Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day ~ And The Man Won!!!

I spent Friday foofing my Booth for the Father's Day Weekend Event at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST...   I decided to go with a Patriotic Theme and as much Red, White & Blue as I could Source... because every Generation of our Men has Served their Country in the Armed Forces & I wanted to Honor that selfless Sacrifice made by each of them.

I always miss my Dad particularly bad on Father's Day... sometimes it doesn't seem as though he's been gone for as long as he has and I miss not being able to Honor him in person, but I still do in Spirit.  He was also a Career Military Man, like The Man, and I'm so very proud of them both. 

The Man is very Modest & Humble and doesn't talk much about his Service, but I'll brag that he is a highly decorated War Hero and Real Life Rambo type Guy, he's got the Battle Scars and Medals to back it up ... Sly Stallone has nothing on my Old Man, he's the Real Deal.  *Winks*

And even more than that, he is an Excellent Husband, Son-In-Law, Son, Brother, Brother-In-Law, Friend, Uncle, Father, Grandfather and Great-Grandfather.   Yes, he's got loads of Titles too *Smiles* and is appreciated & Loved more than he'll ever know. 

And this Father's Day we all wanted to get him something Special... but we knew Finances were particularly strained this Summer and most of his Dream Items would be out of reach for now and he'd have to wait on them.  But he has been in need of a new Grill... and as I've mentioned before, THE BRASS ARMADILLO is having two amazing Grill Give-Aways during this Father's Day Weekend Event & everyone is Welcome to Enter for their chance.  At the close of each business day the Winner would be drawn... and The Man had his eye on the Grill-Master one worth $199 that was being awarded on Saturday... and so we entered him in the Drawing that Morning... I was Happy to see how busy it already was so early, with tons of eager Shoppers & lots of Dads picking out their Gifts and entering the Give-Away.

I had picked out a few inexpensive Vintage Horse Show Ribbons from my Friend Myko's Booth in Patriotic Colors to Decorate the House with for Father's Day and joke with The Man that he'd Won "Best Of Show"  *LOL*... in EVERY Category of Life and Won our Hearts.  Even if he'd have to wait on a Special Gift that he'd been Jonesin' for until I could have good Sales of my Treasures to fund it.


And as we settled in Saturday Night we got THE CALL... the one I had really been Secretly Hoping for... the one where I had been envisioning him winning that fab Grill he'd been admiring all week every time we went to THE BRASS ARMADILLO to Shop, Visit with Friends or to Work the Booth.  You see, he hadn't been lusting after the more expensive $699 Grill that would be given away on Sunday, Father's Day... he'd told me that he'd be Delighted if he Won the Grill-Master one that was being given away Saturday... that it would be just perfect and what he'd buy if we could afford to get one.  And yes, HE WON IT!!!  *Whoo-Hoo!!!* 

 The G-Kid Force was Dancing around the Livingroom after Prince R took the Call to say Grandpa had indeed been the Lucky Winner drawn!!!
And now The Man, who is our Grill-Master, will no longer have to Grill on his old rusty, cast-iron, Charcoal fueled one with the broken doors, which has served us well but which has seen better days & is rather in sad shape now {kinda like us, LOL}... he'll be Grilling in Style with this Grill-Master Propane powered Beauty!!!

And I know I'm biased, but it couldn't have gone to a Better Man and I'm so Happy for him having this wonderful, unexpected, Father's Day Surprise... he SO deserves it & has Sacrificed so much for Country and Family... always putting others first & spoiling his Loved Ones, he has such a Generous Spirit & Big Heart!  {Love you Honey!}

And we'll Celebrate Father's Day by taking him out for Lunch AND Dinner...

I'm thinking Fried Alligator for Lunch at one of our Favorite Local Restaurants that serves the best Cajun Food, which we LOVE...

"Flavors Of Louisiana"... and yes, Fried Alligator is DELICIOUS my Friends... if you haven't tried it you really should.   Actually all the food at this Restaurant is yummy, I 'Heart' Cajun Cuisine & Music!  And as Quirky as I am I'd Love to have some of these Alligator Feet Biz Card Holders too!  *LOL* 

Source: Courtesy of Bing Images

The Man and I enjoy watching "Swamp People"... he jokes that though he enjoys watching the Hunting, I enjoy watching that Handsome Seminole Father & Son Team, R.J. & Jay Paul.  *Smiles*  Well, they certainly aren't hard on the eyes... so he could be right!   *Winks*   After all, I was raised by a Handsome, strong Native American Man!   {I Love & Miss you every day Dad! }   And The Man is quite a Handsome Hunter too and still fills our freezers with fresh Wild Game.  And as long as all these Guys keep catchin' them Gators, we'll be eatin' 'em!  *Smiles*


FOOTNOTE: The G-Kid Force won out on pick of Restaurant and chose the GOLDEN CORRAL... on account of the new Chocolate Fountain and Cotton Candy Machine *LOL*... because you know with Kids it's ALL about the Dessert... well, maybe not just Kids... *Smiles*... So it's all good... we'll do Gators another day!  *Winks* 
And may all of you Dads have a Most Wonderful, Festive and Memorable Father's Day too!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Congratulations to The Man for winning. I'm sure you're all looking forward to all the yummy meals. Happy Father's Day to all of you. Really enjoyed the patriotic theme of this post. I miss my dad so much too, especially today. Hugs

  2. Congratulations to The Man! I was happy for a few hours with my father (and mother) this afternoon. I am blessed that he is still with us. And my husband remains The Man in my heart and house. What a steady, kind, strong soul he is.

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  4. What a beautiful Father's Day tribute to The Man. He does sound like a hero in every way. And, I am delighted he won the grill!!!
    I'm thinking I would have been more tempted by chocolate and cotton candy too!!! Just sayin!
    Oh, my daughter got to meet Troy last year! She is 22 and she loves the show!!! We are forever saying "shot em...shoot em in de head!!!
    Hope your week is full of cheer!

  5. YAY!!!! I'm so glad he won that grill, he deserves it!! I hope you're already having him put it to good use! :)

    Fried Alligator?!!?!? You have to tell me what that tastes like!


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