Monday, June 18, 2012

The House That Keeps Giving... And Giving...

The Man is still in the midst of the Great Edit & Purge of 2012 in his Work Cottage and Storage Outbuildings on our Property... and every day it seems he is bringing in more awesome Found Treasures that had been stashed away by previous Owners decades ago, totally Surprising us!!  Yes, it doesn't get any better than Treasure Hunting & Picking in your own back yard!!!   *Smiles* This truly is the House that keeps giving... and giving!!!

And not only do I get very excited each time a different Old Treasure is discovered & uncovered, giving us more of a glimpse into the History of our Home and Community, but I'm amazed at how each piece is EXACTLY the Type of Thing that I LOVE and have Collected or been Seeking!!!   I mean, seriously, it's almost eerie how Spot On the Treasures happen to be for my Style and what I've been looking for or already Collect... an Old Coffee Can full of Vintage Mahjong pieces was just uncovered Today!!!  My Heart nearly skipped a beat!!!  Color me Happy!!!

I've always had a Passion for Antique & Vintage Lighting... the Detailing was always so exquisite, even on the ordinary utilitarian pieces...

And even if we don't get all of them rewired, it is rather like a Private Living History Museum of our Property to uncover and discover each of these Found Treasures that have been hidden away for so long and are part of the Story of our Home... and those who lived here before us.

Since this was once a part of a much larger Historic Working Ranch in the area that our Town was actually Named after, there are also boxes of Interesting Ephemera... this was part of a large stack of Mexican Ranch Hand Medical Referral Forms we uncovered today.  I Love the faded Aqua Hue of the paperwork.  These are typically things that don't survive in Old Stock because folks just discarded what had and hadn't been used since it was never intended as a Collectible piece of History, so I'm always excited to discover Unique things like this.

And this was The Man's Favorite Find of the day... he is an avid Map Enthusiast, particularly Old Maps... and he uncovered and discovered this 1961 Arizona Road Map... in virtually pristine condition given it's Age!  It's part of a large box of Old Maps he found in one of the Outbuildings... it will be such fun to look at the rest and compare them with Today's Road Maps.  This was back in the Route 66 Days... which was quite an Iconic Route to Travel back in the day. 

I'm amazed at how Vivid & crisp the gorgeous Pink & Turquoise Hues of this Old Map still are after over 50 years stored in a hot Old Adobe Outbuilding.  And while The Man was out there rooting around on our Property looking for Found Treasures hidden away that turned out to be so Perfect...  I was out Junquing and 'scored' an absolutely Perfect Treasure I have been Envisioning making out of Old Ladies' Watch Parts for myself... and now I don't have to try to Source enough Old Watches right away for the Project, because...

Ta-Da, I found one exactly like I was Envisioning... already Created and for Sale in my Friends Myko & Brett's Case!!!   WOW, don't you just LOVE it when Serendipity & the Laws Of Attraction works in your Favor like that!?!  I mean, what are the odds my Friends of discovering an Upcycled Watch Bracelet just like the one you had been ready to Create for yourself?!?

In a great selection of both Golden and Silvertone Vintage Watches of a variety of Makes, some with Faceted & Domed Crystals... one even has an Engraving from 1950 on the back!  I have a Love Affair with Old Watches, working or not, a piece of personal Trivia is that just after High School I worked for a well known Jewelry Store here in the Valley in the Watch Repair Department as a Receptionist and got to know a lot about Watches & Clocks from the two Master Watchmakers that worked there.  So Old Watches & Clocks are very Nostalgic for me.

I was totally Jazzed and couldn't believe my good Fortune!  I hadn't expected to ever find one of these Bracelets Created from Old Ladies' Watches... though I will still continue my Junquing Adventures to Source some more Old Ladies' Watches to complete the Creations I had in mind, that will now compliment this piece!

May you also have Amazing Favor and Fortune in your Junquing Forrays my Friends... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I love the watch bracelet. I would be so excited to actually have buildings that hold treasures right on my property. Oh what fun! Keep the pictures coming!


  2. You went shopping in your own backyard? How cool is that!

  3. How fun, Dawn! Love that bracelet! Have a wonderful week! Best wishes and blessings,

  4. That bracelet is amazing!!! Dawn, I think I might copy that ... do you think I (a 6'2" tall man) would look silly wearing it??!?! Course, what do I care what people think! That's fabulous!


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