Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy 26th Birthday My Son!!!

Well... because I'm pretty sure he never reads what he thinks is Mom's "Decorating" Blog I can get all sappy... and steal all his Mobile Uploads... because you know, with Today's Young People that's likely to be the only way you get Pixs of them anymore... especially to print out 'Old School' Fashion like Moms & Grammas always wanna do! *LOL*

Yes, The Son and his Posse brave the fierce Arizona Summers at the Desert Botanical Gardens too, so it's not just me and the Princess *winks*.  He rolls with the nicest Crew of Young People, most of which he's known most of his Life and Grown Up with.

And Today is The Son's 26th Birthday!  My how Time flies... he's my Youngest... it doesn't seem that long ago that you were my Little Man... because this kid came out Man Size, weighing in at well over 10 lbs.! *Yeah, Ouch!*

And he was always quite a Rascal and a handful as a Child... and not just for me... he might hold the record for being kicked out of every Day Care on the West Side of the Metro Phoenix Area by the time he was Two?!? {This is a Fact... no exaggeration... LOL}  So God Bless Nanna and my Friends that helped a Sista out with Child Care for the bundle of Energy that nobody could harness, tame and reign in! *Smiles*... And who still Encouraged, Unconditionally Loved him and Believed in him every step of the way... no matter how intimately we got to know each School Principal and Day Care Director and how many phone calls we got!  *LOL*

And knowing and Believing, along with me, that he would one day turn into a Fine Young Man that we could all be fiercely Proud of... proving all the naysayers wrong who only saw a little Boy who was high maintenance and got into a lot of trouble... throwing caution to the wind and stepping to the beat of his own drummer!!!  *Winks*

The only thing bigger than his Energy Level is the size of his Heart.  I know, you're not supposed to tell a Guy that he's got a Tender Heart... it's not Macho and all that & wrecks his Street Cred *LOL*... and Moms can be embarrassingly sappy... but truly The Son has a Heart of Gold, fierce Loyalty and a Generous Spirit that makes a Mom so very Proud.  Yeah, he can be a Tough Guy too... but his true Strength is in his Spirit & how much he genuinely Cares for and Protects the People he Loves... there isn't anything he wouldn't do for them & his entire Inner Circle can Testify to that.

This is a kid who overcame so much and exceeded so many grim prognosis that I was told to Believe and accept, but absolutely refused... and I'm glad he allowed no barriers or labels to stand in his way of becoming such a Fine, Handsome Young Man... 

I Love you my Son... and, Sorry... but you'll ALWAYS be my Baby *Winks*... Happy 26th Birthday!!!

Mom... aka: Dawn... The Bohemian... and Affectionately dubbed by The Son: My Old Gypsy Woman Mama  *Smiles* 


  1. Sweet blog. My oldest son will be 26 this July. Wow ... Time goes to quick at times.I hope you get to enjoy a part of his special day with him. Us moms need credit for being there and the birth part especially. he he. So worth it. Dawn Have a beautiful day and keep cool....Chickie

  2. Happy Birthday to your son and kudos to you for being able to handle a handful of a boy. Looks like your strength helped him become the man he is today.

    I have friends that I have known all my life and I love that we have so much history. We'll always have each other's backs, no matter what. Your son is so lucky to have a crew like that. They look like fun.

    Happy birthday to him and happy day to you!

  3. What a lovely, lovely post about your son! Great pics too.
    I'm happy to be a new follower, Mary Alice


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