upon it or around it in Creative ways!


Hang items around your Home and adorn the Walls with those things that make you Smile.

And don't neglect the Exterior Spaces... Paint them and fill them with whatever you Love... Distressed and Imperfect Surfaces are among my Personal Favorites... and Yul made himself right at Home in our Garden long before we allowed him to Adopt us. *Smiles* 

So even God's Creatures will visit often and feel right at Home in a Welcoming Space you have Created.

And it can take as little or as much Time as you have to Create Magical and Enchanting Spaces... Full of Beauty and Interest.   You don't need a Professional Stylist, enormous amount of Time and Money to accomplish it my Friends.

Just allow your Passions to have full reign of your Choices and you're sure to Create those Spaces that Speak to you and bring you Contentment & Joy.

No, NOTHING has to be Ugly or Boring my Friends... EVER!!!

And so I Challenge you to make your World as Beautiful & Interesting as you possibly can... every Day... not only for your Joy... but to make Beauty every Day for the Joy of others too!


Please join us over at Debra's Blog Party at COMMON GROUND... For Vintage Inspiration Friday...   In her Post Today Debra Inspired me with the Painted Upholstery Trend... which might just be the perfect Solution for those fav chairs the G-Kid Force & Fur Babies have soiled and which I don't have the funds to slipcover or re-upholster?  I get so tired of re-tucking my fabric drapes... and after seeing this Divine Painted Tufted Sofa, it's really appealing to me as a Solution to my problem!   Thanks Debra!!!

And join us over at FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE for yet another Inspirational Blog Party that Courtney is Hosting!  I could just see myself sitting out in a Meadow or Field on this Lovely Chair!

Wishing you Endless Days of Beauty and Joy from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian    


  1. You have some really interesting and beautiful things that you surround yourself with. I believe that having beautiful things out where they can be enjoyed makes a lovely home. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I'm with you Dawn! Why do boring when you can do inspiring??? Let's keep flocking together, we birds of a feather...


  3. you seriously are a kindred spirit! love all the layers of beauty to inspire the soul!
    lovely post....and thanks so much for your sweet comment on mine!
    warm hugs,

  4. Your things are all so beautiful.

  5. Dawn, you do have some of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, truly!


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